NRA calls out the president on his hypocrisy

I don’t know what kind of airplay NRA ads get.  Since the clicker never touches my hand (others in the household are more wedded to it than I), I haven’t seen a commercial in a good twenty-years.  I do hope, though, that this particular commercial gets some serious play.  People need to start remembering that America is not a monarchy or aristocracy, and that there is no reason that there should be an elite class in Washington that gets special benefits at taxpayer expense:

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  • esurio

    I feel like a lone wolf howling in the wind, but I believe that putting armed guards in elementary schools is playing right into the Left’s hands. Was it Lenin who said to begin with the children? Our children will come to accept having a police presence (or other uniformed guards) watching over their daily lives.  If the Left is building a Police State, which is evident by the presence of the TSA, hate/thought crimes, the growing number of surveillance cameras, etc., they now have us helping them.

  • JohnC

    Did anyone see the reaction to the ad on ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC?
    “Have a look at the screengrab: it shows Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, she holding chin in hand, he hanging head. Their melodramatic reactions come in response to an NRA ad decrying the hypocrisy of political and media elites who want “gun free zones” in the schools where most Americans send their children, while sending their own children to schools with armed guards.
    The panel’s reaction was one of collective hyperventilation. Mike Barnicle called the ad “political pornography.” Donny Deutsch said it’s “one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen in my life.” Scarborough asked Mika “what’s wrong with these people?” Brzezinski replied that some of the people running the NRA are “sick in the head” and that she is “embarrassed for our country.”
    They may not actually be thinking this but this is the attitude I hear when Progressives react in this manner –
    “Don’t you NRA people get it? Nobody cares if one of your brats gets killed. They’re unimportant nobodies just like you. Of course people like the Obamas and Gregorys have armed security. It’s to protect them from all of you morons. They are people who matter in the great scheme of things. If they die it will actually make a difference in the world. You? You don’t need guns to protect your lives. If you get raped or murdered by a criminal, well, sucks to be you. It’s really your own fault anyway. If you wanted to be important enough to warrant armed guards you should have become big superstar journalists like we did or maybe politicians or famous movie stars. Instead, you’re just a nobody who’s far too stupid to be trusted with such power. Besides, you’ll just hurt yourself or, worse yet, hurt one someone important. YOUR PLACE IN SOCIETY. LEARN IT!”

  • Ymarsakar

    An apt summary, JohnC. Joe has always been a bit peculiar ever since he went over to MSNBC. One wonders why he felt so proud of his budget rebalancing issue all the time. The money was too good I guess. Either that or they found something to blackmail him on.

  • Mike Devx

    I urge everyone to click on the link JohnC provides in #2, and view the actual MSNBC broadcast.
    *That* is responsible, objective journalism?  I could laugh for hours at the thought.
    It’s not that I think the ad is effective.  I don’t.  It’s ham-handed and overly strident.  But whatever hyperbole is in the ad, the hyperbolic reaction of the various MSNBC people on screen is exponentially worse.  It is actually laughable.
    It is interesting to contemplate *why* they are so very outraged.  I tell you now and I guarantee you: they are not this outraged because the ad so specifically focuses on Obama’s two girls.
    There’s something much deeper at work here.  I am fairly sure it is the 100%, no-holds-barred attack on the elites that has them so thrown off.  I think a subtler attack may have been more effective, but who knows, I could be wrong.  It may be that the fury against the elites, and the Alinsky tactic of focusing explicitly on just the Obama daughters, expressed within the ad is what makes it effective.  It certainly provokes a near-rabid Pavlovian response among the left, in true Breitbart poke-the-bear manner, and so perhaps it is absolutely the right approach.