Friday morning open thread — and Watcher’s Council nominations

I got thrown a bit off my stride — literally — yesterday, when I learned that my knee is in worse shape than I thought.  It’s definitely fixable, but it will take time.  I’ll find out in a week or two if I need arthroscopic surgery.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a very little deal, but complicates my life.  I’m usually a binary person.  Either I’m not moving at all (typing or reading), or I am moving, very fast and efficiently.  Slowly limping around with a cane is a level of inefficiency that frustrates me a great deal.

I also hate having to stop my martial arts training.  I’m at the age where missing a week has a bad effect on me.  It will therefore be a challenge to get back up to speed if I miss a month or more.

On the good side, my kids are helping with household chores without argument.  They may end up taking something very positive away from this experience.  That’s certainly something to celebrate

Since I’ve been confined for the last 24 hours to comfy chairs with my leg elevated (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), it’s been hard to blog.  In theory, I can write on my iPad.  In fact, my WordPress doesn’t work well on iPad, and that doesn’t even take into account that my typo level increases like crazy on the iPad keyboard.

I will write today, but I’ll definitely be less productive.

In the meantime, please consider this an Open Thread.  Also, check out the Watcher’s Council forum about the way modern American society marginalizes boys, as well as this week’s Watcher’s Council submissions.  (Results out later today.)

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

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  • JKB

    I’ve been pondering this post on high school and how we are all scarred by it:   Steve Sailer: iSteve: High school  Interesting premise in that our high school pigeon hole might define our political affiliation, until we mature somewhere in our late age.  Found via Assisted Village Idiot.  
    But just this morning I came across this open letter by Alex Tobbarrok to his son’s school  High School Safety in Northern Virginia  He questions the deleterious effect of prison camp high school environment on the future courage of students:
    When we surround our students with security we are implicitly telling them that the world is dangerous; we are whispering in their ear, ‘be afraid, do not venture out, take no risks.’ When going to school requires police, security guards and cameras how can I encourage my child to travel to foreign countries, to seek new experiences, to meet people of different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds? When my child leaves school how will the atmosphere of fear that he has grown up in affect his view of the world and the choices he will make as a citizen in our democracy? School teaches more than words in books. 
    I view it as more likely to simply accustom them to living in the world of Big Brother and constant surveillance.  Of course, as we’ve seen the impact of the watcher is not to promote proper behavior but rather to inoculate the victims against privacy or modesty and the resultant open presentation of body and soul over the internet.

  • Libby

    Thoughtful and candid post by VA Senator Jim Webb’s son, “Women in the Infantry?”Can be applied to women in the SEALS as well.

  • JKB

    This statement was made without any sense of irony;
    The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between the 8 percent of students who are Somali  Americans and the 20 percent who are African Americans.”


    Color(ado) me – not surprised.
    After forty years, the Colorado house and senate are in the hands of Democrats or the other “doobie brothers and sisters”.
    “please douse all the doobies in the area”
    How government works when Democrats are in control.


    JKB – ahhh, the smell of multiculturalism is in the air.

  • MacG

    Hey Book get well soon.  My wife just fractured her 5th right metatarsal in what is known as a Jones fracture.  8 weeks to heal oy.  No cast but a franken boot and crutches.  So when you recited the RICE we are right there with ya.  
    Blessings on you and yours,

  • Ymarsakar

    It was inevitable that these injuries would come about with age and martial arts practice or any kind of routine physical regimen, Book. That’s why you need to take Taiji Chuan as soon as you can, in order to slow down the decay and make the healing process faster.

  • harvey

    RE:Difficulty of typing on your iPad – get a wireless Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.   They are wireless, there are 3rd party ones for about $30, and work quite well.  I use one when I am forced to use my iPhone for e-mail when on travel – ONE WHOLE HECK of a LOT better!!!

  • Bookworm

    That’s an interesting idea, harvey.  I don’t know if my iPad can handle that.  I use an ergonomic wireless keyboard for my regular computer, but it needs a USB flash drive to communicate with the computer.  I’ll need to look into what they’ve got for iPads.