The Obama curse: It’s no surprise that the Detroit Tigers have lost their first two games

Living in Giants’ country, I’m happy that the Giants are doing so well.  They’ve won the first two games of the World Series, and done so by a comfortable margin.  I’m sure that the Detroit Tigers are sad.  Very sad.  I can imagine some ugly recriminations in the locker room and back at headquarters.  I doubt, though, that they’re placing blame where it actually belongs:  squarely on Barack Obama’s head.

It was Rush Limbaugh (of course) who first noted the Obama curse:  When Obama praises something, it quickly dies.  Obama has only to speak at a factory for it to close its doors.  He tries to get the Olympics for Chicago — so the Olympics go to Brazil.  He attends a climate-fest . . . and nothing happens.  He touts and loans our money to a business and it goes bankrupt.  Which gets us to the Detroit Tigers. . . .

On Wednesday night, Obama appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.  (This follows appearances on The View, The Jon Stewart Show, and The Letterman Show.  News shows — not so much.  Obama did speak to the Des Moines Register, but then refused to let the Register publish the interview, relenting only when the Register made its displeasure known.  After that, the Register got nasty.)  But back to Leno.

On the The Tonight Show, Obama turned his back on the Golden State that has filled his coffers and told America that he was rooting for Detroit’s team:

I will say, I’ve spent a lot of time in Detroit lately, and I didn’t want to let Detroit go bankrupt. So in this particular World Series, I might be a little partial.

With an Obama endorsement hanging over it like a sword of Damocles, is it any surprise that the Tiger’s have lost the first two World Series games?

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  • Caped Crusader

    He administers the kiss of death from the party that represents and promotes death for the living and the innocent, but life and compassion for most guilty and reprehensible in society. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  • Kevin_B

    Unlike the mythological King Midas, who made everything he touched change into gold, Obama seems to turn everything he gets his hands on to shit. Including an entire country.

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