State of the Union Open Thread

I can’t make myself listen to Obama.  He hectors and I don’t need that in my life.  I’ll read the speech, and the multiple analyses of the speech, tomorrow.  Until then, I’d love to hear what you have to say about it — or what you have to say about anything else that’s interesting.

Speaking of interesting, it seems that Dorner is dead and I say good riddance to bad rubbish.  My sincerest condolences go to the families and friends of those he so cruelly murdered.  My thoughts are also with those who were unlucky enough to find themselves in the LAPD’s panicky line of fire.

Oh, one other thing — you knew this was going to happen.  The powers that be want to get women into the SEALS.  They’re assuring us that they won’t lower the standards except that, in the next breath, they say they’re going to review the standards to lower them. Attention, SEALS:  Run while you can.  Speaking as a woman, and a pretty strong, aggressive one at that, I can still tell you that, if the standards are lowered to accommodate even the toughest women, you guys are going to start having to watch your back because, with the best will in the world, these women won’t have your six.

It’s a crazy world, isn’t it?  Was it always this crazy, but we just didn’t know because there was no 24 hour media and no internet?  Or are the wheels really coming off the bus?

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  • jj

    Couldn’t watch the state of the union show – had to milk my goat.

  • vinny

    There is a nice video on youtube that explains the real state of the union. I initially saw it linked via WRSA blog and now I have a link to it in my last post. Obviously, this union is in very poor state.

  • vinny

    These automatic links in my comment are annoying.

  • Mike Devx

    I won’t be watching.  I’m not interested.
    The Democrat social model is already broken.  The proof of this is that the Democrat Senate *cannot* pass a budget.  It has not for five years running.  Do you *really* think you’re going to see them pass a budget this year?  Any attempt to pass a budget will reveal that it is a complete joke, because the system is already broken beyond repair.
    The State Of the Union used to consist of the President laying out the agenda designed by him and his supporters within Congress.  They would then push that agenda within Congress, because laws used to be passed by Congress.
    But in this State of the Union address, President Obama will tell Congress all the things he is going to do, by bypassing them with Executive Directives and bureaucratic regulations passed without their consent.  Congress will not fight back (well, the GOP House might).  The Supreme Court ought to strike down much Executive activity as unconstitutional, but they won’t.  George Washington and Alexander Hamilton may have preferred a strong Executive, but if they took one look at the state of affairs today, they would shudder, certainly.  They too would mutter “tyranny”, and say the current US government is something distorted all out of reality, beyond anything they might have expected.
    So, no, I’m not interested in the State of the Union address.  I’m not much interested in the official Rubio GOP response.  I’m a little more interested in the Tea Party Rand Paul response.  I too will check out reactions etc tomorrow.

  • Wolf Howling

    The SOTU speech came across as a bit understated.  It wasn’t until I started really digging through the text that I realized just how radical the speech actually was.  Obama’s proposals summed up:  massive new taxes: “hundreds of billions” – from the rich by closing tax loopholes and making them assume other burdens, yet possibly another increase in cap gains, and a call for a carbon tax; massive new spending on a host of new programs; and, little if any cuts.  No surprises, but just amazingly depressing.  Our nation stands no chance over the next four years.  

  • Charles Martel

    My wife was cooking dinner tonight during the SOTU speech, so I turned on House Hunters, an innocuous HGTV program about people looking for digs to rent or buy. She didn’t say a word about my choice even though the hero she voted for was pontificating live on TV.
    She understands just how deep my rage and dismay goes now as I watch my beloved country being circled by sharks. She won’t talk to me about it because I think she’s afraid of what I might say in a moment of anger about her and her fellow enablers and what they’ve done to this country.
    There’s a scene in the last Superman movie, Superman Returns, where Lex Luthor and his thugs capture Superman and neutralize his powers with kryptonite. The thugs descend upon him, pummeling and torturing him, finally plunging knives into him and throwing him over a cliff into a torrential river. When I saw that scene, I immediately thought of my beloved America and what Obama and his minions are doing to her.

  • Ron19

    Let’s see.
    While doing a long overdue full backup of my computer, I bounced between a detective novel, Robert Crais’ Sunset Express, and a re-reading of The Mote in God’s Eye, by Jerry Pournell and Larry Niven, because while reading a sequel there are too many references that I don’t remember.  And, oh, yes, I took a nap.
    Darn, I missed the speech.  My mostly Democrat wife didn’t bother to watch it either; she never does.
    Oh, well, I can imagine the jist of it: “I need your money more than you do.”

  • lee

    We don’t have cable or an HD antenna. I watched an OLD John Wayne movie from 1935 or 36. (We got 25 of them for $5. They’re all from around 1935, 36 or so. Lone Star Productions, mostly.)
    My husband and I were talking abou the coverage of the latest nutjob. The media went NUTS. As I drove home yesterday, I was listening to a radio show that had people monitoring LA stations and at least two of the stations got snookered. One thought they landed an interview with the Fish and Game guy involved in this, and it was a prank. (During the interview, he started talking about Ronnie the Limo Driver. My radio show knew immediately it was a prank, but it took the LA station a LOT longer to catch on.) Another station claimed to have scanner recordings on the event. My station picked it up and played it. His listeners lit up the phones to tell him it was another scam: scanner recordings from the North Hollywood shoot out from the 1990’s. And I am sure there was even more baloney about which I haven’t heard.
    This event got WAAAAAY too much coverage for what it was. I recall a similar set of murders in NYC–two cops executed in their rpc. There was very little coverage on the local NY news. I know a lot about it because I used to get the NYPD Detective Endowment Association’s magazine. It was a heartbreaking story. No, the guy who did it was not a rogue ex-cop; he was a drug dealer. He also didn’t shoot a young woman and her fiance. Or a police captain’s daughter. I DO understand why the LAPD went crazy to get this nutjob–the murder of a cop and of a cop’s family by a rogue ex-cop. But the media went far beyond the pale in their coverage–the stories circulating about him: He was part ninja, part Bear Grylls, part McGuyver. The guy barely got further than his broken down truck! The media are… I am too disgusted to think of what they deserved to be called. 
    Of course, some REAL news doesn’t get much airplay. Like the whole Benghazi story. Or what a jackass Hagel is. (If the media did their job, your regular left Democrat on Main Street would be disgusted by Hagel’s nomination. They would also be disgusted by the whole Benghazi story…)

  • Jose

    I caught most of Citizen Kane on TCM, then went to bed.

    The more I hear the present-dent speak, the more he sounds like Captain Kirk (over the top).

    As for the Chris Dorner situation, I am waiting to hear more about the two middle aged women shot up by trigger happy cops, for driving a pickup of a different make and color then Dorner’s. Maybe the cops should have their high capacity mags and assault rifles taken away.

  • Jane K

    Bookworm, my husband got to the point where he’d change channels the second he saw slick willie’s face.  Neither of us can stomach ‘the one’ and never have been able to.  I watched part of his first inaugural, because I’ve tried to watch all of them since I’ve been old enough to pay attention, but eventually gave up.  I didn’t bother this year, and in fact didn’t have the TV on all day – wasn’t in the mood to see the media swoon more.  I can’t wait to see how many times he used the word ‘I’ last night.
    I have to wonder if it’s not the intent of the libs to ruin everything we hold dear by putting unqualified women where they don’t belong.  Peewee sports, and some high school sports is the first example that comes to mind.   I’ve seen the video of women firefighters.  Please.  Anyone who has read a book about the SEALS knows good and well that MAYBE Superwoman could become one, but it’s impossible for a real woman, until the standards are lowered.
    I haven’t read it yet, but I saw this morning that an LAPD officer has written a counter manifesto to dorner, and he’s also black.
    I think you may be right that it seems the world has gone nuts, and it’s partially the 24 hour news cycle. I think it’s also that the state run media has finally been found out, and so it’s not the doom and gloom they cried under W, and it’s CERTAINLY not the paradise they been painting for ‘the one.’  I’m going to be interested in their shocked faces if/when it starts coming apart.

  • Jane K

    Boy, did I jump to conclusions!  This is the article I referred to ,
    however, this is the title I saw “Ex-LAPD Officer Writes Own Manifesto: Rebukes Dorner’s Tactics.”  I assumed(and we know what happens when you assume!) from that title that he was countering him.  I beg your pardon.

  • Ymarsakar

    Union. What union. Are a bunch of slaves united in their suffering now?

  • Ron19

    As I mentioned above, I’m re-reading The Mote in God’s Eye, published almost 40 years ago.
    One thread in the book is the long running debate between those who wish to ignore a potential threat because it is not being acted on now, and those who wish to prevent now a potential threat from being acted on in the future.