Found it on Facebook: Muslim “minority ” views and sexual identity

1.  One of my conservative friends posted this on Facebook:

Minority rights in Muslim countries

2.  And one other great find on Facebook, apropros Bradley Manning’s announcement that, henceforth, he is to be known as a girl named “Chelsea”:  “Breaking news! Due to an administrative error today, Bradley Manning was martyred and Maj Hassan was given gender reassignment surgery.”

As for me, I’m wondering whether the Left might not think it the slightest bit embarrassing that one of their treasured “gender confused” people committed treason against America.  Oh, never mind!  I keep forgetting that, on the Left, treason against America is a good thing.

As for me, I’m not the first and won’t be the last to say that Monty Python got it when it came to gender transformations:

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  1. Charles Martel says

    I’ve been reading about the “Million Muslim March” scheduled for Sept. 11 in Washington. If I were a rich man, I’d hire a helicopter to drop a few thousand bagels and thong panties on them.

  2. lee says

    Bagels with Bac-O’s sprinkled on them. (Which are actually NOT made of bacon, or meat for that matter, but would probably still create an interesting reaction.)

  3. Libby says

    No need to air-drop on the Million Muslim March because there is also a planned 2 Million Bikers to DC rally on the same day. These biker groups have been very effective at blunting the effectiveness of anti-war and Westboro Baptist church protests in the past, God bless them!

  4. says

    Now if we can only have a million sluts walk at the same time we could literally watch the fireworks.
    This also reminds me of that old beer ad.
    Mary Ann or Ginger?
    Mary Ann!!
    Mary Ann or Genie?
    It would go Chelsea Manning or Chelsea Clinton?

  5. Mike Devx says

    Ode To Private Manning:
    Today I feel like a woman,
    Tomorrow I’ll feel like a yuppie
    And what kind of surgery shall I make
    On that day when I feel like a puppy?
    (ps Let me just say that this “person” Manning seems wildly dazed, confused, impulsive, neurotic, out of control.  I see no signs he or she has done the years of intense self-examination necessary to know exactly what is wrong with his (or her) sense of himself (or herself) or the world.  Does he want us to pay for the surgery so he (or she) can achieve some kind of inner peace, some sense of self-integrity and actualization?   Or upon finding out that being a woman (of some sort) just isn’t all it’s cracked up to me, are we then going to have to pay to change him (or her) back?   Where’s the record of the years of self-reflection and psychological self-examination necessary for him (or her) to know for sure that this is perhaps a correct choice?
    Today I feel like a cougar,
    Tomorrow a burnt piece of toast
    The next day I’ll be a chimpanzee
    Really, I don’t mean to boast.

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