• Caped Crusader

    Tonight America has voted to become a third world country.

  • drk

    I am stunned.  And devastated.  My sweet mother and my sister have gone to bed, sick to their stomachs.  

    Random thoughts:

    How could so many Americans think that Obama can offer them something better?  Where is the evidence?

    I feel like all of the values I was taught as a child, the expectations that I was taught would be expected of me and everyone else in our country, are disappearing.  Just memories from the past.

    I can’t shake the feeling that we have become untethered to the things that kept us safe.

    What I have worked for now appears to belong to others.  I make very little but I feel like it should be mine.  It no longer is.

    As a woman, I want to wring the neck of every single stupid woman out there who thinks that the right to an abortion is somehow more important than a vibrant economy.  If this does not prove that women can be quite stupid, I don’t know what does.  But I am using my logic, which is apparently no longer valid.  Now, you can be single and NOT have to worry about having to support yourself because all of the responsible tax payers throughout the country have to do that for you.  Who needs a husband?  Who needs a job?  

    I am just devastated.



  • Doug

    I’m deeply, deeply depressed that after four years of this nonsense people would vote Obama in again.  It just boggles the mind, and it’s hard to have much hope for the country after this. 

  • Mike Devx

    Looks like the polls *under-represented Democrat strength a little bit.

    I’m very surprised and I don’t know why this has happened.  It’s easily 5% below what I expected.

    Well, the American People have chosen another four years of Barack Obama.  He asked for another four years and he’s received it.  He will own these four years; no possibility of blaming Bush any longer!

    I fear for the people who would be hurt by four more years of devastating economic policy, and I fear for Israel.  On the other hand, there is always the possibility that Obama may pleasantly surprise us, though I am not exactly holding my breath.  And will a Democrat Senate finally actually pass a budget one of these years, since constitutionally they’re supposed to every year?

    The basic conservative message didn’t resonate nearly enough this year.



    America has lost her chance to reclaim herself and decided that she wanted the “cool guy” and not the stable one. I wonder how’ll she’ll feel when he leaves them eventually – broke, pregnant with debt and alone.

  • JKB

    Not much changes.  DC still broke.  I think we should start a resurgence of federalism with states taking back control.  Sorry Book, in the short term you, in California, might be out of luck.  

    Our national command has proven itself frozen by fear, Obama will be “flexible” in foreign relations, and the EPA has special effort being applied to skyrocket electricity via coal regulations by Christmas. 

  • http://ravana.wordpress.com Ravana

    This result is not surprising in the least. What is surprising is how you guys continue to think the way you do and continue believe the things you believe.

  • PaulScott

    I’m pleased that Obama won. I really think that all of you will be doing fine economically in four years. The numbers are trending in a positive direction, and seriously, if the Republicans would move at least a little on the various jobs bills put forth by Obama, then we’d gain even more jobs. At least the veterans jobs bill should be allowed to pass.

    The world will not end. Let’s work together to make it better. 

  • shirleyelizabeth

    Found it on Facebook: A quote that is the consensus of what I’m seeing from my liberal 20-30 year-old connections:
    “We now have an openly gay woman sitting in Senate and a black AMAZING president was ELECTED FOR TWO TERMS!!!!! It’s called acceptance and tolerance, get used to it!!!! Hello human rights!!! We really can make this world a better place people, this is history here!!”
    Tolerfarce is what it’s all about.

  • merighen

    I’m disappointed; many concerns remain.  The biggest: all the business that must be taken care of before the end of the year.  Our economy is challenged by the high level of uncertainty about so many issues.  The reality of sequestration still looms.  The results appear to be a mandate for everyone in Washington to continue to ignore reality in every corner of the federal budget.

    We will survive this, because we are better than this.  But I seriously doubt that POTUS will become more conciliatory, wiser or exhibit real leadership.  It will be painful.  We haven’t hit bottom yet.

  • Michael Adams

    Well, Ravana, we still know history, and the  history of socialism/serfdom is one of shared poverty, not increasing wealth.   We also still know much more about the realities of life than the Lefties we encounter, whether it’s how a car functions, or plumbing, or how mortgages,  foreclosures and bankruptcies work.  Example, the O’Guy said that Romney would have let the auto industry go bankrupt, while the hero O’Guy “saved”  it.  The actuality, as everyone who comments here regularly knows, is that bankruptcy would have allowed the industry to reorganize, while the “saving” siphoned off capital which could have been invested in making cars that anyone would want to buy. The “saved” auto industry makes cars that do not sell, with a fifty thousand dollar a copy subsidy, paid for with our money. 
    We also know that the media cheerfully covered for the administration after the Benghazi fiasco, allowing the short-memory Leftie voters to prattle cheerfully about “fog-of-war”, never allowing anyone to get too close to the blatant contradictions in the stories Clinton, Obama, et al were telling. 
    There is also a good deal that we know, that I suspect that you do not,  about what Obama will do in a second term.  It will not be good for most ordinary American people.  I hope that this provides some answer to your question.

  • Charles Martel

    We’re in the kind of shock that happens when something calamitous has occurred. The body or the mind hasn’t really assimilated it yet.
    I know that sounds dramatic, but there’s really no other description. A great die has been cast and we have to witness what is going to happen to our beloved country over the next four years.
    Perhaps this is what has to be. I think America as we know it has decided that it is no longer the place most of us here have thought it was. So be it. As the Marxists love to say—and I was one once—you must heighten the contradictions to bring on contrasts so compelling that there is no longer any doubt about what must be done.
    So, what happens now? War abroad. Massive debt and economic ruin at home. The destruction of the Constitution. The final thug-ization of our politics. Our response? To do what’s necessary to hold out hope, find some sort of redoubt—psychic or physical—where we can preserve and rebuild what’s left of our beloved country.
    There will be much for us discuss in the coming days. Although the temptation to say, “I told you so” will be great over the next few months and years as Obama’s virulent nihilism runs its course, our energies should be the same as the Irish monks in the 5th century: Let’s save what we can and be ready to help in the creation of something new.


    I am sitting shiva for the next few days – it’s not just the disappointment, it’s the short and long term damage. Call it the Humpty Dumpty effect – America was already fractured and the 2012 election just scrambled it. They so loved the 1960’s “make love not war” “G-d is dead”  “Black is beautiful” and through their purple haze forgot every chapter and verse of history before and since. We and by ‘we’ I mean those of us, who are living relics of those days are just an oddity, a bump in the road to quote another in the 21st century. We are the shovel-ready project promised – they intend to bury us in debt. They don’t have debt, they have credit cards, EBTs and never have to touch anything green, unless it’s organic. Charles Martel, about that Constituition, it’s also a relic for them. There will be at least two empty seats on SCOTUS – and installing the like-minded will …..?    

  • Charles Martel

    Sadie, you know that G-d has told us that there is so much more that lies beyond what we see here. Even the United States, protected by Him with as much vigor as He has protected drunks and fools, is a mortal, man-made thing. 
    Let’s say our prayers and proclaim our laments, and then figure out what the hell we’re going to do to preserve what’s left.


    Thanks for your consoling thoughts, Charles. I just feel like someone forced me to buy stock in Enron or in one of those solar projects against my will.

  • http://ravana.wordpress.com Ravana

    Michael, Obama is not a Socialist in the way you mean and you don’t help your own cause by pretending/insisting that he is one, because, clearly, it doesn’t fool enough people. 

    Free markets work efficiently only up to a certain extent. It is great when they do, because the level of efficiency achieved by free markets are almost impossible to replicate, but there are many specific areas in which the market fails: missing markets (public goods), under-provision of merit goods like health care and education, externalities, monopoly power, factor (labour) market immobility and unstable commodity markets are some examples. In these instances, the government should intervene in order to provide a more efficient outcome.

    Ideological adherence to the idea that the free-market is always best in the face of everyday reality is neither practical nor beneficial for a political party.  Acceptance of that fact does not make one a socialist. 

  • michal

    I can’t believe this election result.
    the level of disconnect from reality is just mind boggling. 
    This a rant, purely therapeutic for my own need to vomit up all my disappointment.  So ignore me if you want, you can click away now.
    I was planning to write today and say that the American people decided to let the adults come back and clean up the mess, and get things in order again, but I was wrong.  The parents did not come home; the party goes on, and when it is daylight outside, who will have remained to clean up the bottles and cigarette stubs, vomit in the bathroom, trash on the front lawn…?
    We just had a one of the worst storms in US history, people are dead, people’s lives have not returned to normal in over a week, but the people don’t learn of the fragility of the system they live in.
    The storm was not “fair” and burden of loss was not spread out to those lives were disrupted or destroyed with some who still had paying over to them . 
    My friend lost her California social worker admin job 3 years ago in budget cuts didn’t go and get a job in private industry.  She didn’t live on her savings, and volunteer at a organization to help people with her managerial skills.  She joined the Peace Corps.  She spent less than 2 years of posting in Africa and left when she got another job, back in California.  The entire time she was there she tried unsuccessfully to learn the local language and whined about not having internet or a phone and mooched American snack food from whoever would sent it to her.  We spent a lot of money to send her there, to train her, to support her, but she left early. Did we get our money’s worth?  Didn’t she have an obligation to stay until the end?
    Last night she was posting to Facebook, from her smart phone (!) about the election, finally gloating about how she can be proud that America did the right thing re-electing BHO.
    I’ve known this woman for over 3o yrs and like my single mother friend that I posted about before the election, I can’t seem to get either of them to understand that they are just as much a part of the problem as Mitt Romney, the rich capitalist.  they don’t see their retirement plan, that invests money to earn “interest”(PROFIT) so they can retire comfortably as part of the capitalist system. They don’t see their own consumer driven/acquisitive materialistic lifestyle, at all. They are “average”, they are okay; they aren’t greedy, even when we both know that they spend more than they earn, and spend all that they earn when they don’t over spend.  It’s okay for them to own houses, and borrow against the equity in the house.  they drive to 4 different grocery stores, to get the  meat here, the vegetables there, and they shop at that great Capitalist tradition, the Farmer’s Market, because they want to support “sustainable” agriculture, and “buy locally” while they use electronics from the far east, drink Chilean wine, and sprinkle spices from all over the world on their salads.
    I am not the problem. I am okay. It’s the other guy that is the problem.  It’s the “system”.
    those of you who know about me know that I have lived in Israel for over 25 years. I have lived a marginal life, materially, because I live in a country that forces us to take care of every one: universal health care; day care for free or subsidized from age 5, now just lowered to age 3; gov’t subsidized/ operated public transportation; 16.5% national VAT Tax on EVERYTHING AND EVERY SERVICE; gov’t subsidized housing; and generous perks for gov’t and army employees(EBT for food, clothing, gasoline for example).
    We pay at least 40% of our gross salary directly to the gov’t. at the time we are paid. No April 15th around here.
    We still have homeless people, we still have people who don’t have enough to eat, or can’t pay their electric bills, who can’t buy their kids clothes, or take them to the dentist(not on Nat’l health, teeth)
    I’m ultra othorodox.  We have a compete cradle to the grave parallel system of social welfare in our communities that take care of our people, that supplement all the programs that the gov’t provides, and they are completely, privately funded. Not for profit, sometimes completely free.
    So I know, I’ve lived this, that people are capable of taking care of the weaker members of their communities, If They Make the COMMITMENT to go out and do it.  Their money, their time, their thoughts and prayers and DEEDS, to make their neighbours, near  and far, have a decent, and respectable and healthy life. 
    Blah. i’ve run out of steam.
    Life is what we make it, not what we wish it was.

  • Beth

    So, back to the job of raising my kids in faith–that’s faith in God.  I don’t know much about raising martyrs but I guess I’m going to learn. Lord, have mercy on us all.

  • michal

    @Beth: Here, here.

  • Spartacus

    “Perhaps this is what has to be. I think America as we know it has decided that it is no longer the place most of us here have thought it was. So be it. As the Marxists love to say—and I was one once—you must heighten the contradictions to bring on contrasts so compelling that there is no longer any doubt about what must be done.”
    — Martel
    0) Wonderfully put, of course.
    1) “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.” — Gen. 50:20
    2) In reference to Winston Churchill’s loss of his seat in Parliament after leading the UK successfully through WWII:
         Mrs. Churchill: “Winston, this may be a blessing in disguise.”
         Winston: “Well, my dear, it is a very well-disguised blessing, indeed.”
    God sometimes has a counterintuitively brilliant way of going about things, but He is sovereign.  Many of the days ahead will be quite dark, but they will also come with opportunities.

  • michal

    That sucks is the title of this thread. How appropriate! I just realized that the US has signed up for 4 more years of the Vampire party.  The living dead, stealing from the living to produce nothing.

  • gpc31

    Well put, Spartacus.  Unfortunately the most apt comment I’ve heard is from Charles W Cook:
    “It’s not 1980 in America; it’s 1945 in Britain.”

  • drk

    Michal, Beth, Spartacus –  enjoyed your posts.  I know there are kindred spirits out there. 

  • Caped Crusader

    As Churchill might say “Once again may I invoke the anthem and refrain”:
    “Run a RINO, you’re going to lose.”
    Go back and read my comments on August 10, 2012 and how prophetic they were:
    How’s that certainty of a huge gain in the Senate but not up 60, so we’ll have to reach across the aisle, looking for you now?
    I did not realize Paul Ryan was also running for his House seat and was re-elected. Good news!

  • Cheesestick

    I’m pleased that Obama won. I really think that all of you will be doing fine economically in four years. The numbers are trending in a positive direction, and seriously, if the Republicans would move at least a little on the various jobs bills put forth by Obama, then we’d gain even more jobs. At least the veterans jobs bill should be allowed to pass.
    The world will not end. Let’s work together to make it better.” 

    How ’bout you kiss my ass?  

  • PaulScott

    “How ’bout you kiss my ass?  ”

    Cheesestick, Well that’s not very bi-partisan of you. I was trying to be nice, but you chose to be a sore loser. In four years, you’ll have another chance to convince American people that your philosophy is the better direction. With the attitude you exhibit, good luck with that.

  • Cheesestick

    I am not attempting to be “bi-partisan”, and neither is your side…um, accusing us of being the party of rape & the whole host of other non-sense your party has been dishing out.  Don’t forget your party & your immature, baby boy, no-responsibility for anything leader voted “for revenge”…and now you want to be all nice?  I don’t think so.  I’ll keep my attitude against the people who are voting for a president who hates white people & religious people & jews & women & suburbanites, and is seeking revenge & destruction for the success of this country and everything it stands for.  And you keep your attitude which deludes you into thinking you are in the nice party who accuses decent people of racism & harboring thoughts of bringing back slavery and rape & setting women back & hating homosexuals all while you sidle up to Islamists, communists, and America-haters who are far worse than anything you always accuse us of.  You elected a president who shipped thousands of guns to mass murderers in Mexico in an attempt to get his agenda passed.  You elected a man who went to bed early the night our Ambassador was sucking in smoke and men trying to protect our embassy were taking mortar fire in order to be rested up for his big rally the next day and you are worried about MY attitude??  Please…. 

  • PaulScott

    Hey Cheesehead:

    I never expected to ever say, “Poor Ann Coulter.” But – poor Ann Coulter. I really feel badly for her, in a manner of speaking. But not for the reason you think. Not because Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States. Rather, I feel bad for her because of her responsibility in that victory.
    Remember the famous video where Ms. Coulter says, “If Chris Christie doesn’t run we’ll nominate Mitt Romney and we will lose”?
    Now, I’m sure that many people, Ann Coulter included, think that this statement was prescient and shows her to be oh-so wise in her election prediction. Except that it doesn’t. It shows her culpability.
    Mitt Romney probably came closer to winning the presidency than any Republican could have this election. If Chris Christie ran, he could never have gotten the Republican nomination in this Republican atmosphere — compared to today’s radical far right, Chris Christie is a moderate. That wasn’t going to fly with today’s Republican electorate. So, Chris Christie wasn’t getting the GOP nomination if he ran, despite whatever the weeping Ann Coulter postured.
    However, what Ann Coulter did do was help build up the pedestal of Chris Christie among Republicans who didn’t really know him. She helped make Chris Christie seem to Republicans that he was The Republican Savior. She helped make Chris Christie’s voice so deeply important to Republicans that he became the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention.
    So, when it turned out that Chris Christie wasn’t exactly what Ann Coulter suggested he was, nor what she tried to get Republicans to believe, and Chris Christie then publicly and repeatedly and powerfully embraced the strong leadership of President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it made Gov. Christie’s actions all the more significant to voters.
    Ann Coulter was not prescient in her election prediction. Ann Coulter helped in her own inimitable, thoughtless, empty, soulless way to help get Barack Obama elected. She created her own self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Poor Ann Coulter. She must be so pissed off. The heart bleeds.
    Mitch McConnell must be so pissed off, too. After doing one of the most irresponsible things any Senate party leader has ever done by declaring that his Number One priority was not working to help America but rather to make sure that Barack Obama wasn’t re-elected, he spent four years shirking his sworn duties and working instead to defeat the president. And after all of that effort, he wasn’t able to do it. Despite his great efforts of his Number One priority, President Barack Obama was re-elected. Mitch McConnell must be so pissed off.
    In fact, the whole Republican Senate must be so pissed off. When President Obama nominated Elizabeth Warren to be head of the Consumer Protection Agency, an important but reasonably piddly bureau, GOP senators fought her with the fervor of missionary crusaders and wouldn’t approve her for the job. And so, what Elizabeth Warren did next was announce her candidacy for the Senate in Massachusetts. If the Republican senators had simply approved Elizabeth Warren to head a simple bureaucratic job, she never would have run for the Senate, and Republican Scott Brown would have been re-elected. Republican senators must be so pissed off. Your heart really goes out to them. In a manner of speaking.
    And I know that Donald Trump is pissed off. After gathering all this evidence that Barack Obama wasn’t born in America and never showing it to anyone, and then having Mr. Obama re-elected to office anyway, it must be so galling to him.
    Imagine how pissed off Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson must be, having spent all that money to defeat Barack Obama — hundreds of millions of dollars — and having absolutely nothing to show for it. I spent ten bucks yesterday for lunch, and at least I got a sandwich and bowl of soup.
    All those people who’d been slamming Nate Silver must be incredibly pissed off seeing how remarkably accurate he was with his statistics. Again.
    Paul Ryan must be really pissed off, too. He had been a Rising Star Congressman in the Republican Party, and now he’s a losing vice-presidential candidate — not one of whom in the history of the United States has ever been elected president. That must sting.
    I suspect that Mitt Romney might be pissed off, though I’ve never quite had any idea how or what he feels about anything. For all I know, he’s just glad that he never had to reveal what was in his tax returns.
    Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock must be so pissed off at opening their mouths.
    But most of all, I suspect that the election results must be other-world mortifying to those radical far right Republicans who are so pissed off that everything they stand for has been repudiated. In a terrible economy, with 7.9 unemployment, a $16 trillion national debt and a $1 trillion budget deficit, Barack Obama still beat Republicans and won re-election. After lambasting Barack Obama for four years as a Socialist, Nazi, Muslim, terrorist Kenyan; calling him “retarded,” “lazy” and “stupid;” using racist innuendos to surreptitiously demean him, and making defeating him the Number One priority for four years, the Republican Party still couldn’t defeat Barack Obama. After all this, after all they’ve been doing for four years to enrage the American public… the American public wasn’t enraged. In fact, for all that, the mere fact that Barack Obama actually got re-elected President of the United States is one of the more remarkable victories and testaments of support (and renunciation of conservative agendas) as we’ve seen in America.
    And we haven’t even touched on Claire McCaskill, Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown, Tim Kaine and the rest of the Democratic and progressive agenda victories, all of which point strongly to a rejection of the far right social agenda and support of the president’s leadership. Well, I guess that affordable health care won’t be dismantled now, the day after inauguration…
    The radical far right must be so pissed off. But they only have themselves to blame. Because they’ve built this rejected, Tea Party-ish bed for eight years.
    The rest of American — Democrats and Republicans alike — they see this as democracy. The way America goes. Differences of opinions, different issues, and you accept it and move on.
    But mainly, Ann Coulter must be really pissed off.

  • Danny Lemieux

    You do what you have to do, PaulScott and Ravana. It’s all on your shoulders now.  But you see, there’s a problem: I live in Chicago. I see the filthy dehumanization of your vision and the fundamental corruption of the human spirit to which it leads. 

    As Michael Adams said, we know history. Others reimagine history. We see Detroit, or worse, as the logical end point of your creation. We understand economics. We understand that economies operate on harsh realities that no amount of leftwing gobbledigook can obfuscate.

    You have made no attempt to hide the contempt that you for us, be it in the vile language of a Bill Maher or the veiled insults of a Barack Obama. We understand that there is a part of you that needs to marinate hatred, demagoguery, vile language, sexual obsession and threats of violence against the “other”.  We know from history from whence these expressions come and to where they lead. Understand, though, you have made your contempt for us very obvious and we will not forget that. But, we don’t hate you. That is not our way. We pity you, yes, but we accept that you are who you are: just human.

    So, you do what you have to do. You have the political power now.

    However, for the rest of us here, we would rather keep living our lives without associating with something that we consider profound dehumanizing and profoundly dirty because, you see, we would have to become like you. 

    Do what you have to do. We’ll try to be around to fix it later.

    Charles Martel…I nominate you for Abbot. Do I hear seconds? 

  • Mike Devx

    Ravana: Congratulations on the victory, and thank you for being polite during your victory tour of a conservative blog.  You are classy.

    Paul Scott:  You are not classy.  You started out well, but one challenge from a very angry Cheesestick and you went off like a firecracker.  It was to be expected; we’ve seen you in action many other times before.

    I’m not contributing to the post-mortem.  The next few weeks is a time for contemplation of the many things that went wrong and are wrong.  It’s a time for contemplation because I’m clearly out of sync with reality and I find that unpleasant.  I have a lot of tentative observations but I’m not going to bore you with my personal  list, and besides, they are “babes in the woods” because it’s been less than 24 hours.  They NEED to marinate for a while in privacy.

    I will note one thing because it relates purely to the election, and not to the direction of the country nor the direction of conservatism:  Nine million less people than in 2008 voted for Obama.  1.5 million less people than in 2008 voted for the GOP candidate.  This was not an enthusiastic election for either side.  Far, far from it.  I drank the Kool Aid about this being a highly energized GOP election.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    And there’s a lot I have wrong.  Time for reflection and meditation.