Petty Obama administration tries to bar Honor Flight veterans from access to the WWII Memorial in D.C.

The Obama government is small, spiteful, and petty. There are no other words for it. Case in point: The WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C., which is an outdoor memorial. There are no tickets sold, no doors to open or close, and no staffers. It is not an open air museum. It is, instead, a giant outdoor structure. It is scenery, pretty much like a drive by the Capitol or the White House. You just look at it – and the people most interested in looking at it are the ever-dwindling number of WWII veterans who fought in the war it commemorates.

The Obama administration knew that an Honor Flight was arriving in Washington, D.C., with the veterans on that flight scheduled to visit the war memorial erected in honor of their courage and sacrifice during WWII. With that in mind, the Obama administration went out of its way – and expended a great deal of federal employee time and money – to wrap tape around the Memorial so that the veterans would be denied access to it.

WWII veterans visit the WWII memorial 2

What the Obama administration forgot is that men who stared down the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese Army would be utterly unimpressed by some yellow tape strung up by a man who hates them almost as fiercely as the Nazis did. Aged though they were, the veterans stormed the WWII Memorial, tearing down and cutting away the tape – aided by help from Republican members of Congress.

WWII veterans visit the WWII memorial 1

Nothing could better illustrate that the budget fight in Washington is not about service to the people; it’s about maintaining power within the political class, most notably the Democrat political class, which has the most invested in Big Government. Moreover, if the government cannot control people, it will make them suffer.

(This post originally appeared in somewhat modified form at Mr. Conservative.)

ADDENDUM:  Earl was good enough to send me this information, from the federal government’s own website:

Operating Hours & Seasons
The public may visit the World War II Memorial 24 hours a day. Rangers are on duty to answer questions from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily and to provide interpretive programs every hour on the hour from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

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  • Wolf Howling

    Did Obama actually expect yellow tape and some temporary fencing to stop a generation skilled in storming the barricades of . . . well, an enemy regime?

  • Ymarsakar

    They expected the sheep to be corralled and go where they are told to go.
    However, DC is not made out of all Obama voters. Just 93% of em. They underestimated the critical mass of the stats and thought a few % of people would never get together to amount to much against the super majority’s pressure.
    What I wanted to see from people weren’t political agreements or disagreements about Leftist antics. What I wanted to see was hate, determination, and will. I am starting to see this, if only in words.
    When the emotion is satisfied, when the heart is ready, the mind and spirit will follow.

  • JKB

    Yes, due to government shutdown, outside is now off limits.  We can’t have Americans walking about a war memorial without someone to interpret it for them.  It’s a sad comment on the state of American History education.  Of course, these veterans didn’t need some snot-nosed park ranger pushing Howard Zinn’s interpretation of WWII on them.  
    They blocked off the Great Smokey Mountain NP as well.  No looking at trees.  They are running campers and hikers off though.  Apparently, Americans can’t go outside without federal supervision.  

  • vinny

    During my college years, most vacations took place at some campground within some national park. During the day, you paid an entrance fee, but you were free to leave the place at any time. Those who got in after 5pm, after the gate guards went home, paid as they exited the park. If they exited late, they sometimes got to stay in the park for free.
    It seems to me, removing the gate guard will lead to loss of income, rather than saving this government money. Of course, I never learned DC math.

  • Simplemind

    Such a tone deaf stunt.  Mind boggling.  Did they really think the vets would just go home? 
    Are they that dumb, or are they trying to provoke a reaction, to justify a response?
    Would the actions of a KGB sleeper differ materially from that of a Leftist Hippy dipshit?
    Intent – what difference, at this point, does it make?

  • raymondjelli

    Can’t we just pretend these monuments are embassies and not worry about them at all?

  • JKB

    Over at Legal Insurrection, the coining of the term  Barry-cade
    Yes, that is on target.

  • jj

    The Olympic National Park down the road (and all around me) is closed here, too.  “Hey!  No looking at those mountains and glaciers!”  Yeah – sure.  It doesn’t sadden me in the least that I’m a scofflaw – in the midst of a whole county of scofflaws.  And I’m unsurprised that a bunch of guys who in their youth handled Anzio and Normandy didn’t regard some fat-assed, jumped-up security guards as much of a challenge even in their old age.
    Hey, did you see that all the web-sites changed yesterday?  Yesterday morning the people staying home from government jobs were “non-essential” workers, but by afternoon they’d become “furloughed” workers.  I guess “non-essential” was a little too on-the-nose for most news outlets.  It led to too many people saying something like: “well, if they’re non-essential, then (a) why are we paying them in the first place, and (b) who cares if they ever come back?”  Funny stuff, sometimes.

  • Libby

    This is indeed petty and premeditated to maximize citizen outrage at Congress, as if regular folks wouldn’t understand that Obama and his team have put more energy into finding inventive ways to “close” federal federal property & services than trying to resolve the disagreement (gee, it’s almost as if he didn’t want to…).
    No one believes that they can’t afford to have the WWII Monument “open” (see this interview where NPS admit that staff are still on site at the National Mall:, nor any of the other areas within DC covered by the National Park Police. They are responsible for every little patch of park throughout DC (such as MacPherson Square & Farragut Square) & I’m sure they haven’t erected barriers around each one. There have been other silly announced “closings” in other cities, such as the Boston Freedom Trail (it’s a red line painted on city sidewalks).
    Isn’t it amazing that at the same time that DC Mounted Police were scaring off WWII monument visitors, the DC Mayor was declaring October as Muslim Heritage Month, encouraging people throughout the region to celebrate Muslims. It’s like a sick joke, really.

  • Ymarsakar

    My assessment of the Regime’s goals here is to force people to knee down and admit that they need and rely on government. That not having government is more of a problem than having government SWAT teams bust in your house with no warrant and shooting you dead because “you pointed a gun at an officer”.
    They have their entire apparatus prepared and readied for this, the media propaganda arms, the union thug squads, the SWAT death squads, etc. They’ve been preparing for months if not years.

  • Gringo

    From The Anchoress:
    Obama should have personally greeted them there, respectfully toured the memorial with them, listened to a few stories and then made some remarks about how everything the veterans have fought for is now “under attack and being threatened” by politicking, and extremism and we must always fight for all Americans, rhetoric, rhetoric blah, blah”, and the president should have posed for pictures with the vets and promised that “any vet could always come to their memorials, whether the government is shut down or not, because we owe them that much.”
    Which reminds me that Richard Nixon, no one’s idea of a glad-handing reach across the aisles type of pol, visited war protesters at the Lincoln Memorial.

  • jj

    Here’s a good one – Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home, is not owned or administered by the government, nor is it part of the NPS.  However, the parking lot where you put your car when you visit is on federal land.  (Whatever the hell ‘federal land’ is – all that means is that we all own it.)  There has never been an employee at the lot, no tickets are sold or taken: you drive up, you pull in, you park.  So, some federal fathead sent people over there with barricades, and they blocked off the parking lot!  Is that amazing?  We’re discovering levels of chickenshit from these (alleged) people that humanity may never have encountered before. 

  • Mike Devx

    I understand that the military academies’ sports programs are all privately funded – government funding does not apply, nor does the government shutdown apply, AT ALL.
    Yet the military is canceilling their academy sports events.  This includes the upcoming Army-Navy football game.
    Why did they do it?  They freely admit it is not caused  at all by the government shutdown.  Privately, they admit that it is about “optics”.  This means that they are cancelling events in SYMPATHY with the government shutdown.  Their real goal is to make you hurt, and make you believe that the shutdown is worse than it actually is.