Are you voting for love of country or revenge against an unnamed enemy within America?

I honestly think this is Romney’s best ad:

Incidentally, regarding Obama’s revenge remark, Jonah Goldberg had exactly the same thought I did: Revenge against whom?

If you watch the clip itself, it’s not clear at all what Obama’s supporters are supposed to want revenge for. Obama mentions Romney’s name in the context of his run for the Senate in Massachusetts — back when Romney was quite the moderate — and the audience starts to boo. Obama says “no, no. Don’t boo. Vote. Vote. Voting is the best revenge.” Revenge for what? Him running for the Senate? Revenge for Romney daring to challenge Obama? I understand Obama is bitter. That’s been obvious for a while. But it’s just a weird and narcissistic assumption that his supporters want “revenge” too. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, though. Which makes the whole thing even creepier.

The entire choice in this election is right there, in a nutshell:  Do we support the paranoid narcissist who sees enemies everywhere or do we support the man who has a deep and abiding love for the United States of America, everything it’s ever been and everything it still will be.

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  • Mike Devx

    Every time Obama goes off the teleprompter, the mask drops and we see what a petty, vindictive, mean-spirited and small-minded human being he is.  Sometimes it is worse.  At times like this, I seriously wonder just how *disturbed* he is mentally.  What thoughts circulate in that mind 24-7…

    In the words of a Pink Floyd song, “And the worms ate into his brain…”

    Metaphorical worms, of course.  But this man sometimes makes me shudder.  Please, on Tuesday, let this national nightmare end.

  • bkivey

    As I’ve note previously, the Democrat appears to be running against . . . himself. Not only is he narcissistic, he’s schizophrenic.

  • jj

    One could indeed wonder what need for “revenge” this little jackass might feel – he’s had a free ride his entire life.  And he seeks vengeance?  It is to laugh.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I learned a long time ago that when you give people something for nothing, you only feed their resentment and inadequacy. Eventually, that boils over into narcissistic rage. Combine that with a sociopathic personality, and you get…

  • Ymarsakar

    Oh you guys haven’t seen revenge or vengeance sought yet. When you do, entire cities will be glassed over in a blink of the eye. Half the population of the US may case to exist at the end of it all. 

    Be assured. We won’t be using “voting” when it comes time to purge the United States of evil and corruption. 

  • Wolf Howling

    This is letting the mask drop – which he does virtually every time he goes off teleprompter.  Obama is of the far left.  The far left views any who stand in the way of their agenda as quite literally the enemy.  Such people are to be driven from the public square.  Obama’s choice of words does not surprise me at all.

  • JKB

    Think about what this says about Obama’s mental state.  I see what he was doing but he went for the revenge comment.  One would think some like “voting is the best expression” or voting is the best statement” or “voting is the best way to express your feelings”, but he went for “voting is the best revenge”.

    It reveals a very nasty mind. 

  • Mike Devx

    A polling note from Ohio – none of you are sick of polling info yet, I’m sure 😉

    This is from Fox News today, and no one disputes the numbers on the screen:

    In early/absentee voting, Obama’s entire victory margin in Ohio is COMPLETELY wiped out.  263,000 difference already.  Obama’s entire victory margin was 262,000.

    And furthermore:
    1. How many Republicans who are early-voted switched their votes to Obama?  Not many!
    2. How many Democrats who early-voted switched their votes to Romney?  Hard to tell…
    3. If that early-voting trend continues into election day, it would mean a comfortable victory for Romney.
    4. It’s been said that the Democrat strategy was to get *all* their voters to vote early; the Republican strategy was to get low-likelihood voters to vote early.  The phrase is that “Democrats are cannibalizing their vote on election day to get out the early vote instead”.  Republicans are relying on their committed voters to show up on election day.
    5. The Republican GOTV effort for election day is also well organized and enthusiastic and ready.  From all accounts it is a far, far better organization than McCain’s in 2008.

    So there are signs of not just hope, but reasonable optimism.

    And there may have been signs of another small shift towards Romney in the polling in Pennsylvania.  (Again, it’s not the numbers themselves that matter, but a SHIFT in the numbers).

    The only state where I’ve heard there is any detectable shift towards Obama in recent days is Nevada.


    Granny Jan’s best yet video. I hope it plays late Tuesday night and all day Wednesday for real.

    Obama Loses The Election – A Nation Mourns