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  • Mike Devx

    Nothing recent on the people struggling through the aftermath of the hurricane, so I’ll use this space as an open thread on it.

    I’m not very good at preparation, but if I knew a storm of that size was headed my way, and I was determined to sit it out, I would have prepared with the following. Two weeks worth of:
    – Dry cereal
    – Evaporated or condensed milk
    – Plastic gallon jugs of water, or even some five-gallon containers
    – Canned mixed veggies
    – Canned fruit if I wished (peaches, mixed)
    – Canned meats such as tunafish. Mayo for the first few days, mustard afterwards.
    – A big bag of apples.  Onions.  Maybe potatoes.
    – Nuts (peanuts, mixed nuts, etc)
    – Bread (for the first week at least)
    – Can opener
    – Candles and matches and blankets

    That would see me through.

    They’re all easy items to obtain, and not very expensive at all. Everything on the list is usual with the exception of the milk products, and you can cut those and the cereal out, if you wish.

    And everything on the list except the candles and matches can be consumed afterwards at ease, if not immediately needed during an emergency.

  • lee

    when i lived in earthquake country, i always had a hard time w/the earthquake preparedness kit, because it was the rotating the stuff out that was problematic. there is no earthquake season. now i live in hurricane country. get the hurricane preparedness kit ready in march. when the hurricane season is over, consume it. i like mike s suggestions. btw, if you get the little packets of mayo, they dont need to be refrigerated. 

  • Mike Devx

    Lee points out the “totating the stuff out” problem with emergency preparation.  Grocery stores simply don’t carry enough supplies for everyone to prepare in the week’s advance warning you have for a hurricane.  

    Advance preparation months in advance?  You’re stuck with the canned goods and nuts part.  And you should probably keep it all in a cardboard box in a closet, and rotate it out and put the items at the front of your shelves, to use them; rotating every six months.

    Look at the alternative – many of those unfortunate people along the coast that got hit by Sandy are suffering terribly.  Once again, when a really serious emergency hits… when you REALLY need the government, it’s not there for you.  I feel especially bad for the people living in high-crime areas, who are spending every day in fear, because law enforcement either cannot help them either, or has abandoned them.