The Obama generation is beginning to understand that it’s being cheated out of the American dream

We have Sirius satellite radio in our cars.  I often have mine tuned to current hits channels, both because I ferry kids and because I too like a lot of the music.  This morning, my daughter was running late, so I gave her a quick ride to the bus stop, so I wouldn’t have to give her a long ride to school.

On the way back, I flipped on the radio — and heard the three early morning talk show hosts on the “Hits 1” channel saying that they and their listeners were the first American generation since the Depression that had it harder than their parents.  The three lightweight talking heads said that their parents got out of college, got jobs, and could have a life where dad worked and mom stayed home with the children, and that this was impossible to imagine for the current crop of young people leaving high school and college.

The bit about stay-at-homes isn’t exactly true, because even in my generation, a stay-at-home mom was a luxury.  Nevertheless, their perception — and the one that they wanted their radio audience to have — is that this young generation is well and truly shafted.  And even if the bit about stay-at-home moms is wrong, everything else is correct.  These young people don’t leave college for a job, especially a job reflecting their degrees.  If they get a job at all, it has nothing to do with their studies, and that’s true even if their major wasn’t Womyn’s Studies or Puppetry.

Sirius 1 never gets into political attacks, so I didn’t hear any “and it’s all Obama’s fault” during the two or three minutes I listened to the talking heads exclaim over the fact that they and their generation face a dismal economy with equally dismal prospects.  One does wonder, though, if they or anyone in their audience is thinking “Obama promised us the moon and the stars, and all I get when I sent him to the White House was this lousy unemployment check.”

This generation will be the next Yorkshiremen:

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  • lee

    Don’t know if anyone went to the grocery store this weekend. It’s there at the check-out, cover of the Globe: “Obame is Worse than Nixon.”

  • JKB

    But Nixon was a great President. A corrupt and nasty politician but a great President.
    I forecast it will come to be said, that only Obama could rehabilitate Nixon’s reputation.

  • JKB

    OTB today has a post on how amusement parks are seeing a booming business. Well, it’s been near 5 years now of bad economy. Childhood waits for no man. I suspect parents are deciding either they bite the bullet now or be stuck with dragging a surly teenager around the Magic Kingdom.

  • JKB

    And even if the bit about stay-at-home moms is wrong,
    Yes, that is a very upper middle class lament.  As my aunt, of that earlier generation, who at 15 married before her husband went to the Pacific, and made a upper working/lower middle class life, likes to say, she didn’t need anymore equality, she worked everyday just like her husband.
    But then so is the college lament and upper middle class burden.  I’ve come to wonder what the 64% of 18-24 yr olds who aren’t enrolled in college think of all the news stories about how hard it is out there for the poor college grads.  I suppose they are saved from the terrible fate of having to take a job outside their major.  Or perhaps they console themselves that they may not be highly edumedicated but then neither are they toiling beneath crushing school loan debt.

  • heather

    I’m a stay-at-home mom, as was my mother and her mother.  
    It seems like many want to be a stay-at-home mom but still have a lot of disposable income for luxuries.  My grandmother had to drive her engineer husband to the train station if she wanted to use the car for the day to run errands or whatnot.  They were solid suburban middle class for the time (1950s and 60s).  Having only one car was typical and nothing to be ashamed of.  Nowadays many would consider being a one car family an unacceptable sacrifice.  Our expectations have changed in the last few decades.  Those one income families of the “good old” days usually lived a bit more frugally – just like they do today!

  • Ymarsakar

    They don’t understand a thing. The Left has only begun making a new slave race.

  • Libby

    It’s a shame these kids didn’t realize this before the 2012 election, but they were probably too caught up in whining about their college loans and pointing the finger of blame at the greedy “1%” not “paying their fair share.” Wonder if they’ll ever be able to figure out who caused all this.

  • Ymarsakar

    Republicans caused all this with their greed, war on women, and war for oil policies. The world would be a better place if only bitter clingers and traditional values would go away.

  • Mike Devx

    I agree with Ymar.  The younger generation is still buying into the “Blame Bush, blame Republicans” mantra.  Too many in the muddled middle are following that mantra as well.  Until that changes…
    And I’m not holding my breath for the change.

  • Ymarsakar

    I don’t blame the youths too much about it. I’m not a great propaganda poster about individual responsibility. What power does a slave have to take responsibility for anyways? Someone who has the responsibility to fix their own problems, but no power because you stole all of it, is a scape goat, not an individual.
    No, I find it natural that youths don’t know a single thing. After all, it’s not like their parents or teachers knew anything about the true nature of the Left 10 years ago…. so why would the kids know anything? If the kids knew more than their parents and teachers, that would mean the new generation is full of GENIUSES and eccentric ones at that.
    Adults are deceptive, vindictive, and abusive of power. If that is the only thing the next generation learns, it’ll still be a productive idea transfer.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, when the Left succeeds in indoctrinating kids to never trust authority and adults again, that doesn’t mean the Left loses power. That just means they have convinced kids that it is no longer necessary or good to grow up and become adults (functioning members of a society). Instead, the kids wish to stay kids, and the Leftist government dole will give them that earnest wish of theirs.
    Strategic initiative completed. A million more to go until the LEft’s Utopia reigns supreme.

  • barbtheevilgenius

    Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t a luxury, it’s a choice. A choice to only have one car, and that one a stick shift with no power anything. A choice to not be able to take vacations most of the time. A choice for Mom to not have many outfits and even fewer pairs of shoes. I don’t really feel like I’m living in luxury here, and I dislike when anyone implies that we do. But my husband and my daughters are glad that I’m holding down the fort here at home anyway.