A Deanna Durbin homage

A few days ago, Jose brought to my attention the fact that Deanna Durbin died at 91.  The fresh-faced, operatically-trained youngster was, at one point, one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.  Because she walked away from fame, however, she’s not well-remembered today.

I thought it would nice to enjoy a moment from when Durbin was quite young, sharing the stage with another young talent who stuck it out in Hollywood and didn’t live to see old age:

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  1. Caped Crusader says

    Now that I’ve put my glasses and hearing aid on (kidding, don’t wear either), I’d swear she looks (and sounds) a lot like Judy Garland.

  2. Caped Crusader says

    A thousand apologies; jumped the gun and only listened and did not see the second singer. Forgot they could not do overdubbing in this time frame and was busy typing plus it did not play most of the second half thee first time I listened.

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