You need a scorecard to know the players — or yet another reason why citizens should be armed

I may not own a gun, but I cherish my right to own a gun should I want one.  Ever since Hurricane Katrina, I’ve realized that police cannot always be there to protect people.  What I’ve also realized, is the police officers can be just as dangerous when they’re on the scene as when they’re not.  This thought has been swirling around in the back of my brain ever since I started learning about a practice called “swatting.”  Swatting happens when a person, either as a (stupid) prank or from real malevolence, calls 911 and reports a hostage situation at the target’s address.  These reports always require a SWAT team to appear.  Homeowners find themselves awakened when the police surround their house or burst through their doors.  The there’s a high likelihood that something terrible will happen, such as the police shooting a befuddled homeowner who appears threatening.

Even without swatting, though, the police can be dangerous because they don’t know who the bad guys are.  With the best will in the world, in a confused situation, it’s impossible for them to tell who’s the homeowner and who’s the intruder.  In Fort Worth, Texas, police shot a grandfather who, hearing a ruckus from his neighbor’s house (police searching for drugs, as it turned out), grabbed his gun and went over to help out.  He never even made it off his driveway but was, instead, was shot dead by the police.  I’m not blaming the police.  I’m just citing this particular story as an example of the fact that, in fraught situations, police are justifiably nervous and can’t tell good guys from bad.  Neighbors, however, know each other, and a homeowner certainly knows who shouldn’t be in his house.

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  • Earl

    Well…..I know my neighbors, and I also know who shouldn’t be in my house in the middle of the night – and it includes anyone not specifically invited, INCLUDING my neighbors. 
    They are at as much risk as anyone else if they breach my security perimeter, which consists of the doors and windows of my home!
    For the same sorts of reasons, I would NEVER go into a neighbor’s house without an invitation – possibly excepting in the case of a fire….even then, it would have to be a general conflagration, or I’d ring the doorbell, pound on the door, and shout first!

  • Mike Devx

    I think the police have gotten a little trigger happy in recent years.  It would be interesting to hear their reasons.  A man standing in his garage, or on his own garage’s driveway, and not acting suspiciously in the least, should never be shot dead by the police.  Something has gone wrong when this happens, and it needs to be corrected.
    Something along the lines of “Police!  Stop where you are and identify yourself now!”  Followed by, perhaps, “Thank you.  Do you have a weapon, if you do, please place it on the ground now so we can approach.”  I’m not sure exactly what the protocol ought to be, but shooting at shadows isn’t it.

  • JKB

    “… and can’t tell good guys from bad.”
    Sorry but they know the good guys from the bad.  Police, good…everyone else, bad.  Now  after a time they might moderate to consider you victim or witness but if they get spooked, you are right back to bad guy.  
    The poor neighbor shot in his driveway probably never realized he was the bad guy.  Probably didn’t comply because it never occurred to him that to them he was a bad guy or  he startled the cops.  
    Rule 6 – When near police, never touch your gun.  If you are holding it, drop or holster it but get your hand off it.  Preferably before they notice.  Even if a police officer tells you touch your gun, don’t touch your gun.  Cops are skittish and will kill you if your hand is near a gun.  

  • JohnC

    So they just opened fire? No confronting the ‘suspect?’ No orders to drop the weapon? Just pop, pop, pop, pop? Did they even identify themselves as police before they started shooting?
    This is what happens when it’s drilled in to LEO’s that at all times officer safety supersedes public safety. Cops aren’t taught to be observant, they’re just taught to be paranoid.
    Apparently the “no more hesitation” targets are working.

  • Green Eyed Jinn

    My review of the information from the Fort Worth shooting was the citizen was still on HIS OWN property when he was shot.  There is no clear evidence at this time to show that he was first challenged by the responding officers or ordered to put down his weapon.
    While I would not characterize myself as “anti-Police,” I certainly would not automatically consider them to be my friends or allies.
    My advice always remains to minimize involvement with the police, stay polite and respectful if encountering them, but never assume they will favor the “good guy,” and do not ever offer up information without a clear understanding that it will primarily be used against you.  Do not ever consent to a search.  If detained or arrested, IMMEDIATELY ask for legal representation and then say nothing else.  If not detained or arrested, ask for permission to go on your way.

  • Ymarsakar

    The police are trained not to challenge, because it got too many of the incompetents killed. It’s why SWAT teams get a bigger budget and why union connections are a bit strange for the elite SWAT teams. This was due to a funding increase from the feds, which was rerouted according to union policies. Which meant, the normally elite SWAT teams, suddenly became an inner club by the politically connected or just the union boss connected.
    In the old days, SWAT teams were only composed of battle hardened cops or veterans, with superior fire, recall, adrenaline control, accuracy, and judgment. They were already tested before they were put into “training”. Much like Special Forces. By broadening the “standards” in order to incorporate the Left’s “goons”, the results were predictable.
    There’s no such thing as “civilian training” that compensate for a lack of life and death experiences. People don’t “get it” unless they’ve been in one and acquitted themselves well. Even if they made mistakes, at least they made it on the battlefield, and will self correct themselves in training.
    But those who were inducted into elite SWAT teams with the big military equipment, budget, and esteem attached, cannot acquire battle hardened friend or foe recognition skills just by training in a big shoot house. Certainly they won’t improve if they make a mistake on the field, because the unions cover them. Why do you need to walk when your parents carry you everywhere?

  • Ymarsakar

    In a certain sense, the police community can be thought of as behaviorally similar to the black, Jewish, lawyer, abortion doctor, and feminist community. They have their own leaders, ideology, task enforcement, apostates, whistleblowers, traitors, corrupt fools and incompetent geniuses. They aren’t necessarily part of the Left, nor if they are, do they obey every doctrine and order set down by the Left’s spiritual leaders.
    It is just that… their interests are allied with those factions which are anti-American in nature. That’s it.
    If you ever tried to get a black guy in the inner city to try to support policies that would free and protect his brethren, he’d either start talking about your white institutional racism trying to tell his hoods how to behave in the field or he would be exterminated, strung up, by his fellow blacks for collaborating with the “enemy”. The first is the DEFENSE against the second. Because the Left has so much control over inner cities, their influence over the police increases directionally proportional to how many slaves they have that vote Democrat in an area. This is why on the net and other places, you’ll have police (from the boondocks, way away from the centers of union and police officer power and policy making) who keep saying “Hey, I’ve never seen corruption and bad behavior, shooting civilians, in my team, stop attacking the police”. Why would blacks be able to see the corruption and evil of their Democrat masters? Those who speak out get their tongue smashed by the SEIU goons and Black Panthers. Malcom X and Martin Luther King, both were assassinated by the “black factions” because they were speaking something the black factions didn’t like. Police who aren’t connected to the politicians, policy makers, city chiefs, and unions don’t have any influence. Their opinion doesn’t matter. Just as the average black voting Democrat’s opinion doesn’t matter to the Black Caucus, Obama, or the Democrat party. They have no power to do anything.
    The way they control the populace is the same as always. They have an external and an internal enemy. To the hoodies of black and minority/poor status, the Democrats say “watch out for the police, they aren’t on your side. But  we are. But even if we aren’t giving you the money for drugs and making laws that give you criminals access to women and children, at least kill those Republicans first since our houses are protected by bodyguards, assault rifles, and 12 feet walls.” To the inner city police, on the other hand, Democrats say “watch out for those crims and suspects, you never know when they’ll unload a gun on you or your partner. Always get ready to use lethal force when you see a gun. Btw, you need to vote to disarm the civilian population, as it makes your job easier telling crooks from victims. The victim is the one getting his face pounded in and shot to death. The crim is the guy with the gun. It’s always true. We’ll train you to believe it is true.”
    And any time an inner dissident pops up, a black guy talking about Democrat crimes against humanity and the black race, he gets killed, tortured, or disappeared. And any time a police officer pops up talking about this that or the other bad stuff going on, he somehow disappears too and the other police officers in the boondocks are like “what, I’ve never heard about that guy”. Well, yeah.
    This situation is most accurately mirrored in the relationship between inner city police and state police. if the state is Republican and cares about protecting the citizens, the inner city is often backwards in viewpoint. New Orleans covers up crime, political or otherwise, for self gain of the commissioners, mayors, Democrats, etc. The Louisiana State police has been trying to get the dirty on the NOPD for years, but the city Democrats protect them.
    America’s problems started a long time, far longer than Obama has been alive. Never forget that.