1. Robert Arvanitis says

    Funny, but perhaps positive reinforcement works better.
    This year, I’m offering celery sticks to kids who identify their parents as democrats, and rather nice chocolates who identify their parents as Republicans.
    As with Obamacare, no verification; likewise,no doubt on the results.
    It’s time to win back the next generation.

  2. Caped Crusader says

    I did that last year. It was a lot of fun. The looks on the kids faces made it all worthwhile. Some resisted, but I insisted they put half their stash in a box I had at the door and showed them the address label to prove it was going to Barry to give out to poor kids and those who chose not to work; and it was explained that when they grew up and went to work they would likewise be mandated by law to give half their earning to the government for the same reason, and I felt it was good training for their future lives. They were then each given a lemon for their trouble. I do not expect as many this year. And people say we can’t get through to the young ones and wake them up!

  3. says

    Caped C, usually people try to start at the college or high school level. By that time, the period of “adjustment” is over and teenage puberty hormones demand that they form their own identity.
    It’s the years right before puberty that a child is most easily adjusted by words and the years between 15-25 that they are refined of impurities via shock.
    Most people find it frustrating to talk to teenagers, since they think they are old enough to get it. The thing is they Are Too Old. Need to get em younger. College aged people aren’t ideal, because their peers reinforce the indoctrination, so whatever you say goes in one ear and out the next by next time’s summer break hook up sex orgy party.

  4. Caped Crusader says


    We always provided our children with a generous allowance which they were expected to work for and on payday gave them a slip showing their withholdings as was the law for all employed to be spent for the common good. “That sucks”, was the usual reply. Our kids went through top tier universities including advanced degrees through the doctorate level and none wavered from their conservative underpinnings. Being in more demanding fields where BS will not pass for knowledge, they were most likely not exposed to as much as most students.

    I have just had a thought along the Alinsky model. Rather than trying to win converts by printed reason and discourse, would it not be more effective if you in Marin stared a groundswell movement to assist fearless leader in equalizing neighborhoods to improve society by advocating the community bring 50,000 from the Oakland ghettos to Marin, and 50,000 Marinites move to Oakland as model for societal improvement. Among those liberals it should go over like fresh baked bread, or perhaps the shock of having to live that which they advocate might get them to thinking straight.

  5. says

    Oakland is actually using crowd sourcing, to fund real security for their home blocks.
    A lot of people in richer parts of California don’t want Oakland residents to have guns or private security or anything of that sort. They think the “police” should be enough for them.
    It’s a direct result of being brainwashed by Californian politicians for 50 odd years.
    You get some pretty bad thinking.

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