Morning links — and an Open Thread

This morning, I found a goldmine of interesting stuff at National Review Online.  There was some other good stuff that bipped on my radar, so I’m sharing it here.

King Hussein of Jordan was, from all reports, a decent man, not just by Arab King standards, but by any standards.  It looks as if his heir, King Abdullah, is cut from the same cloth.  One wonders if anyone in the Muslim Middle East is listening.

VDH has a great article reminding us that, despite 10 years of Leftist propaganda, the Bush administration had rational reasons for invading Iraq.

Birthers are now going after Ted Cruz, saying that his birth in Canada to an American mother isn’t enough to make him American-born.  Putting aside that this is incorrect (although it may not qualify him as a “natural born” citizen), what’s worse is that people are trying to compare his birth to Obama’s birth.  Although I’ve never fallen hard into the birther category, let me say that there is a vast difference between a situation in which the circumstances of a man’s birth are an open record and a situation in which a man does everything he can to hide the circumstances of Obama’s birth.

Yes, says Thomas Sowell, Cyprus can happen here.

Dennis Prager rips American universities a new one — and deservedly so.

Nooo!  The Blue Angels have been canceled.  The political class in Washington is punishing Americans.

The Koch Brothers may purchase the L.A. Times.  Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

And finally, Keith Koffler on precisely why Beyonce’s newest song isn’t just terrible, it’s also a window into the horrible people who are currently renting (and trashing) the People’s White House.

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  • JKB

    VDH also has a nice essay on the topic at PJMedia.  Good to see at least the correct history is being written if not believed.  
    I’m going to call this, Funny Anecdotes from Popular Culture:
    Last night, I had ‘Lost Girl (03×10) on SyFy on TV.  They have some good dialogue on occasion, especially for the sidekick, Kenzi.  Last night, our heroine, Bo, was a counselor at a camp for delinquents and Kenzi was a delinquent. After failing to catch Bo in a trust fall, Kenzi is pointing out her attack on “the Man” would make her a hero.  (dialogue best recollection not exact)
    Kenzi, “Their freakin’ Che Grevara.”
    Bo, “Do you even know who that is?’
    Kenzi, “Yeah, the dude in the beret”
             “Makes t-shirts for angry youth.”
    I don’t know about you but I found that hilarious.  And probably an accurate reflection of what 99% of the youth know about Che.

  • JKB

    Okay, i misspelled Che Guevara.  
    I’m sorry, I was not properly edumedicated in the liberal arts.  

  • jj

    The Koch brothers may purchase the LA Times?  Why?  They need a loss leader for tax purposes?

  • Danny Lemieux

    This is cute:
    I came across the following video of Chris Matthews doing an interview with Obama, leg tingles and all:

  • Ron19
  • Earl

    Oh, please….Oh, please….Oh, Please, Please PLEASE!!!
    Let the Kochs buy the LA Times!!  I want to see the progressive heads explode all across the country!!
    Glenn Reynolds would approve, I’m sure – he says it’s a much better use of conservative money than giving it to politicians.  Move the culture, baby….now if they could only buy People, or another such magazine.  The question is whether there are enough conservative journalists of the type that could put out a People with a conservative vibe…….


    Channeling Bookworm and sharing a pair of news items. Get the duct tape – my head is exploding.
    Feds Fund $880,000 to Study Benefits of Snail Sex
    The National Science Foundation awarded a grant for $876,752 to the University of Iowa to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand mud snails and whether that explains why any organism has sex.
    The study, first funded in 2011 and continuing until 2015, will study the New Zealand snails to see if it is better that they reproduce sexually or asexually – the snail can do both – hoping to gain insight on why so many organisms practice sexual reproduction.
    CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.; Nation Creating New STIs Faster Than New Jobs or College Grads.