1. says

    Ever wonder why I use the term “Demoncrat”?
    As in rule by and for demons?
    People will know why, soon, whether they wanted to or not. A contract between a human soul and a demon isn’t about politics or policies. And it is not paid in tax money or votes.

  2. Charles Martel says

    In the enemy’s list that Obama, Jarrett, and Holder are compiling, Bill Whittle’s got to be among the top 200 they’ll come after if the Democrats are finally able to manufacture a Reichstag moment.
    He’d join Mark Steyn, Rush, the Koch Brothers, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Levin, Dennis Miller, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker on the bogeyman roster. (The left’s Sisterhood of Skanks would probably want Ann Coulter on that list.) Hell, they’d probably even drag off poor old Clint Eastwood.
    I wonder what other names would go on “Bookworm Room’s Roster of the Left’s Top 200 Public Enemies?”

  3. says

    One of the funnier and more ironic moments when I was going back and reading old posts was in around 2008 when I mentioned that Facebook was basically the same as intel profiles on High Value Targets in Iraq, except the targets fill in the details themselves.
    One response I got was “Don’t give them any ideas”.
    It seems like many people at the time thought that this was something the government “could do” but wasn’t “smart” enough to do it.
    Whereas I assumed from Day 1 on the internet that my paranoia was De Facto Correct. I didn’t need reasons. I trusted in instinct.

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