Will God punish the world’s Jews because American Jews worship a false idol?

Obama at the Western WallI had lunch today with two friends, both conservative, neither Jewish.  Since we were talking politics, both asked me a question I hear repeatedly from non-Jewish conservatives — How can Jews support Obama?

It occurred to me — and this is a very depressing though — that Jews are repeating an old pattern.  American Jews are Jews in name only, insofar as theirs is, at best, a superficial association with the religion.  I’m a bit of an anomaly, in that I don’t practice the religion, but believe absolutely in its conservative strictures.

If I remember my Bible correctly (and with my memory, that’s a big “if”), the Bible is very clear:  when Jews start worshiping false idols, they are punished and they are punished horrifically.

BDS rallyThe most false of all false idols, of course, is the type of assimilation that sees Jews claiming to be Jewish while rejecting the Jewish God.  This is a type of assimilation that sees them losing all the way around.  They never fully integrate with their neighbors, even though that’s their primary goal, and they also break their covenant with God.

American Jews, by worshiping Obama as a false idol have set themselves up for another round of punishment.  Even worse, the consequences of their actions will fall most heavily, not on them, but on Jews in Europe and the Middle East.  While most Americans (outside of Ivy League colleges) are not antisemitic, the antisemites in the rest of the world are smart enough to know that Obama gave them a free pass.  As has always been the case, from the Bible through to the Holocaust, a core of true-believers will survive, and the rest are in for a hell of a time.

As you can see, Obama’s actions, not to mention rising anti-semitism around the world, make me nervous.

Whew!  I just depressed myself.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    The cover story of the November 2013 issue of Commentary magazine is, “Loving Us to Death: How America’s Embrace Is Imperiling American Jewry.” It pretty much confirms what many of us here have seen and noted about how American Jews are rapidly becoming Cheshire cats—only the grin is left to let you know you’re dealing with a Jew.
    I agree with Book that the coming gigantic wave of worldwide anti-Semitism, and possible second Holocaust, will afflict overseas Jews more than it will American Jews. What haunts me is the possibility that U.S. Jews are so deracinated, so estranged from their religious roots, that they will not be able to summon outrage at Obama’s open Jew hatred or support for Israeli, European, and Latin American Jews.
    The punishment in this case would not only be the direct physical annihilation of a people. It would also be the death of their souls as they willfully choose to shed their God-given identities in favor of the false idols of wealth, status, and cognitively dissonant support for the greatest enemies they have ever faced: the left (both Communist and fascist) and Islam.

  2. sabawa says

    You remember your Bible quite well.  When the Jews worshiped idols in the past, things went horribly wrong for them and not by coincidence.  God said He is a God of order, He keeps His promises, and He is jealous.  He always preserves a ‘remnant’ but I wouldn’t want to gamble on being in or out of that group.  And choosing Obama as an idol…….go figure!

  3. says

    “I just depressed myself.”
    Oh that’s not very bad, Book. Try this one on for size.
    Iran would wait until they can sneak a bomb (through Mexico) into both the US and Israel. Thus Jews in both places will face the music!
    How about that?

  4. MacG says

    There was a time the the Lord led the Jews but then they wanted a King just all of the other Nations:
    1Samuel8 “4So all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah. 5They said to him, “You are old, and your sons do not follow your ways; now appoint a king to leadb us, such as all the other nations have.”
    6But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the Lord. 7And the Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king. 8As they have done from the day I brought them up out of Egypt until this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so they are doing to you.9Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights.””
    All the way forward to the New Testament the “Leaders” of the day at one of the trials of Jesus it is recorded thusly in John 19″15 They cried out, “Away with him, away with him, crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your King?” The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar.””
    It has not gone well since.

  5. Mike Devx says

    Ymar, that is quite a scenario: Iran smuggling a nuke into the US while simultaneously preparing a nuke assault on Israel.  “Israel is not enough,” demands a grimly determined mad mullah.  “The strike must be worldwide, and it must be devastating!”
    This would make one hell of a good thriller movie, if done right.  And when the bad guys, suitably snarling and rabid right to the very end, get their just desserts and go down to a crashing defeat, I think the audience just might stand up and cheer.
    And that, of course, is why Hollywood would NEVER make such a movie for us.

  6. Mike Devx says

    Book, the question you pose interests me: Will God punish the world’s Jews because American Jews worship a false idol?
    From the perspective of a Jew, I can certainly see why you would worry.  God has a history in your Bible of selective punishment for Jews.  It is the downside of being his chosen People.  You *are* held to a higher standard!
    There are a quite a few knowledgable Christians here, and I wonder what the best Christian perspective is.  Christ died on the Cross to save us and redeem us, as we are all sinners.  But did he save only Christians by this act?  I’ve always had the impression that this was more of a “blanket amnesty”, the drawing up of a new covenant between God and all of mankind.  And that includes the Jews, so that God would no longer punish them as a People.  Does God directly intervene to punish us for our sins?  I don’t think so…

  7. Charles Martel says

    Mike, yes, it was a blanket amnesty. But, at least in Catholic quarters, God’s original covenant with the Jews continues. What Christ did was to extend the concept of God’s people to include the Gentiles without abrogating or terminating the original deal with the Jews.
    That means that even if they do not accept Christ as the Messiah or the Son of God (a concept that is unintelligible to Judaism), they’re still on the hook with God. It’s  like when you have a first kid who’s incredibly exceptional, followed by other kids that, while lovable, are not quite as special as that first one. Of course you’re going to hold him to a very high standard.

  8. says

    The Jewish leaders of the various cities and tribes back then in 30 AD or something, really really disliked Jesus Christ’s preachings. They treated him as the Left treated Sarah Palin.
    Christ’s sacrifice may have wiped out original sin’s condemning of humanity to hell, but I doubt that this is a blanket amnesty for future transgressions. Religion would be way too forgiving if that was the case. And if the Jews reject another messiah or go on board entirely with the anti christ, is Christ’s sacrifice supposed to make that good too?

  9. Charles Martel says

    Ymarsakar, you’re right to point out my faulty language, “blanket amnesty.” Yes, people can go on to commit transgressions despite having been redeemed from their priors. It’s much like rescuing somebody from the slavery of drugs, or prostitution, or leftist politics, only to watch them voluntarily slide back into the old ways. My bad for a clunky description.
    As for the Jews rejecting another messiah or worshiping the anti-Christ, I doubt that there is going to be a another messiah in the first instance, and one would deny his own Jewishness in the second since the First Commandment is pretty clear on the topic of whom one directs his adoration toward.
    Besides, as the old quip goes, “Put two Jews together and you’ll soon have three political parties” is an indication that the entire group is not going to collectively decide to worship an Obama or a Clinton. Yes, there are many Jews who have adopted Canaanite ways, but there are also many who retain a belief in a creator who is not simply a projection of their own comforting vanities.

  10. Michael Adams says

    The Hebrew Scriptures are part of the Christian Bible.  We are reminded constantly that Israel’s apostasy is paralleled in out own personal struggle to live a life of faith and virtue. We hear, at least once every year, the reading from Genesis of the covenant with Abraham, “Who blesses you, I will bless, who curses you, I will curse.” Modern Jewish apostasy is not separate from our own.
    And, watch closely  here.  The “natural” result of a life of immorality is a very close parallel to the “supernatural” result. Bad is bad, and good cannot come from it. Infant sacrifice, the most egregious sin of the Canaanites, is not different from the slaughter of fifty million preborn children in the USA. Faithlessness in marriage produces people who can not be faithful in any promise. What the Bible calls the “power to get wealth” is built on a bedrock of honesty. If you can not be trusted, no one with any sense does business with you, including hiring your for a job.
    As John the Baptist said, “Ye brood of vipers.  who told you could escape the wrath to come?”However, “There are still seven thousand men in Israel who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” The Scriptures are filled with stories of G-d saving the many for the sake of the few righteous, and of saving the remnant, from whatever  happens, from whatever evil the many have committed.

  11. Charles Martel says

    Michael, your comment that the power to get wealth is built on a bedrock of honesty resonates with me. I used to write for and edit a San Francisco-based trade magazine for the retail jewelry industry. On the my trips to New York City, the undisputed capital of the U.S. jewelry industry, I spent a lot of time in the Diamond District on 47th St., where millions of dollars worth of diamonds were traded daily.
    I quickly learned that when I saw two Jews standing on a sidewalk near the curb in earnest conversation—garbed in black pants, coats, and shoes, white shirts, tieless, and wearing a yarmulke or black hat—followed by a handshake or the exchange of small packages, that I very likely was witnessing a gemstone purchase or exchange worth a fortune. The handshakes were often promises by the receiver to pay $X by such and such time. The man handing over the goods implicitly trusted the other man to make good on his promise.
    The sense and degree of honor among the men in that industry was almost a holy matter to them. They came by their wealth honestly, and in all my time in the industry I never heard of any betrayal or violation of that honor. Knowing their honesty and expertise, I think few ever begrudged them the wealth they accumulated.

  12. says

    Every day I actually get less worried about the Jews and see their greatness. When we say the Jews turn to Obama we mean certain Jews but what is really implied is that we wish the Jews would act as one and be enlightened as one.
    When we see the fate of Christians in the middle east and how little christians in America and Europe seem to care Jewish support for Israel is more not less impressive.

  13. Michael Adams says

    Hammer, I’ll add another in that line.
    People who want to make a proscription on homosexuality some out moded relic, like to ask whether I also avoid mixing two kinds of fiber in the cloth I am weaving.  Well, I don’t weave, but I have a friend who is sort of a fanatic, (three looms, at last count, bought a bigger car to be able to haul them around)and she, an atheist with a homosexual cousin  “married” to another woman, points out that, before printed care and content tags, there was no easy way to tell whether wool was mixed with linen, something our pioneer ancestors did quite regularly, but which, in the ancient Near East, would get the buyer stuck with “wool” cloth that would let you freeze to death the first time you wore it in cold weather. The thing is, and those of us who study Scripture know this, there are always many layers of meaning. Straight dealing with customers runs parallel to straight dealing within ourselves, with G-d, with our families and friends..

  14. says

    A single missionary is more important in the fight than 100 Soros billionaires backing up the “cause”. Whatever the “cause” might be.
    A few years ago, and this is the primary reason why people should worry more about the Jews not less vs other religious denominations, I saw a documentary of Orthodox or religiously faithful Jews in Israel. They were praying for the lives of the Palestinians. Non violence was the name of the game. Pacifism. Candle light vigils. Life is more important to them, than to Palestinians, even Palestinian life I might say.
    The issue with that is that that kind of faith doesn’t produce missionaries. Or rather, it doesn’t produce people who go out and convert the masses. It is not a military theology like Islamic conquests. But it isn’t a Christian missionary stance or advance either. It’s more of an Amish or Quaker position. It can only exist because the Israeli or American military protects them from external enemies.
    Money isn’t the source of a faith’s success. Nor will it allow a population to resist being converted by the sword of Islam.

  15. says

    Sorry but the oldest Christian communities in the world don’t need missionaries. They need communities that answer to their plight and see their fate as their own. Christians are more worried about what to get on Xbox during this holiday season than what is happening with the Copts. That is apathy pure and simple. Going out and getting numbers is not a sign of faith. The Lord looks at quality. He has never settled on simple quantity and never will. That is why conversion by the sword is proof that those requiring the conversion don’t really believe. The heart is what matters and simply saying we’ll send some people out and go our own way doesn’t cut it.
    If you really believe you don’t look at other religions to judge how your internal problems are. That is why what Jewish support there is for Israel is so impressive. It’s power is way beyond numbers and certainly way beyond money. If there was similar Christian support for middle eastern christians given the enormous populations of Christians out there you would be seeing very different results. The Jihadists are far from impressed. When they start yelling about the crusader lobby get back to me.

  16. says

    The great support of Israel from external Jews come in the form of European and Americans voting for socialists that are allied with Islamic Jihad. You may think this great, but I don’t agree. There’s a limit to what can be considered tough love, or putting challenges in front of Israel in the name of love.
    “They need communities that answer to their plight and see their fate as their own. ”
    Jews voting in America for Israel’s destruction are answering the plight of Jews? In what world would this make logical sense.
    A faith or community that does not believe enough to produce missionaries, won’t last long in a war.

  17. says

    You are definitely mixing things up. A Jew voting for Obama, celebrating the great suicide bombing Palestinians and wishing for the ascendancy of European socialism is not a good thing. Then again Europe was Christian (supposedly still is) and they are doing a good job of bollixing everything.
    You can’t run from the fact that Christians are making sorrowfully bad mistakes. Apathy is rampant and religious triumphalism is just another form of apathy. We’re still producing missionaries we’re fine. We produce nuns and priest, we’re fine. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve known children of missionaries and they see it as a dead end in many ways. They live in hard conditions and come back to America to find that their churches are now run by baby boomers with all kinds of baby boomer causes and no commitment to the central ideals. It happens a lot.
    Again, how does producing oodles of missionaries help the Copts? They are some of the oldest of Christians. They know what Christianity is better than anyone  but no Christian community is saying their fate is our fate because once the enemy is finished with them they can turn more easily on us. That is the same dumb reaction as the Jews (then again its only some of the Jews. Many are the best people you will ever meet. )

  18. says

    I don’t care about Christians as a group. Thus I am not defending them. Missionaries are a specific individual mission. They exist because volunteers exist. They are not overshadowed by groups of Christians doing something else.
    If you want a defense of the Hierarchy, a Church, or a group of the Faithful, that would be a task others here are better at.
    I don’t care whether you think apathy is rampant in a bunch of authoritarian groups. I don’t care for authority nor what they call their groups. You cannot negate the existence of the faith expressed in individual missionaries, their cause, and their actions. You speak of people, in their groups and leadered masses, ignoring things. I negate your value in such masses, but you cannot negate the existence of missionaries.

  19. says

    Last time because none of this is an attack. Believe me. What is being done for middle eastern Christians? And if nothing, why? Doesn’t everyone face a common enemy?  That’s all asking and if I reject the missionary argument its because no one says we are being attacked in the streets, attacked by the government, please send missionaries.

  20. says

    ” What is being done for middle eastern Christians? And if nothing, why? Doesn’t everyone face a common enemy?”
    What individuals can do is up to them. But you’re right they don’t receive state funding or support. Israel receives such funding because of various political arrangements. But I don’t consider that kind of political power a good thing in the long term. It just leads to Israel being reliant on other people and their nations doing the right thing.
    Bush’s Iraq and Afghanistan missions would have done the most for Christians in that era, but it wasn’t intended specifically to help Christians. And the Jews voting for Obama put a stop to that.

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