Is John Boehner a genius or a hapless “leader”

I don’t have time to comment at length, but I do have a question for you once you’ve read this post.

Have you read it?  Good.  Here’s my question:

Is Boehner taking lemons and making lemonade, or is Vinik is taking lemons and making lemonade?

Hat tip:  Earl

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  • Robert Arvanitis

    Genius for self-preservation; Darwin was right, or rather the corollary by Gresham “The bad drives out the good.” Politicians are selected for their ability to stay in office, not by how they serve constituents.
    So Boehner “feigns weakness” in order to cling to power?  Then he is a thrombus in the arteries of politics.
    Of course,part of that problem is the environment.  We have let the left dominate the media; we are responsible for that.  And in that hostile climate, the weak sisters propagate like dandelions.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Is Boehner taking lemons and making lemonade, or is Vinik is taking lemons and making lemonade?”
    What did they get on Boehner and when did they get it?
    What did they get on Vinik and when did they get it?
    Unless you can answer those questions with “none” and “never”, there is no start to the discussion.
    When it comes to verifying the belief factor for people, first you must first determine that they are actually independent moral agents and not slaves to a puppetmaster.

  • Mike Devx

    My take on Boehner is that he doesn’t want to do the right thing, but he gets dragged, kicking and screaming and howling in protest, into sometimes doing the right thing.  But he’s always behind the curve, never a part of the fight, and totally lacks all conservative principle and spine.
    But this author says it is all an act!  That he leads behind the scenes, the master manipulator behind the curtain, and he is actually a hero!
    Hmmm.  What if I told you Obama was the master conservative manipulator behind the curtains, and that HE was the conservative hero?  There’d be just as much proof as saying that of Boehner.
    So, I’m not buying it, but I’ll keep an open mind, meaning given proof I’ll be willing to change. it.

  • Spartacus

    Whether something measures 7″ or 27″ really depends on where you start the yardstick, doesn’t it?
    Mr. Vinik seems almost to have adopted all of the tactical objectives of the Dems as of mid-2012 and called them his best predictions of what would transpire.  Then, to the extent that these Dem objectives were only partially met, he attributes this not to the fact that the House of Reps is controlled by (largely conservative) Republicans answering to majority opinion, but… the singular brilliance of John Boehner.
    Sorry.  Not buying it.  Control of one of two chambers of a bicameral legislative branch is somewhat analogous to being — pardon the blasphemy — a permanent member of the UN Security Council: you get to veto bloody anything you don’t like.  One could as easily argue that *none* of the Dem objectives should have been achieved.  In reality, politics intervenes, and it’s a messy tug-o-war, but that’s the bit about where you start the yardstick.
    With most of my opinion based on the (trusted) observations of a friend who is very close to someone who is very close to Mr. Boehner, I believe that he is personally very decent and conservative.  That said, he seems like Omar Bradley, as compared to Patton in VDH’s The Soul of Battle: a dedicated and competent tactician, but not possessed of great vision and strategic brilliance, and probably in a bit over his head in his current job position.  Would probably make a fine back-bencher, and I don’t say that as an insult.

  • Matt_SE

    Didn’t really need to read the post to answer this. Contrast Boehner’s leadership of the party with Cruz’: Cruz can articulate the conservative position well. Up until very recently, Boehner was largely silent.
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: It’s a funny thing when the Speaker of the House can’t speak.

  • jj

    So today – Wednesday the 2nd – it comes out that Boehner and Reid went together to Obama and lobbied, very quietly, behind closed doors, to get those exemptions for themselves and their cronies.  It wasn’t Reid, Boehner was right there with him.  (And has lied about it consistently afterward.)  Which is how it comes to be that congress (both houses) are magically exempt from this shit.
    John Boehner is a weasel, a liar, worthless, useless, and a pile of crap walking.  Boehner knifed us all in the back.  The republican party, led by offal like him, and McCain, and Graham, and the rest of this bunch you wouldn’t trust to dry a dish in your home – should you allow any of them into your home – needs to be driven over the nearest cliff.  It needs to join the communist party on the ash-heap of history.  They are crap.  Sorry about your friend’s observations, Spartacus – but Boehner’s garbage.  And a liar.  I see nothing decent about the son of a bitch.

  • Ymarsakar

    Boehner had about two choices. Become like Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin, or become like McCain and get a “deal”.