Insights about Newtown

Few people have given more thought to evil than theologians.  Melissa Clouthier and Andrew Malcolm have posted an interview with Eugene Kennedy, former Catholic priest and current professor emeritus at Loyola University.  It’s well worth your time.

(Broken link fixed.)

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  • Kevin_B

    Your link doesn’t seem to be working, Bookworm, at least for me.
    The correct one I believe should be this one:

    • Bookworm

      Thanks, Kevin_B. I fixed the link.

  • Ron19

    Dear Bookworm:

    I’ve spent about five minutes of listening time waiting for this guy to actually say something.

    However, since you obviously listened to the whole thing, and have a much better head for detail than I do, can you sum up this podcast in ten words or less, please?

    I’m sorry, as much as I like most of your posts, this one is not resonating with me.

    WLIJC, Ron19           

  • Ymarsakar

    If anyone can actually destroy the LEft in an online video argument, it would either be Andrew Breitbart resurrected or a theologian.
    To combat evil, first you must fing understand it.