1. lee says

    1. I MUST recommend “Les Chats Ninjas.” Google it. Worth wasting every second to watch. Up there with Henri.
    2. Cats love to play two games: One is “What-does-this-look-like-falling-on-to-the-ground?” The other is slightly different, but different nonetheless. It is “What-happens-if-I-knock-this-on-the-floor?”
    3. Almost as popular with cats is the game, “What-does-the-human-do-when-I-do-this…?” This provides much fun for the cat because of the possibilities: jumping, biting, swatting, whacking, etc. A variation of it involves other animals: dogs, cats, lizards. (My cat likes to catch lizards and frogs and just sit on them. She’s pretty hefty, so after being swatted around awhile, the poor reptile or amphibian is trapped under a big furry rump. The horror, the horror…)
    4. Most people I know what cats have long since given up putting the toilet paper on the dispenser. It’s too much an invitation to cats to play game number three, “How-long-will-it-take-to-get-all-this-off?” (Closely related too “How-long-will-it-take-to-get-all-this-@#&^-off?” which involves a lot more biting and chewing.)

  2. Wolf Howling says

    Both of those videos are good.  The first confirms my belief that cats are innately evil, with their appeal being only that they satisfy the human fascination with the dark side.   That second video pretty much captures the difference between cats and dogs perfectly.


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