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    “Seasoned martial artists are worried about the unprovoked nature of these attacks”?
    Why would a warrior of mars (MARtial), a priest of death and survival, worry about that? Isn’t unprovoked attacks merely the sauce of life and the essence of the universal harmony? What do people call a snake eating a rodent then, a justified and provoked attack? Nature isn’t as fluffy as people like to think. Nor is human society.
    Seasoned, huh… maybe for a turkey that’s ripe to eat and dissect.
    Every time I see comments like that from MMA people, including the world renowned Gracie family, I just realize once again the cultural and level gap that exists. Something is “unbelievable” if you don’t see it in the ring or octagon. Some of us think blowing up the entire place constitutes “victory” because we think we’re in a real war. Whereas other people think it is a sport where people test their speed and strength and skill. War vs sport. Survival vs fun. It’s all out here. It’s all “unbelievable” depending on your pov.
    There’s 3 things to be aware of.
    1. Situational awareness comes from periodically checking your directional scanner, 360 degrees. Think “paranoid guy” that always checks behind him for people following him. If people behind you are acting strange, stop and let them pass you (as you keep them in your peripheral rear mirror vision) or pass them instead so you are face on and ready.
    2. Predators and hunters need 3 things for a successful hunt. Opportunity, capability, and intent (desire). Remove any of the legs of the triangle, and there is no success. So martial artists in the modern world normally try to trump people in the capability department. It’s a very limited purview. Opportunity might be getting drunk at a party with no one watching over you. Intent might derive from beauty or vulnerability, if you look like you got money, etc. Often times if a person gets capability and opportunity, that person suddenly develops the desire as well. The same is true if a person has a desire, they will often try to find or make the opportunity, they will try to find or acquire the capability to get it “done”. That’s the human mind for you. If there is a will, there is a way. It’s not something of a criminal thing. It’s just a human thing.
    3. The best defense is learning how to think offensively, because the easiest way to figure out how to defend yourself is figure out how to attack yourself. That exposes your weaknesses and changes your pov.
    Now let’s see what the video has to say about their triangle.
    Attacker + Target + Opportunity=Assault
    Hrm…. sounds like some kind of MMA match up. This triangle is very solid. Too solid. You can’t remove one part of the leg, the attacker. You can make the defender more aware, but that doesn’t make a person invulnerable.
    “It’s exhausting (situational awareness)”
    Of course it’s tiring. For some guy who can’t get up from his couch, running and jumping is tiring. Is it not? The traits of a warrior come from sustained training and experience, novelty through imagination and reason. A soldier does not necessarily need such traits and are often hunted down by criminals back home as a result, if they are within the 4-8 year enlistment period. A soldier relies on his comrades and his chain of command for support, to tell him what to do and when to do it. The idea that a person is constantly at war, constantly under threat, is a slightly different frame of mind. It’s important to distinguish between war, sports, and crime. They are 3 very different battlefields and area of operations. The video’s remarks on the specific context seems correct. ALthough their triangle looks funny to me. It’s a very specific tool applied to a very specific set of situations. It’s not very “broad” reaching.
    Frontsight’s color code awareness is a better/accurate description of the mental state of mind. I believe an unsuspecting target would be in white and someone who “suspecting” from the video would be yellow-orange.
    “Regular street fight that people train for”…
    Mah, ei. Oh well.
    “Green zone” is only green against untrained individuals that cannot unleash lethal force using their bare hands. It also doesn’t include knives, poison, acid, HIV virus transmission from bodily fluid contact, and so forth. So given a choice between running and getting up close to the “green zone”, people might want to consider alternatives.
    This street fight nonsense is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. If I somehow end up in a conflict, I’m not going to make it a contest of speed or strength. The sky is purple at the moment. That’s nice. The thing about a food chain is that there are predators… but there are also predators that prey on the predators, if you get my meaning. There’s a food pyramid or chain, a hierarchy, in the urban jungle. Those that don’t pay attention to it, tend to end up in someone’s stomach. As much as people worry that their power is insufficient to handle the street thug so called “predators”, I treat the average street thug “pack” of 10-20 much as they treat their victims. So “predator eyes” don’t always belong on the criminal looking at the victim. Sometimes the victim is the bigger predator… not always, but sometimes. Unfortunately, even the small little kickers in the jungle seem to be able to smell larger predators from miles away. Rarely do you ever get a Adam Lanza that tries to take out the king of the jungle and everyone in it, all at once.

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    Can’t say as I ever heard of the Gracies before.  In future videos it would be far better if he keeps his yap shut and lets her talk. 

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    I’m sure Book knows about the Gracie history in the US and Brazil, at least, from her studies of MMA.

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    The one thing people should train to do is to control the range at which people are, in relation to them.

    That’s why running, swimming, and evading are skills most normal people are better able to use than “street fighting”.

    Many people have never fought at all, never mind on a street of concrete death, but they have run for their entire lives at least once. And maybe even swimmed as well.

    Training for results also means pre allocating resources and time to people’s strengths, rather than trying to make them rely on their weaknesses which are still weak. By giving people options, the mind of a person is trained to become the weapon. This is far better than trying to train a soldier or someone that only “follows the orders of her self defense instructors”. No self defense instructor will be in communication with the victim as she gets in trouble. That’s sort of the issue with learning via authority.