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Watcher’s Council members got out their crystal balls and decided to see if they could predict the election.  I actually was going to participate in this one, but a power outage put the kybosh on that.  In any event, my prediction boiled down to two very hopeful words:  “Romney wins.”

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  • Mike Devx

    Over the last year, I have gone from apathy concerning Mitt Romney to respect and deep admiration.  I think it is because he himself has grown.  The man in these videos over the last two months is not the man I saw a year ago. I think he’s genuinely *ready* in ways that matter.

    Obama has not only failed; he has sullied and brought indignity to the Presidency. Mitt Romney will bring integrity and honor back.  After these terrible years of failure, tremendous problems face the next president.  Mitt Romney seems both ready and determined to face the challenges, and give his best to solve them.

    This long-time cynic is actually buying in.  I’m optimistic and hopeful.


    Mike, you’re not alone in your optimism.

    Kevin DuJan is too!

    The Left has been assured by Nate Silver that there is an 80% chance of Obama winning so they are not mentally prepared to see a map where Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are in Romney’s hands. Expect epic freakouts on MSNBC over this. And then never expect to hear from Nate Silver ever again. He will need to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie.