SNL finally does a head-on attack against Obama

Typical for Saturday Night Live, it’s not actually funny.  I enjoyed it simply because we’ve finally reached the point in the Obama fairy-tale where the formerly credulous population has at last realized Emperor Obama wears no clothes.  As always, it’s too little, too late, since we’re still stuck with the man for another three-plus years, but it’s still gratifying to see the scales fall from people’s eyes.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Is it really that gratifying knowing people are on Damage Control as the bodies are being buried?


  • Libby

    I watched SNL specifically to see how they would handle Obama’s very bad week. They waited until the fake news portion to even mention it, and only then a single line about it followed by several lines chastising Republicans and Boehner. Note how they can’t bring themselves to attribute his need for Paxil to incompetence (or “fumbling the roll-out”), but to the 2nd term blues.

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