Burning the candle at both ends, but let’s talk about Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

Does anyone study Edna St. Vincent Millay anymore?  I don’t recall reading her at school myself, but I’ve always liked this little rhyme:

My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends –
It gives a lovely light.

Split personality

I’m hoping my candle lasts the night, but I have to admit to being tired. Lord alone knows how, but my candle ended up with more than just two ends. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working full time, interrupted by taking my Mom to the doctor, playing host to my sister for several days (she was a lovely guest), taking care of my family, and having surgery. Pretty soon I’m going to develop some sort of dissociative disorder, because I’m functioning only by convincing myself that I’m having out-of-body experiences, and that it’s not really me trying to juggle all this stuff.

I know this will all get easier.  My surgery is a thing of the past, my sister’s delightful visit is over, and the Mr. Conservative work is pacing itself better, but I still have this kind of vibrating anxiety following me around, since the clock is definitely not my friend.  I keep waiting for some deux ex machina to emerge abruptly from backstage and save me from myself.

One of the things I haven’t had time for is leisurely blog and online newspaper reading.  I’ve been so busy chasing specific headlines, I haven’t pursued my own interests.  In a way, it’s rather nice, because the objects of my interest depress me.  I do believe that the Obama administration has reached its tipping point.  The bloom is off the rose, the media is no longer protecting him for the next election, and his sins (and his administration’s) are starting to find him out.  Still, considering how powerful he is, I worry that his downfall will also be our downfall.

So let’s talk about something more cheerful (perhaps) than Obama.

What do you think of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz?

I have to admit that I am finding Rand Paul very intriguing.  The same goes for Ted Cruz.  I’ve promised myself that I won’t fall in love with a potential candidate this early in the game, but I’m certainly keeping an eye on these two.  Ted Cruz is the intellectual side of the new conservativism, one that is somewhat libertarian in nature, while Rand Paul is the theatrical side.  I tend to lean libertarian, but I disliked Ron Paul’s patent Israel hatred.  Rand Paul has gone out of his way to try to show that he’s a friend to Israel.  I don’t know if this is what he truly feels or a clever theatrical posture, but it’s a smart tactic.

So I ask again what you think of these two men who are big on the constitution, big on individual freedom, big on cost-cutting, unafraid of the Progressive establishment (especially the media), and, in Paul’s case, savvy enough to outflank the media?



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  • Michael Adams

    I first met Ted Cruz when he was still Solicitor General, and came to talk to our Town Hall group.  The weather was bad, so the turnout was pretty small, which allowed me and my wife to talk in some depth with Ted. He is brilliant, knows the law like the route to his own coffee pot, laughs at my jokes, and, the next time we met, two years later, remembered something my wife had said. We have other friends in Austin, and he was raised Baptist, as was I, so, in addition to principled Conservatism, we just have a lot in common. I told him six or  eight years ago, “Keep out of bed with a live man or a dead woman, or a chicken of either persuasion, and we’ll make you President in a few years, provided that there is still a country over which to preside.”  
    I fully intend to see that done.

  • jhstuart

    While it is still early, both have my attention. One box to check off immediately is that both have strong convictions and not inclined to raise a finger to see where the wind is coming from.

  • heather

    First job out of college in the late 1990s: teaching US History at an alternative high school (most of the kids had criminal records and/or expelled from the regular system).
    So, during our unit on the 1920s, we read that poem.  Those kids REALLY loved it.  Too much.  As in, cool, that lady knew it was best to live hard and die young.  
    I was a bit dismayed.