Martin Luther King III rejects his father’s legacy by going to Washington to parrot the race hustlers

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Just because your father was a great man doesn’t mean you will be a great man. Exhibit A for this truism is Martin Luther King III, son of the great racial harmonizer, Martin Luther King Jr. Standing in Washington, D.C., where his father stood 50 years ago to state that people should be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, MLK III proved himself to be just another two-bit race hustler. And so a dream dies in one generation.

Several thousand people gathered in Washington today to remember Martin Luther King Jr’s brilliant “I have a dream” speech, which he delivered exactly fifty years ago this month. In stirring tones, the elder King set forth his vision of an America in which people are judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Martin Luther King, Jr., a Republican, would have wept if he had lived long enough to see what the Democrat party has done to his legacy. His greatest sorrow might have been that his son, Martin Luther King III, has turned his back on his father’s inclusive, color-blind ideology, and become one with the race hustlers.

This is pretty strong language, but it’s the truth. Here is what Martin Luther King III said as he stood where his father had once stood.

And so I stand here today in this sacred place, in my father’s footsteps. I am humbled by the heavy hand of history. But more than that, I, like you, continue to feel his presence. I, like you, continue to hear his voice crying out in the wilderness.

The admonition is clear: this is not the time for a nostalgic commemoration, nor is this the time for self-congratulatory celebration. The task is not done. The journey is not complete. We can and we must do more.

The vision preached by my father a half century ago was that his four little children will one day live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content up their character. However, sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin’s mother and father remind us that far too frequently, the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, to arrest, and even to murder with no regard for the content of one’s character.

Regressive Stand Your Ground laws must be repealed. Federal anti-profiling legislation must be enacted.

John Adams, another famous American, once said “Facts are stubborn things.” Here are a few facts to challenge MLK III’s infantile remonstrance against “racism” in America:

1. Content of character: The undisputed facts show that Trayvon Martin was a hulking thug who used drugs, played with guns, got into fights, skipped school, and talked trash. The same undisputed facts show that George Zimmerman was a neighborhood favorite who went the extra mile for everyone, regardless of the color of their skin – so much so that he spent enormous time trying to help a young black man he believed the police had unjustly targeted.

2. Stand Your Ground laws: Neither the prosecution nor the defense breathed a word about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law (also known as the Castle doctrine). Instead, this was an out-and-out case of old-fashioned self-defense. The evidence showed that Trayvon was sitting on top of Zimmerman trying to bash his brains out on the pavement. Zimmerman didn’t have the choice of standing his ground or trying to flee when he was shot. The situation had devolved in “it’s either him or me.”

3. There was no profiling. Police profile. Zimmerman is not a police officer. He is an ordinary citizen. Ordinary citizens observe, make decisions, and react as they see fit. You cannot enact federal laws imposing on all ordinary citizens some bizarre standard by which they’re not allowed to defend themselves against black aggressors, because to do so is “profiling.”

The only thing the MLK III got right is that racism lives today. But the racism in the Zimmerman case wasn’t Zimmerman’s racism against Trayvon. Every bit of evidence introduced at trial or revealed by fact-finders showed that George Zimmerman was a mixed-race man who treated all races with respect.

The real racism in this case was that shown by the race hustler’s in the Democrat party and the media (but I repeat myself), who made the decision to lynch George Zimmerman during that brief window of time when they thought he was white. Even when they were corrected, and learned that Zimmerman self-identifies as Hispanic, they created a bizarre new racial classification called “white-Hispanic” so that they could play out their revolting racist fantasies against him.

Martin Luther King (did I mention he was a Republican?) would be shocked at the way in which his son and the Democrat party have perverted his color-blind message and turned it into as aggressive a form of anti-white racism as was ever practiced in the old days in the anti-black south.

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  • Ymarsakar

    The black power movement already killed Malcom X and MLKj.
    It makes sense that those who come afterwards, would be in the thrall of their new masters. After all, if they had wanted to do something about it, they would have fought or killed the people who killed their ancestors. But they don’t, so the conclusion is obvious.

  • Ymarsakar

    Race hustlers, Democrat voters and minions, Leftist members, black liberation theology Church goers, Ayers supported terrorist pol campaign, none of that hurts them. None of that breaks the back of their power. Their power can only be broken by hitting their weak points, where it truly is painful for them.
    Being a race hustler is not a point of weakness for them, but a point of pride.

  • Mike Devx

    Book, your first sentence said enough:
    Just because your father was a great man doesn’t mean you will be a great man
    But it’s even worse than that.  Greatness is not genetic.  And greatness is rare.  The sons and daughters of a great man actually are almost definitely NOT going to be great.  
    The child simply almost never encounters the conditions that forged greatness into the character of the father or mother.
    (Athletic greatness, however, is genetic.  You’re far more likely – though nowhere near guaranteed – to get athletic greatness from the child of an athletically great parent; even more so if both parents are.)
    With proper training, upbringing, and culture, the children of great men or women can carry on their parent’s legacy, but really, only as caretakers.  It’s rather clear that Martin Luther King III lacked this upbringing.

  • vinny

    While I admire MLK Jr’s idealism, judging people by the way they look will never go away because to do away with such thought processing is to do away with reason. If a bomb goes off in a public place filled with children, 99.999% of the time it is a Muslim. 

  • jj

    Waiting for the white riots… the Australian guy; the old soldier in eastern Washington – watch out: the white riots are reight out there!

  • Charles Martel

    My goodness, if a White Hispanic with a black grandfather can get away with cold-bloodedly murdering a sweet little black boy, can you imagine what a full-blooded cracker could do?

  • Caped Crusader

    Japanese proverb
    “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends. ”
    I may be exiled, or stoned to death, but I have never thought of MLK as a great man, for the wisdom contained in  this proverb, and never agreed with his beatification. He was a spellbinding speaker and said all the right things. Does this remind you of any current person in high office? But look at his legacy of acolytes, who are almost entirely race baiters and hustlers of the lower personal character. Find me 2% who are attempting to make his spoken dreams come true as they were originally stated. This is no accident. If the followers of Jesus were of similar character would we even be familiar with His name today?
    The horrible, tragic, pitiful, sorrowful state of blacks today is due to this very cause of leadership only of the lowest character and repute, rather than positive and uplifting. I, and millions of other non blacks, of good will would be thrilled to mentor and tutor blacks eager to advance themselves, but it is not possible due to the mindset and hatred that has been instilled in them by their corrupt leaders,
    Let the stoning begin. But I speak the truth as I see it!

  • Bookworm

    Interesting point, Caped Crusader, about MLK’s followers.  Christ’s followers went through some rough patches in terms of following his words, but that was hundreds of years after he died, and took place when European rulers had co-opted Christianity as an instrument of their own power.  (I don’t doubt the sincerity of their beliefs.  It was just that even Christianity was corrupted through close contact with government power.)

    Which raises an interesting question:  Was MLK a nascent demagogue, or did his movement get sucked so quickly into the Democrat political machine that it was instantly tainted, without the time granted to Christianity to create a strong doctrinal and moral system that could weather statist storms?

  • Caped Crusader

    I am mystified by your response. The apostles who carried the message of Christ were his immediate followers when He was on earth. St. Peter was crucified upside down. St. Paul imprisoned, beaten, etc., etc., etc. All suffered great persecution but never wavered from the true message they preached. Was written down within recent memory of events. God knows, for nearly all of history there have been enough foul acts by every religion, usually against what was preached, but the original band who spread the gospel suffered greatly and would detest acts done hundreds of years later. I was comparing them to MLK band of disciples. Heaven knows what anyone will believe hundreds of years from now.

  • Caped Crusader

    I’m just saying. That old Japanese proverb is another way of saying “Birds of a feather…………………..’>

  • Bookworm

    I’m sorry, Caped Crusader, that I wasn’t clear.  I was thinking along the lines of the St. Bartholomew Day’s massacre in the 1580s, when the royal family killed tens of thousands of Protestants, or the way the Spanish Inquisition, beginning in the 1400s, dealt so brutally with heresy within the faith.  To me, those types of things are the warping of Christ’s message, and but it took more than a thousand years before people lost track of what his disciples said.  The disciples weren’t corrupt but, hundreds of years later, the followers misread the message.

    In this case of MLK, his own acolytes perverted his message within their own lifetimes.  That’s why I was wondering if they were perverse to begin with (meaning the MLK had some pretty awful friends and followers from the get-go) or whether the fact that they were quickly sucked into the Democrat power structure was the vehicle for destroying what is, on its face, an unexceptional message of brotherhood.

    I’ve always understood that Christ wanted to keep God from becoming tainted by the instruments of state power (render under Caesar…).  Perhaps I misunderstood….

  • Ymarsakar

    Christ did speak about the dangers of mixing government and religion. The fact that the Jewish city leaders and Emperor Hadrian both hated, feared, this upstart is proof, given how many commoners liked to listen to what Jesus talked about.
    The FBI kept close tabs on MLKj. Most of the evidence should be in their files, unclassified.
    Unfortunately, I’ve never studied or profiled his band of followers, so cannot state specifically who the villains and heroes were. I would suggest that if anyone suddenly “died” during his movement, they were the good ones. The ones that were left, would be the evil ones that jumped on the band wagon when it was safest.

  • Caped Crusader

    Nothing to feel sorry for, Bookworm.
    Let me relate a funny true story from my own life. One of my minor missions in life is to tell people to never say, “I’m sorry”, for the following reason:
    Many years ago a patient took offense at some little something a normal person would not notice. I immediately said, “I’m sorry”. The words had not left my lips before she said, “You sure are, you’re the sorriest thing I ever saw”. I knew at once she did this on purpose, and loved doing this to everyone who bit at her provocation. When anyone says this to me, I tell them this true story and request that they never utter these words again, for this perverse twisted creature is still lurking somewhere out there, and if she never again gets to do this to someone, she will die a twisted unhappy miserable creature. I then teach them the Crusader approved responses, which are:
    “Please forgive me”.
    “May I offer my apology”.
    “I had no intention to offend you”.
    Or, any similar phrase, but NEVER, “I’m sorry”.
    Now, go in peace.

  • Wolf Howling

    After listening to MLK III’s speech and John Lewis’s speech at the 50 year anniversary, one thing is readily clear.  There is no one in the civil rights movement today who has a dream.  Today is nothing more than a cesspool inhabited by race hustlers.  It is unfortunate but true that the clarion call of MLK was subsumed by leftwing 60’s radicals who found in it the perfect political tool.  Read up on MLK’s life and you will not think him a demagogue.  He was a good Republican.  And unlike the race hustlers of today, he didn’t just have a message for whites.  This, from MLK in 1961:
    “Do you know that Negroes are 10 percent of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of its crimes? We’ve got to face that. And we’ve got to do something about our moral standards.  We know that there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves.”   
    Do you think you’ll ever hear that from one of today’s “civil rights leaders?”  The reality is that the problems of black America today – education, crime, family – have nothing to do with residual anti-black racism.  But to acknowledge that would fracture blacks as a solid voting block for the left.  
    Caped Crusader:  As to your Japanese proverb, as I recall, we were all screaming that one to high heaven in 2008 about Obama. 

  • Caped Crusader

    “Wolf Howling
    It is unfortunate but true that the clarion call of MLK was subsumed by leftwing 60′s radicals who found in it the perfect political tool.”
    Great speeches, BUT, you can’t be subsumed unless you are a willing accomplice, and wish to be so; especially to the 92%+ that has transpired. And, viciously attack and destroy any black voice that dare get out line.

  • MacG

    Caped #13 I must say you have learned the pot was hot by picking it up but rather than cursing the pot you have employed oven mitts.  Still handling the pots but with some insulation til things cool down a bit.
    Before an infusion of espresso I might have retorted “Looked in a mirror lately?” followed but “but then if you did, would there be a reflection?
    “May I offer you an apology?”  Here is the story: I was having a discussion with a man about religious things. He was Jewish and I am Christian (though you may not know it at times by the acerbic retort above), but he told me of some school age bullying at the hands of some brown Hispanic Catholics (as told to me they were Mexican kids but with the NSA watching one has to be careful).  How they surrounded him and grabbed hold of his religious jewlery and tried to blow through it saying “What is this a whislte huh? You Jewisha huh? You Jewisha?” They may have even pushed him down and spit but in his eyes it was as if it was yesterday. I was moved by that story and being in that spiritual group I took on the mantle of representative.  “Wow. That should have never have happened. That is not what Jesus would have wanted or done.  May I apologize to you for that?” The look in his eyes was one of bewilderment and said “No one has ever done that for me, thank you.”. Well along with bewilderment there was also gratitude. It was a good day.
    What surprised me as a retold this story the indignant push back I got was “You can’t apologize for someone else’s offense” totally missing the healing that occurred or at least the seed of healing that was seen, given and planted in his heart that day. 

  • Ymarsakar

    One Japanese group told me that their preferred alternative to apologizing is to say “thank you”. Since offering one’s true gratitude is better for society than apologizing for things that cannot be undone.
    Apologies, especially Western ones, are often used to make people feel better about themselves. Or to deflect society’s pressure away from them. The harsh reality is, nothing will improve with an apology, no matter whether it was sincere or not. Nothing in reality will have changed. People’s feelings may have changed, but feelings do not destroy Evil or support Good. The victims are still victims. They aren’t protected in the present or future. The culprits are still in the wrong, whether this be the past, present, or future.
    Western “apologies” for “offending people” and “saying things that make you angry” isn’t really an apology. They have stripped even that veneer off the age old social lubricant.

  • Caped Crusader

    Wolf Howling:
    Having just read your wonderful column of yesterday, you make my point much better than I! And even better John Lewis was one of the “twelve disciples” who should know the true original intent if anyone does. What a tragedy has come to fruition, instead of what could have been a brilliant redeeming era for our country!

  • Wolf Howling

    Caped:  I don’t think that MLK was a willing accomplice.  Indeed, one of the tragedies of what happened post MLK assassination (by a Democrat) was that his goal of equality was changed by the left.  No longer was equality on the table except as lip service.  Blacks became a permanently oppressed victim group entitled to special treatment.  
    But . . . . it did not start out that way.  And black were oppressed.  The fact that in the end so many blacks were corrupted by the left who, indeed, have been responsible for the race hustler gravy train, is horrid, but I think it more a testament to the long term corrupting powers of the leftist ideology.  Indeed, you talk about the 92% 8% divide among blacks today, but you will find conservative blacks virtually all point to MLK as a saint in their pantheon.  And indeed, it bears repeating, MLK was a Republican.  

  • Ymarsakar

    The black community has nothing to be ashamed of, except that they still remain tools of the Leftist white plantation lords.
    After all, what American institution HAS NOT BEEN CORRUPTED by the Left’s evil?
    Equal rights, for equal pay and opportunity?
    Which institution has not been hijacked by the Left, once people got it working?
    Not even the US military can say they are pure and uninvolved here.
    Not even engineers and mathematicians can say that they aren’t affected by environmental regulations and building codes, academic politics and federal funding.
    The power of evil is that it corrupts everything in existence. There are no exceptions. Much like AIDS with the body’s immune system, once an institution has Fallen, it will not rise again. Instead it will be used to manufacture weapons to be used to conquer other, healthy, cells.
    The American South, the bastion of nobility, politeness, armed individuals, and Republican voters, was once the same as a black plantation slave under the Democrat party. It took decades for the taint to be purged and purified, with a lot of white and black deaths in riots and crimes. Even then, evil was not vanquished. Even then, the Democrats just took over some other group of poor souls.
    The people that felt strongly about Iraq and Afghanistan wars, often talked about Americans shopping at the mall while the front line fighters did most of the work. That can be turned in on itself. When Americans were fighting in foreign lands and shopping at the local mall, the Left was waging the real war inside America. Both the fighters and the guardians of the fort in the homeland, both kinds of people were shopping at Amazon while the Left was waging their war. And now, here we are.
    The destination was 100% logically a result of the consequence of the journey.
    Reality is not what people think. Society, morality, ethics, reason, science, and logick are merely fairy tales told to the childlike masses. When a child reaches a certain stage, they attempt to differentiate themselves from their peers. In their search for individuality and self, they attempt to gain things that their peers do not have. They attempt to do things their peers cannot do. They attempt to say things their peers cannot understand or considers rare. This push for acquiring new and unknown abilities benefits the overall tribe. While America was busy utilizing orthodox methods and knowledge, the Leftist alliance grew up and found a rare power called evil That Nobody Else Had Ever Used Before in the US. An evil that exists everywhere and anywhere, but people are taught not to pick up the fruit nor eat of it. The Left will do what few people were ever capable of doing; in wiping out the fairy tales of the masses, they will have achieved independence and maturity from humanity itself. As a wasp lays its eggs inside a living creature until the time the eggs burst out and eat the creature raw, so it shall be the same for humanity’s new “child”.
    Every single day, fantasy stories mingled with fairy tales are abundant on tv and mass media. Songs, music, profit, racial resentment, political arguments… none of them matter when up against It.
    Those who think they understand the true nature of evil, will have their beliefs put to a field test soon enough. For what we have seen so far… is no more than a puddle of spilled milk compared to the vast world ocean that is the power they were born from. Evil is vast. Vaster than anyone can imagine or grasp. So it will grow. It will grow while people shop at Amazon, buy new ebooks for their kindle, and speak of their nostalgic Fairy Tales.

  • Wolf Howling

    Caped:  Ha, we posted the last two comments at virtually the same time.  Thank you for the kind words.

  • Caped Crusader

    “One Japanese group told me that their preferred alternative to apologizing is to say “thank you”. Since offering one’s true gratitude is better for society than apologizing for things that cannot be undone.”
    What a wonderful “take” on such a situation. I am sitting here convulsing in laughter trying to visualize how this warped lady would have responded to such a response from me. The Oriental mind is a mystery to so many of us, but it is filled with wisdom coming from a totally different perspective on interpersonal relationships. Our daughter teaches Japanese, and when giving advice, I often repeat such sayings as, “the squeaking hinge gets the oil”; and she replies the Japanese have an old saying, “the nail sticks out is the one that is hammered down”.

  • BombthePeasants

    3 words: Racial Reassignment Surgery
    It is our right to choose, no?

  • Charles Martel

    I think we not only have the right to racial reassignment, we should be able to pick and choose which racial/ethnic characteristics we want in our new identity.
    Thus, I wish to have the following characteristics:
    —The cigarette smoking skills of a Frenchman
    —The ass-shaking abilities of a Brazilian
    —The noodle-slurping talents of a Japanese
    —The fence climbing aptitude of a Mexican
    —The stalking capacity of a White Hispanic
    —The mind-control power over millions of a single Jew

  • Ymarsakar

    Japanese majority society is more monolithic and disciplined than a political rally of 99.5% hardcore Democrats.
    As such, this has breeded a severe under culture, based upon ronin or other Japanese concepts of life and self.
    For while the nail that sticks out is hammered, the person that obtains the power to conquer Japan cannot be so easily hammered down. People like Oda Nobunaga is feared, if not revered, for his willpower and ruthlessness.
    If an American family wishes to de-brainwash their children without the Leftist authorities knowing this and taking them away, Japanese cultural material is suitable. It is unfortunate that if you use American material, you will be targeted for destruction in the war soon to come.

  • Ymarsakar

    Cultural quotes and tastes
    “‘He either fears his fate too much,
        Or his desert is small,
    Who fears to put it to the touch,
        And win or lose it all.’ – Montrose’s Toast
    English recklessness, ambition, and success.
    I would rather die having spoken in my manner, than speak in your manner and live. For neither in war nor yet in law ought any man use every way of escaping death. For often in battle there is no doubt that if a man will throw away his arms, and fall on his knees before his pursuers, he may escape death, if a man is willing to say or do anything. The difficulty, my friends, is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs deeper than death.-Socrates before Athenian democratic death panel 
    One of, if not the, greatest of the Ancient Greek warrior philosophers, who spawned Plato and Aristotle in the end.
    “To be honest I do not think whether they live or die is the matter at hand. Life is not always better than death. It is not that simple. Living and being made to live are very different things. What matters is what the person chooses of their own free will: whether or not it can be achieved nor how difficult it is.
    I want you to consider this: imagine if what matters most to you was taken away against your will. If that is indeed worth less than your life”-Mitsurugi, Meiya
    Japanese re-constructed philosophy on life and death, in reaction to the fatalism of WWII military doctrines and expansionist policies. 
    “Y’all got on this boat for different reasons, but y’all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.”
    -Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) Serenity
    Wild West individualistic concepts, very American in a sense.
    “Achieve your mission with all your might.
    Despair not until your last breath.
    Make your death count!” – Motto of Isumi’s Valkyries
    This is how Western warrior cultures think, whether US Marine Corps or Japanese SDF. Eastern military philosophy is a bit different with its focus less on life and more on top down strategy/tactics.
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”-TR
    Almost all Japanese shounen manga/anime shows depict this quality in the protagonist, in some form. This would be Old old furue American idealism and life philosophy. It’s not modern Japanese life philosophy, but it forms a subset of their societal indoctrination of their kids. They just indoctrinate the kids in the “right” direction rather than the “evil” direction we see in the States.

  • Ymarsakar

    But wait, what about modern America as it stands and in which we live?
    “Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”
    Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  • Ron19

    MacG #16:
    I missed something.  What was the significance that the bullies were brown, Hispanic, Catholic, and Mexican?

  • MacG

    Ron 28 Should have been penned “Brown-Hispanics who were Catholics”.   It is a hold over from George Zimmerman being a White-Hispanic and Political correctness.  Sometimes where I am from using the word Mexican can be taken as racist.  Having been schooled by an African American Ivy League professor the Hispanic is not a race so there are white and brown Hispanics to which I replied neither is African American a race so there are white African Americans and Black African Americans…and I never heard back from him. So I used the term Brown-Hispanic to emphasize the absurdity of it all.
    Anyway it was a riff on that angle. The gentleman telling me his story called them Mexicans who were Catholic.

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  • Caped Crusader