1. Texan99 says

    Our 95-year-old neighbor broke her hip line-dancing a couple of weeks ago.  She’s already recovering well from surgery and halfway through her rehab.

  2. says

    Every time I go to a Giants’ game (and it will ALWAYS be Pac Bell Park to me), I see this guy….I LOVE it when he’s in our section when it’s time for the Dance Cam…..

  3. Gringo says

    Good to see and hear on many levels. Grandma does not appear to be going quietly into that good night. Also note that she expressed a liking for  music that dated from when she was in her mid thirties- not from her teens. Granddaughter keeps up with grandmother. Though I imagine that the granddaughter does so not so much out a sense of  duty but because the old gal is fun to be around. Good on both of them.
    Dion. While the Beatles dominated my rock and roll years- Dion was big when I was in elementary school- these days I listen to Dion and others of the  Doo Wop era more  than to the Beatles. Just plain vocals with good harmony. Similarly I listen to a lot of classical choral music.

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