Don’t mess with vets-es!!

The vets descended on Washington.  While there weren’t a million, there were a lot and they made their point.  It’s another day where I’m not in control of my own time, so I can’t write about it, but others have.  There’s a little overlap, but I think that link deserves to be viewed:

Power Line (a comprehensive photo essay)

Gateway Pundit Part 1

Gateway Pundit Part 2 (and  hurrah for the police who proved that they are still Americans)

Gateway Pundit Part 3

PJ Media

Breitbart (Americans in Washington today)

Breitbart (Republican politicians in Washington today)

Breitbart (Mainstream media in Washington today — and ask yourself if CNN is doing a smart thing or a dumb thing by making vets, from WWII to the present, look like crazies)

Michelle Malkin (Doug Powers)

And from the Washington Post, the hometown of this turnout . . . nothing, at least not on the front page of its online edition at 6:30 p.m. EST:

Homepage WaPo 1Homepage WaPo 2