I think I’m in love (or at least I’m feeling deep respect)

Watch this video at Power Line and keep a close eye on things at around the 2:06 mark.  Then try to tell me with a straight face that you haven’t suddenly developed a little political crush on Democrat Elbert Guillory.

By the way, I know nothing about Rep. Guillory other than what I saw him say in the video.  Please don’t crush my tender little romantic moment by telling me things about him that will make me sad.

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  • Charles Martel

    No, no, no, Book. It is forbidden. Capulets and Montagues may not mate, may not even exchange dreamy glances. I do not allow my boxer to consort with poodles.
    A Democrat? Mein Gott!
    End this now.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Charles, no matter my mood, at a minimum you make me smile.  As it happens, my mood is good today, so you made me laugh out loud!


    On the bright side … Karen Carter Peterson (married and no children) which makes her capable of only “breeding” contempt.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    You’ve got to admire the man’s honesty and honor – he’s likely to receive all kinds of c**p for his remarks, and he must know this…but he spoke the truth anyhow.  Good man.
    As for Democrats, they’re a mixed bag….our governor of Tennessee when I was there was a Democrat – Phil Bredesen.  I’d have voted for that man over Bob Dole, or John McCain, for that matter. A principled man who told you where he stood and then stood his ground.  I liked him a LOT.

  • Danny Lemieux

    You are easily swooned, Book. I would have said, “interesting, let’s try to find out more” before making a judgment.

  • Gringo

    I like what Elbert Guillory said. My offhand impression is that whites, such as Chris “Tingles” Matthews, have played the race card more than blacks with regard to President Obama. Most blacks realize that indiscriminate playing of the race card for advantage instead of for justice will result in further dismissal of the race card, so it is a card to be played carefully. White libs don’t realize that playing the race card has its limits. White libs see the race card as a way to berate their wingnut opponents.  “You’re racist- and I’m not.”  [With due apologies to Chevy Chase. :) ]
    Judging  by Elbert Guillory’s French name, he is probably Creole.
    One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life–A Story of Race and Family Secrets is an interesting book about the history of one Creole family. The author of the book didn’t find out that her father was “passing” for white until several weeks before he died. The book chronicles the discovery of  her Creole roots. Very interesting.

  • Gringo

    I wonder what Karen Carter Peterson has to say about the contempt that I have for SanFran Nan. You know, the dolt who said that we had to vote for Obamacare to find out what was in it. You know, the dolt who said that natural gas was NOT a fossil fuel. Not to mention Slow Joe Biden. So on and so forth.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Bring up the topic of Democrat leaders intentionally disarming blacks in New Orleans before Katrina, in order to make them easier to victimize. Bring up how they stalled National Guard relief efforts because they wanted the minority races to suffer so they would vote more Democrat.
    The only good defense these days in the war is a solid offense. People have been huddled up so long under siege from race warfare they have forgotten that bullets can go both ways.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Words are cheap. Those who speak of fighting the Left, yet inflict no damage, I am suspicious of.

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