Will American Jews listen?

A friend sent me this article by a former Israeli soldier who know works for StandWithUs, an organization that counters the antisemitic and anti-Israel bile that pours forth on American campuses under the banner of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement.  The hatred he experiences is staggering, all the more so because it is so irrational.  It is pure, undiluted hatred, of the type Jews have had the misfortune to face repeatedly over too many centuries:

To give you a taste of the viciousness of the BDS attacks, let me cite just a few of the many shocking experiences I have had. At a BDS event in Portland, a professor from a Seattle university told the assembled crowd that the Jews of Israel have no national rights and should be forced out of the country. When I asked, “Where do you want them to go?” she calmly answered, “I don’t care. I don’t care if they don’t have any place else to go. They should not be there.” When I responded that she was calling for ethnic cleansing, both she and her supporters denied it. And during a presentation in Seattle, I spoke about my longing for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. When I was done, a woman in her 60’s stood up and yelled at me, “You are worse than the Nazis. You are just like the Nazi youth!” A number of times I was repeatedly accused of being a killer, though I have never hurt anyone in my life. On other occasions, anti-Israel activists called me a rapist. The claims go beyond being absurd – in one case, a professor asked me if I knew how many Palestinians have been raped by IDF forces. I answered that as far as I knew, none. She triumphantly responded that I was right, because, she said, “You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.”

Such irrational accusations are symptomatic of dangerous anti-Semitism. Yet, alarmingly, most mainstream American Jews are completely oblivious to this ugly movement and the threat it poses. They seem to be asleep, unaware that this anti-Jewish bigotry is peddled on campuses, by speakers in high schools, churches, and communities, and is often deceptively camouflaged in the rhetoric of human rights.

It seems appropriate to include here a link about the medical care Syrian civilians are receiving in Israeli hospitals that turn no one away.

Feel free to be inspired and to donate to StandWithUs, an organization that uses every penny wisely.  (I just gave my mite and hope that it helps.)

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  • Michael Adams

    I guess most readers here have seen it, but there is a long documentary on The Hitler Channel, opps, the History Channel, about the rise of the NAZI party, and how prominent Jews in Germany supported the party in its early days, and how Jews in the early thirties adamantly denied that the NAZIs would do anything to cause them real harm.
    Was it Elie Wiesel who said, “When people say that they want to kill you, believe them.”
    Remember, before Marx invented the term ‘Capitalism’ he just used the convenient ‘Jews.’
    What’s especially disturbing is that these people are not unemployed and under educated Germans in the 1920’s, but widely educated (Did not say, “Well” did I?) and extremely prosperous American socialists.They certainly can’t blame theology, have none of it and hate Christianity, although they little understand that, either.
    I hear that these kinds of speeches are given in churches.  Since I only attend Conservative churches, I never hear anything like that. I wonder whether the Knee Jerk Liberal Church has sunk that low, but I do not wonder enough to go back and see. In my church, when the readings include the one from the Book of Genesis that says,”Who blesses you, I will bless, who curses you, I will curse,” people nod gravely, and I have been known to say, “Amen,” which Episcopalians just do not do. Sorry, I was raised a Baptist.

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  • Caped Crusader

    The answer is NO! An unbelievable number of Jews and Israelis are still admirers.
    One thing that disturbs me is the fact that so many of you refer to progressives as friends. I hope they are actually just aquaintances, for I do no want any for friends any more than I wish the friendship of a child molester or serial murderer. We are weak because most of us are too timid about telling such people how we feel about them, which is a form of tacit approval, since there is no price to be paid for their political positions. Our side is just too nice in dealing with gutter rats. Anyone who at this stage has not realized the true nature of the enemy and the situation is denying reality, terminally stupid, or a truly evil individual, no matter how close they may be to you. I see no other explanation. This timidity will be our downfall.
    Although no race is mentioned I’d be wiling to bet certain “professor” groups are over represented, and this is merely another facet of their desire to repay the Republican party for setting them free, and for the Jews being their greatest supporters during the civil rights battles. No good deed ever goes unpunished! And unable or unwilling to admit the truth are their still admiring self loathing Jewish allies, who do not have enough sense to realize they will be in mortal peril if these people are successful.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Scratch a Liberal /Progressive and you will find a fascist struggling to express him/herself. I do extend the hand of friendship to Progressives (some are in my family), but it is only so that I maintain open a line of communication to them. This is for two reasons…I want to understand where their heads are at and I want to be in a position to provide admonition to their inner fascist, not with rancor but with simple statement of fact.
    I recently upset quite a few progressives when I pointed out that the glorified 20th Century Progressive, Richard Ely, was not only an “Episcopal Saint” (yes, the Episcopal Church actually assigns him a day of prayer) but a vicious racist and eugenicist who believed, among other things, that massive famines in India were beneficial as they helped to rid the world of the “feeble”. 
    Btw, I consider myself more Anglican than Episcopalian and, Michael Adams, I can assure you that we Anglicans and Episcopalians do say “amen”…quite a bit, actually. We include it as the last word in the Lord’s Prayer, for example. But, then, Episcopalians need quite a bit of divine guidance and help these days, so a few extra “amens” are probably a very good idea.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Caped Crusader:  You’re absolutely right about the ideologues.  They are truly vile and I have no time for them.  Many, though, are “Democrats” because they were raised to be Democrats, because their class (educated professional) is Democrat, and because their class listens only to NPR and Jon Stewart, and reads only the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the New Yorker.  They don’t have an ideology, they have a habit that they deny exists because they’ve locked themselves in a world where these bad habits are the norm.

    I know this with certainty, because I’m describing myself before 9/11.  One of the reasons I was able to make the change after 9/11 was because, for ten years, I’d had a good friend (and client) who never gave up on me.  He forced me to examine all my assumptions and shibboleths.

    For that, I post on Facebook things that make people think:  Things about the University of Maryland (a federally funded institution) hosting a sex shop that sells “green” sex toys for people with fetishes; things about Brown University (annual tuition $55,000) have a nude week; things about antisemitism so vile that the people cocooned in NPR have to acknowledge it; things about the Park Service saying “Sir, you are creating.”  Bit by bit, I chip away at their belief system, introducing facts that they cannot deny because they are documented.

    So I’ll give up on some, but definitely not on most.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Now imagine if you can kidnap, blackmail, and force the MSM to report on things the way you want them reported on. Then you can use your other hand to point your friends to the now clarified news that “everyone” knows to be true.
    When the Glorious Re Evolution begins, that may even become reality.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    It looks like I’m going to have to up my game a bit. Almost all my prophecies, predictions, and what not are becoming all too accepted as common wisdom in these modern days. Going to have to find “something” the masses haven’t co opted soon.
    The more the Wind of Hate blows across the face of this earth, the more willing people will be to fight in the Re Evolution.


    Danny, be sure to remind the Episcopalians that each time they say “amen” they’re speaking Hebrew.
    Bookworm: Thanks for posting the article. Every Friday on my FB page I post a pretty picture of Israel, nothing religious just photos of fruits, gardens, spices and lovely scenery. I made an exception this Friday and linked your article.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Occupy-Innsmouth-ebook/dp/B009WWJ44A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361504109&amp raymondjelli

    I used to be far more down on the Jews until I got to see the Christians in action.  The sheer apathy to Christians suffering under Islam in Middle Eastern and African nations is astounding. This is their fight just as much as Israel is the Jewish fight and despite smaller numbers and far less resources the Jews are fighting the battle and the Christians are not.  If they don’t fight it in Egypt, Kenya, etc. they will fight it Europe and North America and wonder how it all slipped away.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The only Christians I see fighting are the missionaries, the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. With some others I probably can’t name. They are taking the super majority of the casualties in the war.
    Americans are seen by the rest of the world as insulated, protected, naive, spoiled, with too much muscle to throw around for their own good. Even though much of our foreign policy was designed by Democrats and Leftists, this impression is also true for the super majority of American citizens.

  • lee

    Random Stories of craziness:
    That professor who said that IDF don’t rape, blah, blah, got her idiotic nonsense from some ISRAELI JEW who was a doctoral candidate and whose dissertation claimed that the reason there is statistically signifcantly less sexual assualt on the part of IDF soldiers was because of that bull-oney. She got her PhD from an ISRAELI university!!!
    Some Israeli playwright Yehoshua Sobol, wrote a play about Otto Weininger, who was Jewish, and oh-so-problematic on SOOOO many levels. And Sobol was sympathetic to Weininger. (Weininger’s work was very hateful, and influenced the Nazis.) The play was essentially saying that Zionism was going to lead to Nazism, and that the Jews of Israel, in the 1980’s were essentally nascent Nazis.
    When I was in college, I knew a girl whose parents were “Palestinian,” and had left JORDAN in the early 1960’s. (She was born here.) Here father was a mostly secular Moslem, and he beat the crap out of her Christian mother, (who was a TAD more religious.) Her mother finally left her father when my friends was around 13 or so. She and I got to be friends because she had traveled to Jerusalem, and I had just gotten back from there. I also learned a lot about her parent’s, uh, contentious relationship. Even though her father was not exactly a “relgious” man, he was ALWAYS putting down her mother, and Christianity. And while he CLAIMED to be almost an atheist, he really was defending Islam in these battles. Once they split up, her mother joined a Baptist church, and raised her kids as Baptists. Anyhow, towards the end of the school year, she started dating an American guy who was VERY “progressive.” By the end of the calendar year, she no longer spoke to me, and pretended I was invisible. (She later married the guy.) And she also get involved with the GUPS, and turned into a screecher….
    I used to read a blog written by a Presbyterian who was saddened and confused, maybe angry, too, by the PCUSA’s anti-Israel stance. It was a fascinating read: He really researched what he wrote about, and pointed out how ANTI-CHRISTIAN and UNCHRISTIAN the PCUSA decisions were. He also wrote an EXCELLENT defense of Israel. I lost track of it after I moved. I know he was only planning on writing as long as it took to say what it was he wanted to say. (I tried googling it, but I just can’t find it.)  
    I love that video from Ari Lesser. I hope it helps. But the hate is so ingrained, so deep, that I think for anyone who DOES watch it, it will just feed into their hate. 
    I am scared. I think we are entering a period too similar to the period between the Wars. What is next?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Israel has a long record of exchanging live terrorists for dead Israelis, in exchange programs.
    This is, as far as I can see, done to generate political support in Israel from orthodox or other Jews that want “intact bodies to bury”. Even though most of it was a lie and the Palis didn’t return intact bodies at all, this was good enough for the Israeli political powers that be to agree to such exchanges.
    The problem with defending America or Israel if you don’t live in those countries is that it becomes readily apparent after awhile that not even all the citizens of America or Israeli, want to survive or live. Thus you’re trying to save the lives of people who want to suicide. To save the host, those that want to live, from the parasites, you have to kill the host first. Which defeats the purpose.
    In the end, the host’s body must exert the will and fire needed to purify its own body of contamination and parasites. Until that is done, no external medicine or surgery can “save the host”.

  • Michael Adams

    Danny, I know we say “Amen,” but only when we are told to do so, not just spontaneously. My priest, a former RC who wanted to get married, gets flustered,at best, when we break the pattern. We hope that when he retires, we’ll get someone just a bit less tightly wound. I am  not a member of the ECUSA, but of an Anglican runaway church, whose total memberships, in all the various groups, exceeds the current member ship of ECUSA, who are so strapped for cash that they now have to sell off old folks’ homes, Youth camps, even the national headquarters at 815 Broadway. 
    Sadie, we certainly do know it is Hebrew, and also Aramaic.  One of the differences among Semitic languages is grades and shades of meaning, so I only know that Amen is Amin, in Aramaic, meaning “True”.  Verily is the translation of “Amin.” I await your elucidation of Omayn.  Also, I am at work, and, normally,  get along fine without my glasses, but my Prayer Book with Psalter has such small print that I need the glasses to read that. Therefore, over to you in choosing the Psalm for the day, any one of those that talk about enemies caught in their own snares. Quite applicable, Nescafe? My Beloved Spousal Unit and I  quote snatches of them often. regarding the machinations of ECUSA and other “Liberal” churches, and, of course, Soetero’s regime.


    Michael Adams: Aramaic predates Hebrew, but amen/amin/omayn is a tomato/toMahto inflection. To “amen”  in the infinitive form means to believe. Saying amen at the end of a prayer signifies trust and faith in what has been read and said. 
    Abbreviated Psalm from Samuel:
    From evildoers come evil deeds.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    My son gave me a subscription to the American Conservative, because he’s kind of a liberaltarian and thinks that my Reagan conservative stance is too retrograde, and I should get with conservatives that he finds congenial.
    I told him that I was highly suspicious of any magazine that had Taki and our friend (sort of) Pat Buchanan associated with it, because they had skated so VERY close to the anti-Semitic line in their denunciations of Israel.  He said I shouldn’t be prejudiced about the magazine, but should try it, so I said OK.
    In the VERY FIRST issue I received, Taki wrote the final column, in which he mentioned (quite in passing) the Jewish “genocide” against the Palestinians!!  I copied this calumny, and wrote a letter to my son, providing the definition of “genocide” and asking him for some kind of support for the statement.  I suggested that there was none, reminded him of what I’d said when he gifted me with the subscription, and urged him to cancel the subscription and get his money back, because there was NO WAY I would ever again read a magazine publishing such evil.  He hasn’t mentioned it again…which saddens me.  I raised him better.
    In fact, when I was teaching, an older colleague (about 25 years older) gave my son and me a ride to S.F. and in telling some story or other, mentioned “the Jew” in pejorative ways.  I interrupted him, and suggested that the negative stuff he was attributing to “the Jew” was equally applicable to others, in fact, was one of the faults of humankind.  He went on, and did it again…I interrupted him again, pointing out that I knew Christians who did exactly the same thing, and that attributing this to “the Jew” was based on faulty premises.  Never again in my presence did this (otherwise very fine man – who spent much of his life in medical mission service in Africa) man say anything similar.
    I took the risk of alienating my colleague and friend precisely because I didn’t want my son (then a teenager) to think that I agreed or (assuming he knew I disagreed) was too cowardly to speak up when evil was being expressed.  He’s spent a lot of time in progressive circles since, so maybe the lesson has been “plastered over” with the c**p they spew.  :-(
    When each new issue of the American Conservative arrives now, I run it through the shredder so no one else will be exposed to its filth.

  • Ron19

    Michael Adams #13:
    The following 4 books are all available from Amazon:
    Christian Prayer
    Christian Prayer (Large Type)
    Shorter Christian Prayer: The Four-Week Psalter of the Liturgy of the Hours Containing Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer
    A few years ago I switched to Laudate, a free app also available from Amazon, so that I could read the Daily Prayers from my mobile devices: smartphone and Kindle fire.

  • Charles Martel

    In Catholicism these days, the biggest battle line has been drawn between those who say “Ah-man” and those who say “Ā-man.” I happen to be an Ā-manster, and my loud, bold proclamations of that form have led to several fisticuffs out on the church steps.
    Fortunately most of these confrontations have occurred at children’s Masses, so I’ve pretty much come out on top of these altercations.  



    Martel is a misogynist!
    I countering with O-myn, something I learned all about from one of those fancy womyn’s movements.

  • Ron19

    In parochial school in the 50’s, we were diversified and multicultural.
    When praying in English, we said Ae-men.
    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the the Holy Ghost.  Ae-men.
    When praying in Latin, we said Ah-men.
    In nomine Patris, et Filiae, et Spiritu Sanctus.  Ah-men.