How the government presumes people are guilty when it steals their assets

I was just talking to the kids the other day about the presumption of innocence inherent in the American justice system — and I said that this presumption is an absolute necessity when you have the vast weight of the government, punitive powers and all, arrayed against you.  In this context, I mentioned pre-trial asset seizures and said that they should be unconstitutional, because they’re (a) premised upon a presumption of guilt and (b) they impair the defendant’s right to counsel of his choice by making him broke before trial.

And that’s pretty much what this article says.  Now we can only hope that the Supreme Court is capable of reaching a sensible outcome on this one.

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  • jj

    “Hope” is right – you certainly can’t expect it.  Like everything else in front of the court, it’ll all come down to whether or not Anthony Kennedy got laid the night before he writes his decision.

  • pst314

    …or whether or not Anthony Kennedy is again told that the cool kids in DC won’t invite him to any more parties if he doesn’t write a decision that supports whatever the Democrat Party wants.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Spanish Inquisition got a lot of property for the state from those who confessed.

  • Ymarsakar
    They got another patriot.
    Some here may still remember one of my conversations with an NCO called Dave, IIRC, here.
    When strange cars pass by, with youthful wannabes yelling out incomprehensible stuff, I was alerted to a potential threat scenario. At the time, it didn’t make much conventional sense. But my instincts did not obey “societal condition” or “conventional sense”. It knew things beyond what I consciously learned.
    Such as situations like that happening. My survival instinct is indeed honed to a fine edge, if not back then, then certainly by the additional time and training I’ve invested. However, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to save anybody else on this planet. Individual initiative is still required. Nobody’s going to protect “you” from anything, certainly not from the Obamanation.