Wonderful examples of pundit writing

Writing with quill penAt the National Journal, disillusioned Obama supporter Ron Fournier had this to say about the WaPo’s report that the Obama administration slow-walked unpopular regulations in order to affect the outcome of the 2012 election:  “Obama’s apologists will say that every president plays politics with policy in elections years. Two problems with that. First, Obama promised to be better than the status quo. Second, he’s worse.”

And at PJ Media, Bryan Preston has finally found the best description ever of MSNBC, something he reveals in the very first sentence of a post you’ll want to read:  “Religious cable network MSNBC rallied the faithful with a pair of heartworming [sic — done on purpose] messages.”

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Obama supporters aren’t allowed to doubt their God. They need to wipe themselves on the back, self flagellation, a few hundred times before they’ll be allowed by their God any such thing.