Today’s reality was yesterday’s satire

There’s a big hoo-hah in Colorado, because a 6-year-old boy feels like a girl.  His parents, out of respect for his feelings, are raising him as a girl.  The school district was not impressed.  It stated that, for bathroom purposes, if you have a penis, you have to use the boys’ room.

I can actually see both sides.  To the extent this kid marches to the beat of his own drummer, he’s at serious risk of being attacked during (or because of) trips to the boys’ room.  The school, however, is correct that, as long as the boy’s bodily functions are channeled through male body parts, they risk push-back and lawsuits from allowing a boy in the girls’ room.

Perhaps the parents should think about homeschooling, which can be an excellent solution for square pegs who don’t fit in the public schools’ round holes.   Although the Left would like to deny it, there are some problems the government can’t fix, and some situations that are incapable of equal outcomes.

But why I am telling you this?  The Monty Python crew dealt with precisely this issue about 25 years ago:

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  • JKB

    You see, this is why we need sex education in kindergarten.  If these kids had had sex education at 5 yrs old, then at 6 yrs old there would be no reason a “girl” with male parts, or a “boy” with girl parts would be disturbing when they used the restroom with girls who have girl part and boys who have boy parts, respectively, because the kids would be “educated” and not wallowing in ignorance.  
    Not to mention, there would be none of that childish curiosity or showing, in mutually assured displays.  Don’t you people understand?  When boys and girls are peeing together in officially sanctioned bathroom breaks, we will finally have achieved equality of awkwardness.
     Only then can a man do a song and dance number with a gay mens choir naming actresses and their movies where we saw their boobs without recrimination.  Isn’t that the world we all want?

  • JohnC

    “The parents of a 6-year-old transgender girl have filed a complaint with the Colorado Office of Civil Rights after her school district refused to allow her to use the girls’ bathroom.”
    “Transgender girl” In other words, a boy. “She” is not a she. I see news stories where the term ‘transgendered woman’ is used and I always think “You mean a man! Not a woman! Stop saying that! At the very least you could say ‘transgendered man.”
    What the hell is wrong with people? He’s a boy. Pretending doesn’t change that fact. It was a silly game when he was a toddler but now he needs to grow up. When someone’s pretend world bumps up against the real world it’s time for a reality check. He is confused and his parents and health professionals are actively encouraging his fantasy. Is it any wonder people like this young boy end up committing suicide in their teens? And even after they’re dead the enablers blame everyone else for ‘not accepting’ their disturbed child’s psychosis.

  • Libby

    The parents had at least consulted a psychologist about his/her behavior (preference for girl clothes, girl things, request to have doctors give him “girl parts”). He’s also the only male child in his family; he has four sisters. The psychologist diagnosed him as transgendered and, I’m assuming, advised them to accommodate his gender of choice. However, their unwillingness to accept a reasonable compromise of having him use gender-neutral bathrooms, and then taking their demands public, is selfish. They claim to want to protect him from bullying and being made to feel different all while parading him in front of the media.
    I feel badly for this kid, and I hope that his parents allow him to work through this in private on his own. But I also have no tolerance for these demands to allow people to use the facilities assigned to the “gender of their choice.” All children need to be able to develop their own sexual identity, at their own pace, without the additional pressure of being needlessly exposed to sexual situations.

  • JohnC

    A lot of psychologists need their heads examined.

  • Oldflyer

    I guess I am obtuse. 
     I would think the function of a Psychologist in this situation would be to try to help the obvious male to be comfortable in the gender he was born to.  On the other hand it is so “today” to help the little fellow be comfortable in something he is not, and then to tell the rest of the world that they must conform to his desire to be something that he is not.  The only problem is when you coerce the rest of the world to conform to his desire, you start to intrude on the privacy of others who have no vote on the matter.  In due time you could also compromise their safety.
    How about when the little darling turns 16 and is using girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.  Are the girl supposed to pretend that he is what he demonstrably is not?  Are they supposed to be sacrifice their privacy to accommodate him and should they be comfortable with him checking them out?  Suppose after he checks them out, he decides that he really wants to be what he actually is, but enjoys the coed dressing privileges, while showing his appreciation for what they demonstrably are?
    If I were a teenage voyeur, and had a lot of guts, I would declare myself transgender, and enjoy the show..  Then if I later became a sexual predator, I would have a free pass to a rich hunting environment.
    We have convolulted ourselves into the a state of complete ridiculousness.

  • Mike Devx

    I shouldn’t comment, because I don’t know a damn thing about transgender stuff… but what the hell, why not comment?   But it’s true I’ve never investigated it a jot, and I’ve never read anything about it that seemed even close to authoritative, that someone had any *real* insight into it.
    I think Oldflyer’s comments are awfully good.
    Is there anything at all to indicate that it is genetic in nature?  Can a child be born with a psychological sexual identity that is different from his or her sexual organs, driven by genetics?  Or is it entirely psychological or mental?
    Heck, in homosexuality, they’ve been looking for a “gay gene” for decades.  Haven’t found anything like it.  And then you have the apparently true phenomenon of bisexuals, who when sexually active seem to change preference each day as if they were changing hat colors.  “Today I feel… like I want women!  No, men! No, women! No…”  Or they say, “I’m dome with men.  Women only!”  When asked why, they say, “Because the last time was with a guy, and he was a complete JERK.”
    So there you have, with bisexuals, something that appears to be completely psychological, AND completely arbitrary.  Why might “false” sexual identity/transgenderism not be any different?  A six year old boy feels like a girl.  Who’s to say next year he won’t just completely drop it?  “But Billy, I thought you wanted to be a girl.”  “Ew, Mom, girls are dodo-birds.  Yuk, no way.”  And that might be the end of it.

  • Andy

    They should move to Oregon where gender identity is protected by state law.

  • Ymarsakar

    A lot of psychologists are Democrats.

  • Danny Lemieux

    A lot of psychologists are also blooming insane. When I was a university student, the standard joke was that the clinical psychology department was staffed by patients. 

  • Ymarsakar

    It is true that psychoanalysts often need to check in with a senior psychoanalyst in order to be psychoanalyzed for any patient caused trauma.

  • Ymarsakar

    I often find it surprising that people react so strongly to violence done by others to others, not even to themselves. The latter I could understand, but the first seems strange. A sort of conditioned response bred by society more than a direct damage from the violence. One of the things I had to do to sharpen some of the tools was to put myself in the shoes of the attacker and logically analyze what could be done better. To think as the predator, not the prey. That required that one “get rid” of ideas like “I’m better than that criminal” or “I could never be that rapist, serial killing, corpse eating guy”. To be better than those, I would have to be better at violence, which was perhaps the only relevant criteria  Being morally better was an irrelevant issue.
    I find it surprising now, but curiously, if I remember far enough back, I probably reacted the same way as others to the mere sight of other people doing bad things to other people. Or stories told of this and that. Stories that seem to traumatize normal people. Normalized by society’s conceptions of right and wrong, violence and pacifism.
    I wonder if psychologists who hear stories of child molestation, rape, abuse, internal family incest rapes, are traumatized because they associate too closely with the helpless victim, and thus begin to feel helpless as well. Which if they were talking to a predator, might induce the predator, purely because of the fear detected, to attack the psychologist. And I wonder if my reaction is different because I do not have the same fear. My fears can be summed up as the fear of failing to kill those that need killing, and/or killing those that didn’t need killing. I do not put myself in the place of the victim, having to defend myself, but as something else.
    The human mind is such a weak and fragile thing, perhaps more so than even our bodies that break so easily. Psychologists can hypnotize susceptible women and make those women think they were molested as children by their fathers, when nothing of the sort happened. The reverse can also be true, where the patient hypnotizes and brainwashes the psychologist.
    Human emotions… while it offers us great strength, it is also a great weakness when those emotions come not of your own will and soul, but merely because of society’s shackles and expectations of you.

  • Spartacus

    Q: How many legs does a dog have, if you count the tail as a leg?
    A: Four.
    (Attributed to Abe Lincoln, but I don’t recall the quoting source.)
    As a society, more and more, we are confusing the concepts of “One could argue…” with “One should argue…”

  • Ron19

    Today’s Reality was also yesterday’s science fiction, especially some of the dark or semi-apopaliptic stuff.

  • beefrank

    Is this the endgame of the ‘vulgar culture’ foisted by progressive ‘anything goes’ ideology and ushered by the pseudo-medical profession of psychiatry? It is the coup-de-grâce against mankind using psychotic chemicals to prevent, suppress and eliminate male behavior. It is also the über-tolerance of sexual perversions, i.e., homosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and other formerly ‘unspeakable’ acts. Since when does a young child dictate parenting regarding identity? What if they wanted to be a dog, horse or another species? (That would be an historical ‘trans-genetic’ operation a male teenager may want. It would realize the meaning of the simile ‘hung like a…’  but usurp the ‘black male myth’.) Jesting aside, this behavior is worse than a child being isolated by a cult. Gee, is not the ‘LGBT’ movement like the Moonies or Peoples Temple which were popular in the Bay Area during the 70s.  To paraphrase what I often heard from my parents, ‘if your children wanted to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you give them a push supported by a psychiatric prescription?’ As Dr. Carson eloquently said at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast declaring “PC (political correctness) is dangerous..’ because it promotes censoring and ostracizing opposing perspectives by labeling it as ‘hate’. A parent should hate for their child to perverted by ideals that will cause injury to themselves and others.  It is one of the reasons we home-school our children. I enjoyed the Monty Python reference. Brevity is the soul of wit.