James O’Keefe — Andrew Breitbart’s true heir

What made Andrew Breitbart extraordinary was that he understood that the best way to make a point was to show Progressives in the act of being hypocritical.  This is different from what the conservative blogosphere is doing (and doing quite well, I might add), which is to report on hypocrisy when it happens.  This second approach is necessary and appropriate, but essentially passive.  Andrew understood how to take it home to the Progressives, and to do so in the way most likely to embarrass them and to make for newsworthy moments that, once started, would spread throughout the blogosphere.

What Andrew did was also different from what intellectual stalwarts, such as Benjamin Shapiro, are doing.  People like Ben counter the stupid arguments, but they don’t create Kodak moments of hypocrisy.  I think Ben and his like are wonderful, and we need lots more like them.  Even better, we need to have them offer seminars to all conservative politicians and politician wannabes, so these guys and gals don’t open mouth and insert foot every time a camera is near.

O’Keefe, though, is cut straight from the Breitbart mold.  He is a master of puckish confrontation.  He doesn’t get into the face of well-known Progressives and Progressive organizations simply by screaming at or fighting with them.  Instead, he infiltrates their brains by taking their own beliefs and biases, and then playing straight to those issues.  In this way, because the Progressives think he’s sympathetic, they drop the mask and say what they really think, whether it’s a PBS executive who bad-mouths Israel, or ACORN outlets that willingly help pimps or, in this case, anti-Second Amendment journalists who refuse to practice what they preach:

If you like what you saw, please (a) spread it around to friends and family who need more data to support their conservative positions and (b) help fund O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas.

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Breitbart Lives…..!!
    What a treasure O’Keefe is.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    A true inheritor of the Breitbart techniques. In Eastern tradition, the person that inherits an ancestor’s school or ryuha, is the one that can faithfully duplicate the techniques created in the past and passed down to the present. This was often done through family inheritance, due to the security issue of passing down potentially dangerous information on secret techniques to other people who can then use it against the family or find ways to nullify/counter it.
    Of course, I always knew the Left never did what was best for others. Just what was convenient for themselves. I never saw them as the Left to begin with, only as people who lie only to benefit themselves and harm others. They will use their power to make everyone else suffer, if it nets them +1 in enjoyment and satisfaction. And their intent to disarm the population, is merely to stop the slaves from revolting and doing to the slave masters, what was done to the slaves, in due time.
    Those who live in peaceful suburban areas may feel superficially close and sympathetic to the media propaganda artists as they live a similar, quaint, life, but my sympathies rest with those of a different social class. The people who are daily slaughtered, destroyed, economically devastated, psychologically traumatized, and kept in an ever living state of hell and serfdom by the ruling classes, whether they by bureaucrats, police unions, or thugocracy cons, are the ones who I hear the most. They cry out for blood vengeance, and I cannot ignore it, for I know all too well the visceral nature of violence. It was a requirement to learn much of the techniques involved with generating lethal force, to never be able to look away from such violent conflicts and situations. Amazing, what one can see, and what can never be forgotten, as a result.
    Of course, there are plenty of people who think there is a political compromise, deal, and solution to be made. They say that there is no need for a blood debt rebalancing of wrong, as it was done in the olden days. Then again, I look at the natural and current course of things, and I say…. “it isn’t working out so well as people might have wished, now is it”.
    Slaughters at kiddie grade schools are an index finger flick to the forehead when compared to what I’ve seen of the reality of this world’s injustice. Those who are shocked at kiddie grade mass slaughters… haven’t seen anything yet. They have not heard the cries for blood vengeance from the slain. They have not heard one scintilla of the call for justice. Those that cannot feel, but only think about thinking, are useless in war. There’ll come a time when people in most places will have to pick one side over the other. Will you side with the light and defend justice against its enemies, or will you side with corrupt evil and get your safety and bank account “topped” off. Until the next refill of sacrificial blood needed to refuel the plant, that is.
    People will never understand the true nature of violence until they can put themselves in the position of both the weakened defeated faction and the strong evil faction. Violence is only a tool, and so long as you cannot comprehend events from both the evil and the good’s perspective, never will you be able to escape the puppet master strings of the LEft, or anybody else for that matter. People are still going on about the events the media either helped develop into existence or helped spread to terrorize the American psyche. Yet, if Americans were to see the true reality of daily violence, just in this nation alone, they would never be able to get to sleep peacefully. What the Left does to rape the minds of men and women watching their propaganda, is only a direct and limited focusing of true violence.