A way for both Romney and Obama to give millions to a Hurricane Sandy charity

The Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, knowing that Mitt Romney is a wealthy man, who might have some extra millions lying around, has suggested that Romney give those dollars to a charity that helps Hurricane Sandy victims:

Mitt Romney should have donated $10 million to the Red Cross instead of ‘taking advantage of a tragedy’, the Ohio Democratic Party chairman has said.

‘I think Governor Romney ought to be focused on things he could do and say on behalf of the victims, rather than going to Dayton Ohio – the most important swing state in the country – and taking advantage of a tragedy,’ said Chris Redfern according to the Washington Post.

‘Look, I’m a partisan. I’ll let others judge this. But I think someone of Governor Romney’s wealth could have just written a check for $10 million to the American Red Cross and then spent today with his family. He chose to do something much different. He chose to politicise this.’

That’s almost a good idea.  Here’s the really good idea:

Obama has waiting for him a $5 million check made out to the charity of his choice.  With that money out there, Mitt should make Obama a deal. Obama’s obligation under the deal is to produce his academic records and passport application, by Friday afternoon.  He can do this easily enough by authorizing Occidental, Columbia, Harvard and the State Department to release the records on an expedited basis. For something this big, those organizations should be able to act quickly.  If Obama gets the records released by Friday afternoon, Mitt will donate another $5 million to that same charity.

I think that’s fair, don’t you?

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  • JKB

    Don’t give to the Red Cross. They are terrible at helping people past the immediate. Usually they want money for their help except when they distribute small amounts to keep their PR up. Look at how much they pay their executives.  And never donate items to them.  They throw away anything that isn’t pallet sized quantities.  The Red Cross isn’t bad with the formal, “official” setting up initially but they are horrible at the real world hands on aid people need in the medium term afterwards.   

    Give to the Salvation Army, give to one of the many church relief groups that are descending on the disaster area to provide food and actual physical help.  No doubt Romney probably already has provided a donation to the Mormon relief group.

    Have one of his sons go to the area and find those people who spontaneously set up help centers.  One in Mississippi was just a building that the owners started taking donated clothes into and sorting them for people to come by to select what they need.  The laid out, sorting was a tremendous help for the stressed out people who needed various sizes.  

    Not to mention, the people who opened up impromptu shelters when it turned out the official ones were being flooded out. 



    I am not a Red Cross fan for all the reasons above and a host of others.

    The hardest hit areas are NJ and NY. There are shelters and food banks in both states. Reach out to anyone you know in either place and ask them to direct you to the best place to help. There was a photo essay of NYC, comparing everything South of 31st St to everything North of it. Truly a tale of two cities even before Sandy. I was particularly disturbed by the photo of uptown diners in a Lobster Bistro watching the news above the bar with another photo of few cooking food for the victims (gratis) on outdoor gas grills on a deserted street.

  • http://bkivey.wordpress.com/ bkivey

    I like your idea. A lot. Of course, if Romney ever said anything like that, he’d be immediately excoriated (and, I think, rightly) for ‘politicizing’ the tragedy. On the other hand, he’s already been accused of that action, so he may as well go all in.
    Per Chris Redfern’s remarks, it seems the Democrats are never at a loss as to how to spend other people’s money. I wonder how much he gave? Did any ‘journalist’ even ask?