Wednesday’s wander through the internet *UPDATED*

Victorian posy of pansiesStella Paul notes something I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere when it comes to Obamacare: the devastating effect it will have on people who travel or divide their time between two locations. The new policies are narrowly locked into local care providers.  But people aren’t always in the same locality.  Both of my children have been hospitalized while we’ve been traveling. If our insurance company hadn’t paid, we would have been out tens of thousands of dollars. Knowing that sickness can happen and that our insurance might reject our claims makes travel much less enticing.

The Left needs censorship because it’s ideas do not work in the real world.  Only censorship can hide that fact long enough for the Lefts to have such a tight grip on the levers of power that, once the truth emerges, hapless citizens can do nothing to change the situation.  The latest example of this is Covered Oregon’s insistence that those who know about its healthcare debacle must forfeit their free speech rights.

Speaking of censorship, one would think that Britain would be doing everything in its power not to become the living incarnation of Orwell’s 1984.  Instead, though, it is hastening down that path, by refusing admittance to those who make factual statements about who Islamists really are and what they do.

Some people — most notably greedy insurers — have been voluntarily silencing themselves (self-imposed censorship, if you will), because they believed that the Democrats would reward them.  Now that Obama is actively trying to destroy them, Jonah Goldberg wonders if these corporate worms will turn.

Speaking of worms turning, is it my imagination or are some courts getting a little more courageous about taking on Obama’s overreach.  Gabriel Malor has what I think of as a great example of this judicial trend.  No wonder Reid went nuclear in order to pack the courts.

By now, of course, you’ve heard about the young metrosexual nattily attired in a plaid onsie pajama and clutching a cup of hot chocolate, whose image went out in a Tweet from Barack Obama urging people to “talk about getting health insurance.”  I call him “Princess Pajama Boy”:

Princess Pajama Boy

Other people, much more witty than I will ever be, have been having way too much fun with this one.  You can see collections of retweets and Photoshops here, here, and here.  There’s a bit of overlap between the three sites, but still a lot of original stuff on each.  Here’s my effort:

And finally, the ad that everyone is saying is a political game changer:

UPDATE: I’m still laughing over the Pajama Game posters that Steven Hayward found.

UPDATE II:  And still more posters, this time from National Review.

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  • rick9911

    It seems that the “locked in place” aspect of Obamacare is being thought of as a flaw in the law. When it is actually a feature.
    Why people continually think of Obamacare as a health care or health insurance law is a mystery to me.

  • March Hare

    Dear Book,
    Re:  the restriction of the health care network.  It’s not just international travel.  Think about college students who are ostensibly covered under their parents’ insurance.  And not just those that travel to another state–some of these networks are very local.  What happens when your student needs medical attention in another part of the state?  Your network of providers are in the Bay Area–will your child be covered if they attend UCLA OR UCSD?

  • JKB

    I’ve been thinking of this post by The Diplomad The War on Joy in relation to Book’s earlier post on what Republicans need to do to counter the smear campaign by the Progs.  
    I’ve come to believe, and I hope I can follow through, the best course of action is to just experience the joy.  Just unabashedly bathe in it without shame.  In fact, throw the joy in America being exceptional, in the driving of a nice sports car, the cycle of the receiver on a well crafted gun, the intensity of placing rounds in a far-off tiny target.  No more engaging the Progs as people to be reasoned with, just to be ignored as they throw more and more vile rants.  

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  • raymondjelli

    Obamacare. No matter what they do it never comes out straight.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B> But people aren’t always in the same locality.</b>
    Oh, but they will be, if they are locked down as livestock. Slaves didn’t leave the plantation for much else besides being sold, either.
    Also gasoline degrades now, due to what they put in it to make it burn cleaner in the summer/winter. It will destroy your engine if you try to use stored up gasoline that’s been purified and been in degradation too long. Another trick to keep the livestock in the pen?

  • Ymarsakar

    I think I just clicked on the link above Book’s tweet. Which led me to the BO site.
    If I disappear off the internets permanently, Book, I’ll have to attribute that entirely to unsecured links here.

  • JKB

    Why do I get the feeling that if we removed the text box from the pajama boy poster, we’d find his mom standing there with a small tray containing a thermometer and a jar a Vaseline?