Trevor Loudon’s new book on Communists in American politics

Fellow Watcher’s Council member Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand-based conservative who cares deeply about, and worries ceaselessly about, the fact that communists and socialists are in America’s Congress.  If Americans elected communists and socialists, that would be one thing, because a republican democracy is allowed to commit suicide if it wants.  But these people go into the political arena identifying themselves as “Democrats,” which assures them the knee-jerk vote from those who vote Democrat because they always have, as did their father, and his father before that.

Trevor has a new book coming out in August, one that brings current his previous book on the same subject, and you can pre-order your copy now.  Teressa, another Watcher’s Council buddy, has this to say:

Trevor Loudon’s new book “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” clarified for me just how much trouble we are in as a nation and how completely infiltrated our halls of power have become. The book gave me an in-depth look into the subversive nature of progressive politics in this country and changed forever how I view the political spectrum. If this book does not wake America up to the enemies within, I do not know what will. It should be on every household and educational shelf in the country and it should be the go-to source for the true backgrounds on those who seek (and broker) power and influence in America. This book is the deciding factor on who goes and who stays, using facts and research to tell the real stories of actions rather than opinion and propaganda.

Not only does the book look intently at the records of over 60 of America’s politicians, it defines and explains numerous progressive groups in layman terms. Each section is incredibly detailed with photos and a multitude of references, coming from hundreds of sources. The research and documentation put into this book are way beyond the expected, and incontrovertible in their historical analysis. If you want to know who many of your politicians truly are, this is THE source for finding that out. A silent coup has been going on in our government and this book lays bare the records of those we have entrusted with the reins of government.

“The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S.  Congress” is Trevor Loudon’s second book, following the highly acclaimed “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.” It is a masterpiece of research and tells a life and death story for America. The communist and socialist influences in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are finally brought to light, just in time to pull America back from the edge of the Marxist cliff we are heading for. Our current state of demise has been well planned and plotted. It is not incompetence or accidental… It is the purposeful subversion of the greatest nation on earth. This book is in a class by itself and I strongly recommend it to every American who longs to regain the America they once knew and loved. It is one of our most powerful weapons to defeat The Enemies Within.

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  1. says

    “If this book does not wake America up to the enemies within, I do not know what will.”
    Again people are under this mis-comprehension that the desire to battle evil is awakened by reading things…
    You know, humanity has been fighting evil a lot longer than there has been a written language. And yet… people still cling to their overly academically based theory that humanity’s right path is chosen by the mind first. It isn’t.
    Until you start listening to your gut and spine, until you start listening to your heart, the Left’s rational brainwashing will never be defeated. The concept that the Left is irrational, stupid, incompetent, or anti-intellectual, while their enemies are the “real intellectuals” is another misconception of the truth. The Left is based on the premise that human minds, of the ruling class, are SUPERIOR to the Mind and Will of God. That humanity can create their own God, the Deus Ex Machina, to rule over a new Eden and Utopia.
    If anyone starts thinking that they are “smarter” than the Left, then that begs the question of whether they think they can do the Left’s job better. Because recognizing God’s existence and admitting man’s place in the universe, is not a mind thing but a heart thing.
    Accepting the true nature of evil and allying with good, requires the heart to be strong, the mind merely follows. When people suffer enough, they will begin to comprehend that which they have spent a life time denying in their heads.
    “It is not incompetence or accidental… It is the purposeful subversion of the greatest nation on earth.”
    I had only a few prophecies for those who were reading my comments a few years ago.
    1. You haven’t seen anything yet. If you think what the Left/obama did now was bad. (Bowing, apologies, Afghan withdrawal, General sacking, Fast and Furious, corruption, political games, political corruption). If you want to see the true nature of evil…. wait. Stop thinking I’ll convince you or anyone else will. I will do no such thing. I only need to wait, for the Left will do it for me. Only when you understand the true nature of evil… will you understand.
    2. The Left will destroy all that you have ever created, make you pay for the privilege as they make you watch the world burn. They will decide when you live, if you are born, and how much you get to pay for the privilege of being allowed to exist. You will work for the Left, die for the Left, live for the Left, believe in the Left.
    Obama will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual.

  2. Charles Martel says

    The book is preaching to the choir. All that the left has to do to neutralize its effect is shout two slogans: “McCarthyism!” and “Red baiting!”
    Then it’s back to sleep.

  3. Gringo says

    I believe is was Trevour Loudon who some years ago pointed out a connection between Frank Marshall Davis – Obama’s sometime mentor in Hawaii- and Valerie Jarrett’s father in law. Both had been on the board of some  Chicago area commie front organization in the 1940s. I found the link- though I thought Trevour Loudon had written about it before 2011.
    Unfortunately, Da Hammah is probably correct. The left has programmed too many people to believe  it is worse to “red bait” than to advocate Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  I had known  too many refugees from Dictatorships of the Proletariat  in the area where I  was born and raised for me to swallow hook. line, and sinker the “red baiting..McCarthyite” line.

  4. says

    Again, I assert that the philosophy of Obama’s “progressive” base has at least as much in common with Fascism as with Marxism. The focus on managing the economy through ostensibly-private companies which are allowed limited scope as long as they submit to overall State direction…that’s economic Fascism, not Marxism. The obsession with race/ethnicity is consistent at a theoretical level with Fascism, not with Marxism. Organic farming, astrology, magical crystals, all sorts of weird mysticism…these things are more consistent with Fascism, especially in its National Socialist incarnation.
    Marxism is a bastard child of the Enlightenment; Fascism is explicitly counter-Enlightenment.
    While these two political systems have a lot in common, there are indeed differences.
    And politically speaking, “Fascism” has more negative connotations to more people (at present) than does “Marxism,” “Socialism,” or “Communism.”

  5. Michael Adams says

    If the wretched Commies can sow doubt and demoralization in our midst, give it back to the bastards!  I always ask, Whom did Senator McCarthy accuse of being a Communist or sympathizer, who was not?They never can answer that.  I lose, of course, in that brief interchange.  My purpose is, as I said, to demoralize and sow doubt. Remember, “whispering campaigns” were thought to be so potent, by both the Communists and the Nazis, that suspicion of participating in one could get you sent to a labor camp.  Let them hear our voices, and tremble!

  6. says

    I’m with Michael.  Lay it on ‘em!!
    I realize that the book reviews will be TERRIBLE – Amazon will be inundated by an orchestrated campaign, and the Legacy Media has all their “reliables” lined up, already. 
    That said, there WILL be an effect on the targets, although they’ll do their best to hide it.  And I am going to LOVE seeing some of the less-controlled heads explode!!
    Finally, “if just one” person has his/her eyes opened by reading ABOUT the book, and then buys and reads it, and talks to his/her friends/family about it – the entire effort will be worth it.

  7. erisguy says

    I blame Sam Nunn, a man who refused to run for re-election rather than join the Republican party after the Democrat Party had become the Communist Party.
    He’s paradigmatic. Even in the 1960s liberals (mostly Democrats) at college campuses loved their New Left children (whom they advised to shun Communists) than they loved America (because they continued to support their children even after they adopted Communism). Would you have it any differently? Should Ayer’s father have wrecked his son’s life?
    Where I live the Democrat Party in its precinct headquarters flies its most important flags at election time: the Cuban flag. It’s not even news. No one cares.
    Our future is Hollande’s France, where his election was celebrated by thousands of people flying many, many flags. Were any of them French flags?

  8. Tonestaple says

    Book, please let us know when a Kindle version is available.  I can’t put another book in my house without loss of structural integrity.

  9. Michael Adams says

    Tonestaple, even though we make a quarterly pilgrimage to Half-Price Books, we had to move a book case to the other side of the house.  Having all seven of them on one side was causing us to list to port.


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