Dan Bongino’s understandably viral, off-the-cuff, pro-Second Amendment speech

It’s a pleasure when someone can encapsulate complex and important ideas in a short, accessible speech.  Dan Bongino, whom Maryland voters rejected as a Senatorial candidate last fall, came back roaring in January to speak about our un-infringable right to bear arms:

I especially appreciate his opening point:  It’s not gun control, it’s people control.  “When they own the language, they own the argument.”

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  • mdgarnett

    “It’s not gun control; it’s people control”   — I want this on a t-shirt.

  • jj

    With regard to the current 2nd Amendment situation, seems the free market is stepping in.  If you look at the complete list, it’s impressive.  Perhaps the most impressive part is that Cheaper Than Dirt (.com), one of the biggest arms and ammo sellers, has told the various state, county, and municipal authorities to f*** off.  That’s big, and they got a supportive email from me.  Now, if we can get Colt, Smith, Browning, Ruger, and Taurus on board, this could become genuinely interesting.  I find this an impressive beginning, though – I wouldn’t have imagined these companies would have looked at the government and simply refused to play.  Very encouraging!

  • Owen Glendower

    Mr. Bongino blogs at Watchdog Wire.  His essay linked below is the best statement I’ve read on the subject.
    It’s clear to me that we should look to professionals like Mr. Bongino for solutions, rather than politicians.  A brief excerpt:
    “…the State Senator, with zero experience in risk assessment, threat mitigation or structural security is proposing a sweeping ban on a category of weapons which he struggles to categorically define, yet he is “absolutely” sure it will save lives?”
    Read the whole thing.