Hillary’s new glasses; or I have the smartest readers in the world

Yesterday, I received this email query from one of my world’s smartest readers:

I assume you have seen the pictures of Hillary Clinton testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte.  Her glasses look odd.  I’m wondering if her illness/head injury was not more serious or other than what was disclosed.

Hmmm.  That’s interesting. So I went to Google images and looked at pictures of Hillary in glasses.  I concluded that Hillary’s glasses indeed looked peculiar — but I didn’t know what to do with that observation.  Even had I commented upon it, it wouldn’t have gone anywhere.  I would just have been noting an anomaly.

But my reader was right, not just that Hillary was wearing strange glasses, but that those glasses spoke of a probable injury, not just a changed prescription:

Clinton’s spokesman confirmed Thursday night she is wearing the glasses as a result of the fall and concussion she suffered last month, but he did not elaborate.

Experts told the Daily News that Clinton likely has a Fresnel prism placed on her glasses. The adhesive panel is used to treat double vision.

Do I have the smartest readers or what?

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  • Libby

    And here I thought her problem was willful blindness to what happened in Benghazi (and her role in in setting the stage for it to happen).

  • jj

    What difference does it make?  She’s still the same old lying b—- she ever was.

  • Caped Crusader

    Never forget you are dealing with masters of subterfuge, distraction, and obfuscation; super magicians of political theater. Remember the episode of acute memory loss (“I don’t remember”) in testimony of yesteryear.
    Anyone with a grounding in optics can look at a persons eyes through their glasses and determine with fair accuracy that persons glasses prescription. Hillary has always been a high myope (very nearsighted) being at least a -5.00 or greater; observe the inset of the side of the face and minification of her eyes. These thick glasses, can in themselves, produce a distortion requiring a prismatic correction, especially if there is a significant power difference between the two eyes.
    A picture of her leaving the Harkness Eye Institute would suggest this is a new phenomenon. The lesion is usually central nervous system in origin; frequent causes may be stroke, tumor, neurological disease, or trauma. Close comparison with older pictures wearing her glasses would be in order to determine if this is something new.

  • MorowbieJukes

    Without flattery or exaggeration, this blog also has the smartest author.

  • Spartacus

    Let us rejoice.  If these glasses cure double vision, then perhaps she will begin to see only one objective reality, instead of multiple, irreconcilable realities.  In other words, she may return to the conservatism of her childhood.  If so, we must all chip in to order up millions more pairs of those glasses, and then forcibly put them onto every lefty we can find.