Re Obamacare, Pelosi was right when she promised America that “you’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it”

Earl has been too busy to blog here lately, but he did pass on to me something wonderfully funny that he heard on the radio.  (And yes, I am encouraging Earl to use up as much of his free time as he likes to write wonderful posts here.)

Without further ado, this, from Earl:

Before Obamacare became law, Nancy Pelosi famously said “We’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it” – check YouTube if you doubt.

This afternoon, someone called Lars Larson’s show and said he’d been thinking about that quote for a while, and it had finally hit him: “That’s not a bill….that’s a stool sample.”

I thought Lars was going to lose it…when he could speak, he told the caller “You’ve skated RIGHT up to the line of what gets by on this show — thanks so much for your input, and I’m going to remember that for the next time I talk to a promoter of the law!”

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    It strikes me that this is true of all extremely complex systems: the only way to find out what they actually do is to implement them and see how they behave.
    If you spend a few million $ implementing an ERP system for your whole company, you can be pretty much assured that there are things about that system you won’t know until it is running and interacting with real people performing real tasks. If you’re very very fortunate, none of those things that you didn’t know in advance will destroy your business, or even ruin your Halloween selling season.
    All of which is a reason to be very wary of all-encompassing systems, whether software or legislative.

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    There’s a significant difference between things created to produce a creative benefit and things created to destroy a system.
    The reason why they don’t want people knowing what’s going on is that the virus is designed to destroy the system. By the time you’ve realized your immune system has been hijacked, it’s already too late.

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    The Left is often compared to cancer, but they are more like AIDS.
    They allow internal and external enemies to destroy what would otherwise be too strong and healthy a body defended by a powerful immune system.
    Most cultures can’t be destroyed by war or sex. But enter AIDS, and even the common cold can kill you.


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