A moment of sexist frivolity from America’s last Great Depression

I know this must be another Great Depression, because when I read the headlines, I get greatly depressed.  It’s useful to remind ourselves that we weathered one and, God willing, can weather another.  So I give you Busby Berkeley’s kaleidoscopic homage to lovely ladies:

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  1. Caped Crusader says

    Just what you need to get cheered up.

    In the 1934 Movie ” Stand Up and Cheer”, Shirley Temple proposed the President appoint a Secretary of Amusement, which will “get you out of this old Depression”. So here for your enjoyment and holistic health instead of Paxii:

  2. Caped Crusader says

    Precisely why we needed a Secretary of Amusement, knowing depression would last several more years, while he plotted with the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor, getting us into another European War; where the sentiment of the public would not allow him to not win as Democrats always plan to do. Bringing another stalemate, and another war later, so their crony capitalists would make tons of money while the middle class suffers. Same old Democrat playbook forever. Nothing ever changes.

  3. says

    What FDR did was withhold information concerning a state of possible war with the Japanese, from the Pearl harbor commanders. Thus PH was on peace time readiness, not war time readiness. The ships were in harbor, unmanned for the most part. Fighters were not made ready to scramble via launch.
    I suspect Admiral Kimmel was not one of his trusted political admirals. Btw, the trust political admiral FDR replaced him with, ordered the reinforcement and rescue fleet to break off from Wake Island. Hollywood + FDR Admin made it seem, via a movie, that everyone on Wake Island died in a heroic fight. Even though they knew the Marines had surrendered without reinforcements.

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