The Democrats’ prescription for slavery has always been the same: “Get over it. It’s the law.”

Obamacare fails at so many levels it’s hard to count them. It fails because it’s the only piece of significant legislation in American history to be passed on strict partisan lines, using procedural tricks and bribes, and with a majority of American people disapproving of it. It fails because its implementation violates American religious freedom insofar as it forces people of faith to fund abortion and birth control. It fails because the administration knowingly used lies to pass it, a tactic that has a legal name: fraud.

Obamacare fails because it turns people into slaves to the government, making its opponents the new abolitionists. It fails because tens of millions of Americans will lose the insurance they were promised they could keep. It fails because it raises insurance costs for millions of Americans who believed Obama’s blatant lie that their average annual costs would decrease substantially. And of course, it fails because the Obamacare exchanges are so dysfunctional that the only parts that work are the routine breaches of privacy.

Right now, owing to all those failures, Americans are not happy with either Obama or Obamacare. Democrats are unsympathetic. Rep. Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.) sloughed off American concerns. According to the National Journal, he had a simple message for Americans: “Change is hard. Get over it. Barack Obama is president, and the Affordable Care Act is the law.”

Actually, this is not a new Democrat message. In the years preceding the Civil War, they kept telling Americans to “get used to” slavery, because “it’s the law.” And in the post-Civil War era, when Jim Crow laws depriving blacks of their civil rights were enacted throughout the South, the Democrats had the same message: “Get over it. It’s the law.”

Put another way, whenever slavery is at issue — and this is true whether it shows itself straightforwardly as “slavery,” or masquerades under such euphemisms as “Jim Crow” or “Obamacare” — the Democrat message has been the same for 160 years: “Get over it. It’s the law.”

(I originally wrote this post for Mr. Conservative.)

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  • Ymarsakar

    I think I recall talking about slavery and Demoncrats back a few years ago.
    I guess I wasn’t kidding, even though it would have turned out better for the world if I were joking around.

  • Bookworm

    You have a knack, Ymarsakar, for getting to the core concepts driving Democrat behavior.

  • JKB

    Just breaking:  It’s been discovered that the biggest “back-end” problem with the Obamacare exchange is the network link to Obama’s Enemies List used to verify whether the person is authorized to receive any medical care.  Apparently, the exchange continually re-verifies the authorization every 30 seconds.  The programmers feared they’s end up on the list if one person on the enemies list was to slip through.

  • Ymarsakar

    These days it’s hard to tell which is Onion satire and which is truth. Truth was said to be stranger than fiction.
    I did make at least an attempt at convincing people on the net, Americans in general, that evil was on the rise. Given the context and situation, the Golden age of Bush, 2003-2006 (every year as Democrats gained a majority, the deficit skyrocketed compared to Republicans for that year of rule). However, that role turned out to be that of a clown or Cassandra. I was either poking people in the eye, reminding them they were mortal, and if they got too angry they’d try to get rid of me. Or I was making accurate predictions that people didn’t want to believe.
    The Left’s system is very complicated, but those who look past the illusions can see hints of what lies beneath the veneer: their true nature.
    Eventually I figured out that my basic nature is to change and improve myself, by testing my personal limitations. Convincing people, selling them X, and changing the world, weren’t what I was good at, by temperament, birth, or talent. Those who were extremely good at changing the world, the Do Gooder corrupt/evil Leftists, would be better suited to “convincing people”. And now, they have indeed begun the “convincing” in a fashion I could not equal. It’s a complicated feeling.
    My task is now to “prime the pump” by injecting concepts just slightly ahead of the predictive curve. If a standard morality play or concept is taken to be “common sense” now like Obama’s fetid and bad intentions, then it’s time to “move to the next stage” in the process. Because by the end, even I should be surprised by the ruthless evil of the Left. If I am not, then they weren’t an enemy worth fighting to begin with.

  • Texan99

    I’m hearing a lot of whining about the recent Texas state law prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks and requiring abortionists to maintain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles in case of emergency.  That’s my attitude:  “Get over it.  It’s the law.”
    The other part of my message is:  “If you like your abortion, you can keep your abortion.  We’re only taking away your junk abortions.”

  • Ymarsakar

    I suspect the medical unions are out to enforce abortions, in order to increase their profits. If they can force the doctors to do it and if they can force people controlled by Planned Parenthood to request it, this is a monopoly of not only demand but supply.
    As I began to notice the Left’s undercurrent and signs of their black ops operations, I often wondered out loud “what else are they hiding from me”.
    We didn’t know about Benghazi details until recently, and it’s still a damage control cover up by 60 minute “reporters”. We didn’t know the IRS had suppressed the Tea Party, we were just wondering around talking about politics being the solution. We didn’t know about Fast and Furious or who/how many it killed.
    As the layers of the Left’s Onion of Evil peeled itself apart, I wondered… what else don’t we know? What if what we know, is what they “allowed” us to find out? What if it is a smoke screen, the least of their crimes against humanity, designed to distract us from their true operations? The ones they don’t want anyone else to know about.
    If people can get into the mind set that evil is infinite and that there is nothing the Left won’t do, people will be emotionally and spiritually better able to take the “surprises” in the future. It will look like they predicted the future, when it was merely good preparation to prepare against the worst. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Not hope for the worst, prepare for the best times.

  • Ron19

    I suspect the medical unions are out to enforce abortions, in order to increase their profits. If they can force the doctors to do it and if they can force people controlled by Planned Parenthood to request it, this is a monopoly of not only demand but supply.
    Let’s see.
    $600 per abortion, with a shrinking customer/patient base for the future.
    Several prenatal visits; half a day for delivery by an OB/GYN who has to go see a movie three times to see the entire movie; one to five days of hospital stay maternity care for mother and child; 26 years of pediatric care and medicines per child.
    With optional $25K per attempt fertility treatments.
    Plus sixty years of annual or semi-annual return visits, with occasional hospital and surgical procedures.  And new sources of clients/patients for the future.
    Since I don’t have an MBA, someone else will have to figure out which of these two choices gives the greatest amount of profits.

  • Mike Devx

    Book, I think you left out one aspect of the ObamaCare failure: Never before have the American People been forced by the government to purchase a product whether they want it or not.   John Roberts famously, or infamously, agreed that the penalty for failing to purchase the product could be considered a tax, not a penalty.  And thus the Supreme Court put its stamp of Constitutionality on this.
    John Roberts did this, according to rumor, so that the Court would agree to restrict the abuses of the commerce clause.  He made a deal with the devil.  For in hoping to close one Pandora’s Box (abuse of the commerce clause) has he merely opened another one (abuse of the power to tax)?  
    Just as the conservatives ALWAYS do, he gave the liberals what they wanted in FACT, in exchange for what he wanted, but only as a promise of vague future restraint.  How often have Democrats and liberals honored such promises of future restraint?  We’ve been fighting THAT battle over illegal immigration, and the so-called conservative GOP wants, again, to give in to Democrats and iiberals in FACT there, in exchange for… vague promises of future restraint.   Hmmm.  I’m sensing a pattern here.
    I bet the next step is flood insurance.  It will be quite acceptable to many if everyone in flood-prone areas were forced to purchase flood insurance.  FORCED.  It would make the system run so much more smoothly!  And it would be”for their own good”!  Everyone knows if you live in a flood-prone area, you’re a fool not to have flood insurance.  So it will be “for your own good”.  This would be upheld by the Supreme Court; if it is good enough for a smoothly running government health care insurance system, it will be good enough for a flood insurance system, too.
    Book, you relate ObamaCare to slavery.  John Roberts’ decision may never rise to the infamy of Plessy vs Ferguson, but I hope eventually his decision will be regarded someday with some measure of infamy, for what it unwittingly unleashed upon us:  A near endless capability of the government to force our behavior, for any purpose that it deems “worthy”.
    This is not the slavery of chains and overseers.  But I have just finished reading Mark Levin’s ‘The Liberty Amendments’.  I may not have a full appreciation for all of his proposed amendments.  But he quotes the Founding Fathers extensively throughout the chapters.  I am struck by how keenly they appreciated freedom and liberty and dignity (strangely so, when you consider they owned slaves, and there surely is another lesson there). If they came forward in time and took the full measure of our situation today, they would shake their heads sadly, and say, “You people, in this so-called modern era, have virtually no conception of what it means to be free anymore.  You are not a free people.  You are a people who gladly surrender your liberty.  We learned that liberty surrendered is almost impossible to regain.”


    “It fails because the administration knowingly used lies to pass it, a tactic that has a legal name: fraud.”
    Bookworm, you’re the lawyer and I am asking: Once the case went to SCOTUS, doesn’t that add perjury as well?
    Perjury: A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth.

  • Michael Adams

    I know tons of doctors and even more nurses who will not participate in abortion in any way, shape, or form. Conscience clauses in abortion laws are unpopular with the Leftists in New York, where “too many” people use them, but  not at all controversial in Texas, where they are just not needed.(But, note, we do have them.) The math is not there for the idea of profitability of abortion, but the human factor says a very loud “No!”

  • raymondjelli

    I’ve finished reading The Forty-Niners: A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado. You can get it for free on an e-reader. It had a very interesting history of a vigilante movement that cleaned up San Francisco, first from street crime and then organized government theft and alignment with gangsters. They did their job well, disbanded and are now forgotten because they upheld the rule of law and did not destroy it.  It was not easy though. Citizens had to gather, drill, carry arms and they even had artillery.
    The thing is that in a strong democracy the people can restore the rule of law.  It is not government that is the problem but when the rule of law is abused.  It is the law get over it is the same as the streets are ours even though we are a street gang.  It is pure force and criminals and the criminally inclined in government love that statement. The rule of law is dedicated to justice for all (or at least the best we can humanly do). There is a clear cut difference especially in practice.  It is time to ratchet up the pressure on the Democrats.
    I suggest we have an exchange of population with socialist nations. Let them take our low level urban machine hacks in favor of socialism and we can take their individualistic, troublemakers. Then we forcibly banish the hacks.

  • Texan99

    I agree that constitutionally the idea of forcing us to buy a product we don’t want is the more unsound part of Obamacare.  But I have to say that it’s not the part that enrages me as a practical matter.  For a long time I assumed that the worst they could do was disapprove of my perfectly adequate insurance, and try to fine me and collect the fine.  I would have been offended, but it wouldn’t have threatened our financial security in our old age.
    What they’ve done now is worse.  It’s not just that I pay a fine if I don’t buy what they offer, it’s that the choice that made financial sense has been taken off the market.  There’s only one way now to protect my life savings against a ruinous illness, and that is to buy their overpriced, badly structured product.  I genuinely don’t want to go bare.  It took real talent for them to write the law so that I’m seriously considering doing it.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B>Since I don’t have an MBA, someone else will have to figure out which of these two choices gives the greatest amount of profits.</b>
    It’s not the total revenue that matters, but how much can be skimmed off the top and allocated individually or to the right groups.
    True Leftist profit is not equal to GDP.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ron19, think of the difference between abortion and pre-natal care as the difference between fine dining (pre-natal care) and fast-food (abortions).
    One involves high-margin returns but infrequent customer purchases, the other involves low-margin returns but high-volume throughput. 
    Or, if you need another analogy: a bit like the difference between hospitals and “Arbeit macht frei” death camps.

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