John F. Kennedy — to the right of today’s establishment Republicans

I’ve never been a John F. Kennedy fan, primarily because I found the Kennedy hagiography so distasteful.  Even as a teen, I seem to have been immune to, and even repulsed by, Leftist politician worship.  Over the years, I’ve learned, of course, that Ted Cruz and John F. Kennedy would probably have been very happy working together.  Jeff Jacoby’s article is as good a distillation as any I’ve seen about Kennedy’s true political conservativism.  I still find room in my heart to dislike Kennedy’s narcissistic hedonism but, if he ran today on his 1960 political platform (only substitution Islamists for Communists), I would vote for him.

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  • jj

    I agree: he wouldn’t find a home in the democrat party today. Still wouldn’t vote for him, or any of his relatives.

  • Gringo

    What jj said.
    Disclosure: at one time I would have voted for JFK. I had a JFK campaign poster on my closet door during the latter part of my childhood. I wish I hadn’t thrown it out, as today it would be worth something.

  • Earl

    I’d take JFK over McCain, for sure!!
    Gringo….*I* had a Goldwater poster, back in the day….still do, in fact:
    I’ve kept it folded up in the dark all these years since the Admin made me take it out of my dorm window in the fall of 1964.
    Is it possible to paste a photo into my comment?  You’d like to see the poster, I bet – assistance welcomed!!

  • trueholygoat

    Nixon would be right at home in today’s Democrat Party.