Obama’s got a gun — new posters from clever readers *UPDATED*

I posted my mildly amusing (very mildly amusing) Obama’s got a gun effort and invited readers to submit their own Obama’s Got a Gun meme posters.  Here are five of them, and they’re great.

From b.:

From Dagwood:

From Mike Devx:

From Charles Martel:

From Indigo Red:

From Ritely:

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  • Call me Lennie

    I believe my Muse is awakening
    Dum dum dum Barry what have you done
    Dum dum dum pretending you like guns ….
    Barry shot a gun
    Barry shot a gun
    The PR stunt has come undone
    Wingnuts must not mock The One
    How did Obammie do?
    His aiming doesn’t seem quite true
    They say when Barry went shooting
    He was golfing on the very same day (Ha ha ha ha)
    But man there’s something squirely
    Cause the watch he was wearing earlier
    It doesn’t seem to be the same