Yikes! WordPress is putting everyone’s comments in WordPress purgatory

Spammers have launched a major attack against Bookworm Room. I’m happy to say that the Azkimet spam control function in WordPress is working, in that it’s not publishing all those fake trackbacks and links.  That’s good.  The bad thing is that Azkimet, overwhelmed by the deluge of both decent and indecent comments, has decided to put every comment and trackback into the “pending” (or as I call it, “purgatory”) category.  This means that your comments will not publish immediately.  Instead, I have to approve each of them.

I’m in contact with my Webmaster, so I know this problem will be resolved, I just can’t say when that will happen.  Until then, please bear with the fact that your comments will vanish pending my approval.

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  • Mike Devx

    I’m going to use this as an open thread.  Gov. Duval Patrick of Massachusetts has issued a “Travel Ban” across his entire state (due to blizzard conditions).  Excerpt:
    He also announced he has signed an executive order to ban all travel on all roads in the state starting at 4 p.m. Friday.
    There are some exceptions to the ban, including emergency workers, those who work in hospitals and media, and others required to be at their jobs.
    The governor said rapid snowfall of 2-3 inches per hour will make for, “extremely dangerous conditions,” and will “make safe travel nearly impossible.”
    This is the first time that a Massachusetts governor has issued an executive order like this since the Blizzard of 1978.
    But back then it was put in place after the storm.
    Patrick did not say when this ban would be lifted.
    If you don’t have an exemption and you’re caught on the road, the penalty could be as steep as a $500 fine or, at worst, a year in jail.
    What do you all think of such a “travel ban”.  Clearly he thinks it is “for your own good”.  But why have we given our leaders the right to ban our travel under any conditions?  If I want to put my life at risk by travelling, why shouldn’t I be able to?  Is this related to regulations – perhaps if I get into danger, they are required by law to try to rescue me?  Well, I’d like to waive that “right”!  Is it due to lawsuits by such “endangered idiots” against the government?  
    I’m sure people are allowed to walk to stores to purchase needed goods.  What if I’ve got a sprained ankle and cannot walk?  Shouldn’t I be allowed to drive if I believe it to be necessary?  
    If I, as a government leader, can ban your travel due to certain conditions such as these, under what other conditions am I allowed to restrict your movements?  When can I?  When can’t I?  What precedents have been set?  This all seems very odd to me.  Perhaps a travel notice: “Emergency conditions have caused us to rescind all government rescue activities except those we deem critically important to maintaining civil authority.  Travel from 4 pm Friday onward is entirely at your own risk”.  Perhaps that would be more appropriate for a nation of free citizens (who are not sheep).

  • bizcor

    this means internet contro; has begun.
    Danny it is indeed marsahl law is being tested in Massachusetts.