Democrat strategist says you just have to tell men not to rape in order for them to stop

For decades, the Left has correctly asserted that rape is not a crime of passion, it’s a crime of power.  Second Amendment supporters have in turn pointed out that the great power equalizer is a gun.  A small woman who is trained and armed is effectively equal to (or even greater than) a large man with evil on his mind. Last night on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show, however, a Democrat strategist insisted that the best way to deal with this inherent power imbalance isn’t to let women arm themselves.  Instead, it’s “tell men not to rape women.”

On Tuesday night’s Sean Hannity Show, Democrat strategist Zerlina Maxwell — herself a rape victim — said that guns will never help women.  The only way to prevent rape, she said, it to tell men to stop doing it.  Although Maxwell conceded that telling women to use ball point pens to defend themselves is “ridiculous,” she went on to state that guns aren’t the answer either.  Instead, scolding is:

I don’t think that we should be telling women anything.  I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there.

Fellow guest Gayle Trotter, a pro-gun advocate with the Independent Women’s Forum, and Sean Hannity were both shocked.  They pointed out to Maxwell that criminals are not known for their listening skills and that millions of people every year successfully use guns to defend themselves.  Maxwell was unimpressed.  Maybe a stranger rapist won’t listen, to a firm “No,” but she’s pretty darn sure her “just talk to them” strategy will work if a women is on the receiving end of spousal abuse or date rape:

You’re talking about it is as if there’s some faceless, nameless criminal, when a lot of times it’s someone that you know and trust.

But, but, sputtered Hannity, “Evil exists in the world.”  Again, Maxwell shrugged this off:

We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it.

Showing herself more comfortable with fairies and unicorns than with the realities of life (despite the fact that she herself was raped), Maxwell was certain that educating men against rape was the best, and indeed only, way to deal with the problem:

I want women to be able to protect themselves, yes, but I want women to not be in this situation.


There are organizations that do this….  They train young men to not rape.


 If firearms are the answer, then the military would be the safest place for women, and it’s not

Watching Maxwell speak, a few things became obvious.  On the plus side, she is sweet, young, pretty, bright, and earnest.  She is not the Nancy Pelosi face of the Democrat Party; she’s the darling girl next door who is coping as best she can with a devastating life experience.  She’s also totally disconnected from reality.

The fact is that we already tell young men not to commit rape.  Indeed, our whole societal structure is premised on our belief that young men can prevent themselves from raping.  In this regard, we’re very different from Sharia-based cultures that believe men are incapable of resisting their animal urges when women use their sexual wiles against them.  Worse, according to Sharia principles, women’s sexual wiles do not require affirmative conduct.  Merely by showing themselves in public, they are evilly inciting man’s baser nature.

Because Sharia holds that women are predators and men are weak, Sharia’s solution is to confine women to their households or, if they must leave their homes, to envelope them in voluminous black or blue tents that leave only their eyes visible.  That should quash men’s uncontrollable urges.

Thankfully, we have a different worldview in the West.  In our schools, in our homes, and in our legal system, the overriding message is that men should never force sex on a woman, and that’s true even if that woman walks into a biker bar naked.  Sex should always be mutually consensual. Our culture believes that the vast majority of men are decent people with self-control and strong moral willpower.

As Sean Hannity accurately noted, though, “evil exists in the world.”  There will always be angry men, opportunistic men, sociopathic men, power-hungry men, or drugged or drunk men who either don’t care that the sex isn’t consensual or who actually prefer it that way.  These are the men who have not been and will never be deterred by someone saying “You shouldn’t rape women.”

Maxwell’s point about women (and men) who are raped in the military is also based upon fantasy.  While she’s right that it does happen, Maxwell seems to have forgotten what all of us learned in the aftermath of the Fort Hood massacre:  the military also has gun free zones.  Even in bases that allow guns, troops don’t normally sleep with a gun under their pillows, nor do they walk around with concealed carry weapons.  In other words, they’re just like the rest of us.

For many years, Progressives proudly pointed to themselves as the “reality-based community.”  They were the political pragmatists who got things done without regard to ideological handcuffs.  The gun debate that has riveted the nation since Sandy Hook, however, has put the lie to that self-delusion.  The useful idiots on the Left — not the ones that dream of total statism, but the ones who truly think that Utopia is possible — have departed from reality.  In their Utopia, whistles and education are sufficient to stop the bad guys in their tracks.

(Written by Bookworm; originally posted at Mr. Conservative.)

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  • Beth

    “There are organizations that do this….they train young men not to rape.”
    This makes me want to throw up.  Scariest thing I’ve read in the past few weeks and there is much out there to scare us.  God forbid they get a hold of MY young men to train.
    And I can see it now…don’t take the ‘training’ class then slapped with a lawsuit/conviction…..

  • Texan99

    So — where rape victims go wrong is, they fail to communicate effectively?
    I wonder if we could extend this approach to other social dilemmas.  The way to get rich people to contribute more money to the federal budget is to ask them nicely.  The way to keep Big Oil from destroying the planet is to talk to them.
    I guess it’s worth a try.  Let’s eliminate EPA regs and IRS collections for ten years and see.

  • Bookworm

    The wonderful comments you guys post is exactly why I’m not going to let my favorite Mr. Conservative posts live solely on his site.  It’s a great site, and he has enthusiastic commenters, but they’re not you guys.  They don’t have your wit, insight, good cheer, etc. 

    It’s only when my writing comes to Bookworm Room that I get the feedback and conversation I love so much.

  • jj

    Didn’t see it, Hannity too often bugs me; but the obvious question for Ms. Maxwell would have been: “so how’d that work out for you?”
    I never took the class, Beth, I guess I’m a time bomb.  I don’t think either of my parents ever told me not to rape anybody, either – somehow it never came up.  So I’m free of not only the class, but also of parental guidance!  Any second now…
    Which reminds me, Bookworm: now that your son’s a teen, have you told him not rape anybody?

  • Libby

    I wish someone would rank the Left’s causes, because clearly gun control outweighs violence against women. We’ve seen this before, where protection of endangered species is trumped by green energy (windmills killing birds), and feminism being trumped by deference to the religion of peace.

  • Ron19

    New t-shirt soon to be available:
    Rape Free Zone

  • JohnC

    You stop that raping! Just stop it right now!
    You robbers stop that stealing! I mean it!
    You murderers stop all that killing! I’m serious!
    You shoplifters stop that shoplifting! Put that down!
    You pedophiles stop molesting children! That’s a no-no!
    Bad criminals! Bad! Stop all this foolishness!
    Can we fire all the police now? It would save a lot of money.

  • JKB

    Wait, don’t most rape victims tell the men who rape them not to rape them?  Sure sometimes they aren’t completely articulate on the matter, only saying “No”, “please”, “stop”, crying.  Has that been the solution missed in all of history, to simply say, loudly and clearly, “Sir, do not rape me or anyone else”
    Will it work with robbers?  “Gentlemen, do not rob me!”  Or perhaps we should put up billboards.  
    “Remember, do not rape, rob, steal, murder, kill, hit, or do harm to others”  “Especially women”

  • Call me Lennie

    There was a time, not so long ago, when men who committed rape were killed; sometimes by extra-judicial methods.  That used to be the way men got the message not to commit rape.
    But then, our liberal moral betters realized that that was too barbaric and they did away with the death penalty and then lumped rape in with other far less heinous offenses in a charge called “sexual assault”  At which point the incidence of rape skyrocketed.  So I’m completetly confident that this latest enlightened policy will work just as well

  • Mike Devx

    Just a couple of points, and I had to watch the video clip to be sure…
    Zerlina Maxwell claims that guns are not the answer for women threatened by rapists.  She says:
    I don’t think that we should be telling women anything.
    Well, that’s just a lie.  It’s a lie!  She’s advocating gun control, and for women not to rely on a gun.
    She goes on to say, quote:
    I want women to be able to protect themselves, yes, but I want women to not be in this situation.
    And I consider that to be a lie, too.  If a woman wishes to protect herself with a gun, Ms. Maxwell seeks to deny her that right.  Ms. Maxwell *may* allow a woman to protect herself, but only via those ways that Ms. Maxwell will allow.  If Ms. Maxwell agrees that a ball-point pen is an insufficient means of protection for most women, in the absence of a gun, I have to wonder what means she would actually allow?  It’s not clear.
    I am sympathetic to one thing: A gun is no guarantee of safety.  But that is only because there is no such thing as guaranteed safety.  For the vast majority of us (excepting those few who are highly trained in personal combat such as Ymar), a gun along with a small amount of training dramatically raises the odds in our favor against any criminal.  And that goes for women threatened by rapists.
    I also agree that as a culture and civilization, we should send the strongest of messages to men that rape is a pure moral evil.  Democrats tend to recoil from the phrase “moral evil”, though, preferring to simply say it is “bad” and “wrong”.  Maybe they need to start using the phrase “moral evil” more often, in relation to things other than the Koch brothers.
    Finally, by the time a rapist has decided somehow that climbing through a woman’s bedroom window to initiate a rape is somehow a good idea, the time for talk is over.  The time for a bullet in the forehead, force met with force, is nigh.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    Are you familiar with Dora the Explorer and the “Swiper no swiping” line? You see, if they are able to say “Swiper, no swiping” three times before any swiping is done then they have “stopped Swiper!” But if they only say it one or two or two and a half times and Swiper is too quick for them, then their stuff gets swiped. This may be the method Maxwell is referring to.
    My two near-rape experiences (not to be confused with my zero near-death experiences from gun exposure/handling) were both perpetrated by men I had never met nor seen before. The men I do know and spend my time with actually WERE trained in an organization to not rape, but we just call it a good home.

  • Bookworm

    If I could, I would frame and hang on the wall every one of your comments.  I provide a little data and you guys go to town with wonderfulness.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, speaking as a former member of the reality-based party, I can tell you right now that no liberal would use the word “bad” or “wrong” to describe rape.
    I believe the word you’re looking for is “inappropriate.”

  • MacG

    Well at least she is consistent.  The left thinks we can talk the Jihadis into not hating us. Oh and killing us.  You know just the success rate of an abused spouse talking her abuser out of his violent rage.
    Then there is this gem in the SFGATE about a woman who shot her attacker dead and his DNA was found to be at the scene of a dead man found in a trash bin in the prior weeks.

  • MacG

    I am pretty sure that the Ten Commandments were taught in school at one time.  Even present the idea that there may be accountability at some point even if one ‘gets away’ with it.  Of course we have thrown those worthless rules out and I am surprised that none of the school’s have instituted Ted Turner’s Ten Voluntary Initiatives instead…Who knows maybe they are but but do so unawares.

  • JohnC

    Jeez-Loueez. Apparently sleeping with Jane Fonda turns your brains into pudding. Glad I was never tempted.

  • heather

    Glad Shirley brought up Swiper and Dora the Explorer.  Hate that show for that reason.  Drives me crazy that they can’t manage to say “steal.”  It seems to make the offense seem less serious, which is not a good idea when dealing with young children.  Some might say that I read too much into it, but it smacks of liberalism to me.
    Don’t call it “swiping”.  Call it stealing. 

  • Jose

    This confused young woman is projecting.  If SHE was a rapist, a good scolding would deter her.


    I am a Sheriff’s Deputy, and if telling people not to do these things worked, I would be out of a job!  I suspect that there is very little danger of unemplyment from that direction, but I have had the economy take me from being a full timer to a part timer. 

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  • Ymarsakar

    Have we stopped Democrats and Leftists from raping and killing as they please, by telling them to stop? Have we? Heh?

  • Ymarsakar

    I do not believe that the proposed plan here merits any resources devoted to it. If the idea is to get men to change their behavior, the faster way would be to provide rewards and punishments. If a person was given a choice between eating chocolate for breakfast and eating poison for dinner after a healthy breakfast and lunch, he has a reason to choose an option which can lead to good. Without me necessarily telling him which decision to make. If a woman decides she wants something to help her out, I’m not sure why I should devote resources into telling her to do things your way and devote even more resources to potential rapists to tell them to do it your way.
    Many survivors of rape find difficulty adjusting to normalized society, much akin to warriors and soldiers with PTSD. Writing, becoming a true believer in a cause for justice or to prevent harm in the future, can help that person cope. It does not, however, erase the trauma. Physical wounds will most likely heal in time. Mental trauma is different. Whatever the guest speaker is doing, seems to be working out well for her. That does not convince me it’ll work out well for another 100 million women, however. If only because those women would first have to be raped before the question of how to “cope with it” even starts.
    People who have been held hostage also grow a sort of sympathy or empathy for their captors and abusers. They do so out of a survival reflex. In order to prevent being hurt in the future, they give their allegiance and help to their abusers in hopes that the abusers will find a reason not to hurt them any more. The greater the trauma, the more the mind and body seek to survive using any means whatsoever. The idea of using a weapon against their captors, or allowing their rescuers to use a weapon on their captors, now becomes the same as being killed. They fight against it, they fight to protect their captors, so that they are never “put in the same position again”. They fight their rescuers to protect their captors, for fear that the captors will see their lack of help as treason and kill them for it.
    When I first studied the issue of rape, propaganda, and psychological trauma and the way they interwined, it seemed a fearsome weapon. A permanent damage akin to soul destruction that could never be healed. Truly terrifying, similar to losing one’s eyes, organs, legs, and arms. Permanent damage on a level that directly impacts our survival and living conditions. The only thing I knew at the time that could defeat such awesome power was to use an even greater power: death. For mortality rests upon us all, for that which lives, can be killed. Whether that meant the victim killing themselves as the solution before the rape or killing the rapist, I wasn’t too sure about. Certainly the latter was preferable, if women could do it, but then if such was in the power of women, rape would not be beneficial an activity overall. I journeyed for awhile, searching the secrets behind the power of death. How could one wield it to do one’s bidding? What separated those who could vs those who couldn’t? Would the power of death defeat the desires of the living to procreate and achieve sexual desires?
    Later on, as I obtained much knowledge of destruction on one hand, I was told to seek the opposite in the other hand. That to obtain the true power of lethal force, one must necessarily study the healing and creation arts. Which was the idea that trauma and wounds of the soul could be the healed via an external power, much as one’s life could be snuffed out utilizing an external power. So the idea that this could be healed, I started to have, and I started looking for how this could be done from the psychologists I had learned from before. Warriors were very good instructors in destruction, but so much in creation.
    At the heart of all victims is this ever seeking quest for security, a tool or power that gives them security. I suspect though that even if the power of firearms was proven to be effective, this particular individual would refuse to use it in her own defense. Fighting or conflict, is risky, and risk does not provide her the security she seeks. She would rather believe, and put her fate into, things that never allow the threat to manifest.
    That makes sense. For certainly when I behead someone with my katana, their threat never manifests in the future. For death is not like a government promise. It doesn’t disappear. It is not fake. It is no illusion. It cannot be reversed with money or connections. It is permanent. In a way that trauma is not.

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