The Boston bombers and political correctness — by guest blogger Lulu

The elephant in the middle of the room that no one seems to want to look at is that there are people in this country, perhaps many people, who have been welcomed into this country, lived here for quite a while, embraced by Americans and treated kindly, who smile at you and seem perfectly normal, and who would happily kill you as an infidel. All of Dzhokhar’s college pals who shared joints, partied together, and played on sports teams together are shocked, and who can blame them, because he seemed so nice and normal and settled. What they don’t understand is that he only seemed nice. For quite awhile, inside he thought they were all infidels worthy of murder for the cause. It could have been all of them in the dorm or a classroom, smiles and pleasantries forgotten. He and his brother chose another more symbolic venue to declare their jihad and hatred of America and infidels, but he would have killed his dormmates, teammates or classmates just as happily.

That’s scary and unsettling. Who wants to think that people who smile and eat lunch with us may be putting on an elaborate act, that behind the smile lies a hatred deep enough to put a bomb next to a defenseless child and kill him, horribly maim dozens of others, then go back to school, refer to himself as a “stress free kind of guy” on twitter, hit the gym, and fool the dupes around him. This is the definition of evil. Evil exists when sane people follow an evil ideology, or when people are sociopathic and warped. Which are the Boston jihadists? They are both. They show a callous indifference to human life and no doubt a triumphal game of returning to the dorm or daily routine, easy as pie, F*&% America and its slutty women and unbelievers.

The Boston politically correct brigade will try to understand them and explain their deeds, as if planting a bomb next to kids in a crowd of people enjoying a race can be explained in any way by anything we did, as if anything—anything—can explain their decision to wage jihad at the Boston Marathon. The media and academia have become accustomed to blaming external factors for everything; school failure, criminal activity, gangs, violence. But other immigrant kids don’t do this. Not every kid who feels alienated does this. Hell, not even every kid who hates America does this. The deeds of Dzhokhar and Tamerlin Tsarnaev reflect their choices and their values. Their playing a “nice guy” role to their American friends and acquaintances reflects choices and values too. They weren’t teased or bullied. You kidding? A Golden Gloves boxer and a wrestling champ? More likely they were welcomed and treated decently by naïve people perhaps, but people far better than they, people that don’t live deceitful, fraudulent lives, plotting murder with a smile on their faces.
The question for us, knowing that there are others like the Boston jihadists living here and smiling at us, is what do we do? How do we stay open as a society and safe? If the majority of decent, law abiding Moslems are appalled by these actions, how do we get them to engage in protest and widespread condemnation of the acts, instead of defensive accusations that they might be picked on? How do we become a society that accepts personal responsibility again? How do we become a people who again can face that true evil exists in the ideology of the brothers and must be fought as hard and devotedly as we fought the true evil that existed in Nazi ideology.

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  • Caped Crusader

    Lulu, not questioning Nazi were bad guys, but the Japs were even worse, for they would never give up. I’ll never forget an interview with a Marine on Guadalcanal who said, “Since they never give up, we realized the only way we would ever get home is to kill them all, so we set about it!”. The way you get the “decent” Muslims cooperation is that they must fear us more than they fear the Jihadists and root them out themselves. We still have a long way to go, for political correctness and all other namby-pamby weeds now growing in our culture must be killed and pulled out by the roots, and REAL men and women must grow a backbone not made of jelly for that to occur; and there are no signs of that happening. The “progressives” have been successful in imposing their minority rule over us in politics, press, academia, etc. because there are no consequences for their actions, and like the schoolyard bullies they are, they will be successful until we beat the hell out of them at the ballot box, or in the schoolyard as becomes necessary. Like bullies they are actually cowards, but will take advantage of every perceived weakness.

  • Flyover Pilgrim

    Book, I felt alienated as all get out when I was that age, and I never wanted to kill anybody.
    The excuses made for this murderer and his brother (by his family and “the media”) make me ill.

  • lee

    When I was that age, several decades ago, I had a number of Middle Eastern Moslem friends. It was a different world–but even before reading Lulu’s blog, I was thinking along those same lines that she wrote about–and I wondered about those people I knew then–what became of them, what they are thinking now. They are all in their fifties now…
    I read some where that one of the things that really kick started this was the fear that the Saudis felt when Iran fell. The Shah may have been much more westernizing than the Saudis, and they may have been enemies, more or less, but along came Khomenei, and he was being “holier” than the Saudis. The Saudis felt threatened and so ramped up their proselytizing, selling their Salafist stuff as the one and only “real deal” of Islam. By pouring money into anything and everything, and sending “approved” imans all over the place. The Moslem Brotherhood may not have been their friend in 1979, but tolerating them, and then working with them, helped get their foot in the door in Egypt. And other places. The US had what was a pretty Western sort of “reform” moslem leadership in the Toledo Mosque (back then, they had pews and family seating!) but the Saudis poured mucho dinero into it and other places, and sent THEIR imans, and trained new ones. Sneaky devils–stealth conversion. Anyhow…
    It was highly unlikely that the people I knew THEN were like that back THEN… But how have they been influenced?
    I think another factor that has made the Saudi Salafist takeover easier for them to accomplish is that there are a LOT of people (not just Moslems) who are looking to escape the moral relativism of the progressives. I think most uncertain and confused people PREFER a structured life style with a DEFINITIVE voice to tell them what is “WRONG” and what is “RIGHT.” In the seventies, there was still an overall general sense in the world that there were certain things that were IMMORAL. So, it was easier to westernize somewhat. I think Progressive Moral Relativism had them aghast–and forced more NORMAL, modern-ish “reform-type,” potentially Western-ish Moslems to retreat into a more traditional Islam.
    When I first when to Israel, in the 80’s, Moslem women dressed A LOT like Orthodox women–modern, but modest. The give away was that Orthodox women wore tights, and Moslem women did not. Now, the Moselm women are in long, loose fitting robes with hijabs…
    I am not sure what can be done. For our country, we need a strong horse. For the future of the world? I despair…

  • vinny

    That is a great question Lulu: How do you trust your neighbor again. Reagan had a great answer: “Trust but verify”. These guys were living out their fantasies on the internet with the posts they put up on the YouTube page. The older brother was going back and forth to his very Moslem and very radicalized land for training. Russians say they warned the American anti-terrorist task force on multiple occasions about this guy. It sounds like not only was there no verification made about their eligibility to continue to live in this country, the authorities charged with protecting American lives were actively ignoring signs of danger. 
    This government of ours is not doing its only legitimate job. That is, these various agencies are not protecting American citizens from violent invaders. The only 2 possible solutions are to either reform the government so that it can perform its legitimate purpose, or to find a way to protect yourself.  If you chose to protect yourself, then you should ask what you are paying the taxes for.

  • jj

    I’ll do it again.  I’ll do it as often as it takes.  If being a Muslim means believing in the Koran – which it does – then there are no “decent, law-abiding” Muslims.  (If they don’t believe in the book, then they are, by definition, not Muslims.  Not much wiggle-room here.)  On the other hand, there are equally no “bad” ones, who have “hijacked” anything at all, let alone a “great religion,” as GW Bush was wont to say. 
    Some of you really need to spend some time with their book, see what they truly believe, and what they’ll work for, die for, and kill you for.  By any measure of normal behavior you might wish to adopt (ethical, practical, medical, epistemological, archeological, economic – anything you can think of), there are good beliefs and there are bad ones.  Is it really a mystery to you that Islam is far more well-supplied with the latter?  A future in which Islam and the rest of humanity don’t stand on the brink of mutual annihilation is a future in which most Muslims have decided to ignore most of their canon, as Christians ignore the incitement to murder offered by, for example, Deuteronomy.  That’s a long way away, Islam doesn’t much seem to evolved in that direction by so much as an inch in a millennium..
    Even “moderate” approaches to Islam generally consider the Koran to be the literal and inerrant word of God – and not just any god, either, but the one true and real one, to whom only they have access.  There is no difference in outcome either expected or demanded by “extremists,” “fundamentalists,” or  “moderates:” it ends the same way for all of them.  The only future devout Muslims can envisage – as Muslims – is one in which all infidels (i.e., everybody else) have been converted to Islam, subjugated, or killed.  The tenets of Islam simply do not admit of anything more than a temporary sharing of power with all of us “enemies of God.”
    If you’d like me to, I can quote you over a hundred verses in that crap that incite violence against everybody else on the planet.  It really shouldn’t be necessary, I’d have thought by now, a dozen years into this thing, that every half-bright citizen of the non-Islamic world would have picked up a copy of their goddam book and read the thing, just to have an idea of what the hell the problem is.  (I know the dipshits in charge of “protecting” us haven’t – that goes without saying – but I don’t include Obama, Napolitano, Kerry, or any of the rest of them among the half-bright.)
    They’re now going to spend weeks – and millions – trying to figure out what the motive behind the events in Boston could have been.  Send me the price of a stamp, Janet; save a lot of time and money – I’ll tell you the brother’s motive: they’re Muslims

  • Charles Martel

    I keep a copy of the Qu’ran by my bedside and have done so for several years. Like jj, I like to remind myself what the most violent, hateful religion on earth believes.
    On those occasions when I’ve discussed the Qu’ran with Muslims or Muslim enablers, I’ve been told that my objections to the book are really because I don’t speak and read Arabic. Apparently, one cannot translate Allah’s eternal word from Arabic into any other language, one can only paraphrase. Thus, I have no way of properly appreciating the beauty of Allah’s language.
    My response has been that I’m delighted to know that “kill the Jews” sounds ever so much more euphonious and poetic in Arabic than it does in the vile tongue of Shakespeare. 

  • Call me Lennie

    Here’s my educated speculation (I was an Arabic linguist Islam expert for the US Army in the eighties) to the Muslim kid who comes to America or the West and seems normal and then suddenly reverts to terror situation
    You have to understand that Mohammed was a merchant and the entire structure of the Final Judgment for Muslims is mercantile — the credits that a Muslims earns for his good works and performance of his Muslim duties (praying, for example) is balanced off against your debits for bad acts and failing to perform your duties.  If your debits outweigh your credits by so much as one debit, it’s the Blazing Fire for you, Slugger. Although you can erase the debit of bad work with a credit of another good work
    The problem for someone like Tamerlan is that he’s spent untold years in the West as a Jack Muslim which means he had a huge deficit of debits to make up.  So one day he decides to return to the faith and hears chilling news from the imam — his spiritual situation is dire and he may not have enough time in the remainder of his life to fix it.  Moreover, he could die tomorrow deep in the red, or Allah in his wrath may decide to end everything tomorrow
    Fortunately for Tamerlan there is one out which automatically wipes the slate clean and even guarantees an eternity of unbelievable sensual delights.  And so he signs up and the rest is front page news.  For this reason, I think any immigrant Muslim who suddenly shows an interest in Salafist type Islam should be flagged immediately — they’re dangerous     

  • Caped Crusader

    Lennie, THANKS for the insight. And jj, try 1300 years at war with Islam, I know you know this; but so many now have no knowledge of history than than the PC crap they are forced to regurgitate.

  • Danny Lemieux

    With regard to the Liberal/Left apologists, I suspect that is something very voldemortian going on whereby Islam is the evil whose name can’t be spoken. Frankly, I believe the very concept of true “evil” is beyond the worldview and imagination of typical Liberal/Lefties. It does not compute. To defeat an enemy, you must first be able to define the enemy.
    With regard to Islam, the best thing we could do is to isolate Islam in Islamic lands (a hat-tip to Osama bin Laden, here). In the end, Islam can’t win because it doesn’t have anything to offer except despair and degeneration (see “Egypt”). Keep them in their lands and force Islam to confront its own dysfunctions and failures. In the old days, Islam could do that, because they could keep the “real world” at bay. However, with modern internet communications, I don’t believe that Islam could survive. It would simply rot away from the inside out. A case in point is Iran, where the only way that Islam can survive is through sheer brute force…its young no longer believe in it.
    Now that the West has it within its grasp to render Middle Eastern oil an non-factor, we should simply ignore them…and make it much harder for Muslims to enter our countries (especially our universities). If I were King of the World, this would happen overnight. However, since I am not… it may take some time for us to get there.

  • Charles Martel

    Danny, there would be huge First Amendment issues with a policy of deliberately restricting student entry into the US on the basis of religion or origin in a Muslim country.
    The problem of course is how can you constitutionally define a religion as noxious and therefore subject to government control without opening the door to a leftist Supreme Court to define Christianity and Orthodox Judaism in the same way? Statists like Reid, Biden, Pelosi, and Boxer, all despisers of their own religions’ teachings, would love to be able to.
    However, as citizens, we are not subject to the same restrictions as the federal government. That’s why I think it’s important for private organizations to begin calling out the jihadists and subjecting them to exposure and ridicule. I’m hoping that the Koch brothers and other deep-pocket conservatives can buy up failing newspapers and inject them with some backbone and intelligent writing. Then take up the cudgels against Islam and its vicious worldview.

  • Michael Adams

    Danny, an earlier understanding of the Bill of Rights was that governments are established to defend us from our enemies, and the Bill of Rights protects us from a government that would treat US as enemies.
    Excluding Mohammedan  entry establishes no church;  it simply excludes enemies. I understand that non-citizens who enter of the US are covered by the B.o.R. Non-residents, outside the country, are not covered.  That’s why captives taken on battlefields in Afghanistan can go straight to Guantanamo without passing ‘Go’ or collecting two hundred dollars.
    JJ, I do not read the Koran regularly, as it is demoralizing. This is the opposite of the reason I read the Bible daily. I read the Koran once.  That was enough. When I was in the Knee Jerk Liberal Church, we had a Mohammedan guy come and talk to us twice.  I was nice enough the first time, and just said nothing.  The second time, post 11 September, I asked him what the Christian speakers said when they spoke to the Mosque, (Sure they did.)and read out various hateful passages from the Demon-Book, for  his interpretation. It was not so long after that that I left that Synagogue of Satan, probably best for all concerned, I see in retrospect.


    If, as Lennie explained, that the issue is a debit/credit problem with Allah the accountant – I’d like to recommend a Jewish CPA. 
    A Lebanese Christian friend of mine used to share stories of the Saudis, Kuwaitis, etc. who went to Beirut to whoop it up. The usual whooping, babes and booze only to return to their native sand castles only to repeat it over and over again. I guess basically what I am asking is…is there a provision in Islam to sell-off their whopping sins like selling off carbon credits or do they pass the buck or “riyal” to the servant boys?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Mike Adams and Hammer, I believe that there were many restrictions on the types of students allowed into the U.S. during the Cold War (although I may be wrong on that). To be able to defeat an enemy, we must first define and enemy.
    The Middle East (with Israel and just a few countries excepted) is not our friend, nor is it the friend of much of the West. At the time of 9/11, we had to get along with the Middle East for energy reasons. These reasons are disappearing and we and much of the West are becoming less and less dependent upon them for energy. Take away energy and there is really very little of value that they have to offer us. Soon, they will need our “stuff” more than we will need theirs.
    What I am proposing is along the lines of another “cold war”. Sure, we can trade (carefully) or still take in students (carefully), just the way we did with the Soviet Bloc during the cold war.
    Mike, your story of the Koran reading Muslims in your church resonated. We had the same happen in our church – nobody took the Koran-reading visitors very seriously and let them know it. It never happened again.