Pajama Boy . . . and the rest of us

Princess Pajama Boy croppedAs far as the Left is concerned, Pajama Boy — the ultimate androgynous metrosexual — represents a significant majority of young people.  Certainly that’s where the White House is betting its money.  As Rush Limbaugh said, they wouldn’t have put together an ad campaign aimed at 1,00o or 2,000 people.  The White House genuinely believes that, across America, there are tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of Pajama Boys who want to get cozy in their onesies and talk about how to promote government growth.

I wonder if the White House’s money men are right, or if the White House is deluded by the bubble in which it lives (a bubble with lots of Pajama Boys) or by the ideology that both strengthens and blinkers it.  The White House is essentially saying that, for too long, we’ve been assuming that men are . . . well, manly, when all that they really wanted was society’s permission to be girlie.  As far as the professional Left is concerned, traditional masculinity is one long, biased, societally-imposed construct that has nothing to do with biology.

I think (or maybe I just hope) that the White House is wrong.

Here in Marin, conscientious Marin parents do their best to raise their children free of gender stereotypes, yet the kids embrace those stereotypes with gusto.  Boys play war games; girls sit around and share their feelings.  That’s not all that the boys and girls do — they’ll come together for lots of shared activities — but even in shared activities, boys are rambunctious and girls are bossy.  The kids who gather in my house each represent perfectly the highest points on the bell curve defining typical male or female behavior.

Slumber partyThese behavioral differences are mirrored in their physical differences.  The boys shoot up, their voices deepen, their legs get hairy, their faces more square (and hairy), and their shoulders broaden.  The girls grow too, but not as tall, their faces soften, and they get curves in all the right places, something that they’re happy to show off in feminine clothing.  These formerly somewhat androgynous little children, once they hit adolescence are manifestly different from each other.  Moreover, as they flirt gently with each other, I do believe that each would agree with that old French expression, Viva la difference!

But back to the boys especially.  I just learned the other day that another young man of my acquaintance enlisted in the military.  On Facebook, his father showed a photograph of the young man in his fatigues after ending basic training.  I wrote a comment congratulating the young men and saying that I’m seeing more and more young men look to the military as a way to learn self-discipline, have a purpose in life, and be part of a team, all as a way to hasten the maturation process.  The boy’s father wrote a response saying that I had hit the nail on the head.  He noted that, while his son’s choice was a surprise considering his Marin upbringing, it was precisely those goals that drew him to the military.  In other words, this 19-year-old boy, despite Marin’s assiduously asexual upbringing, still wanted to be a man.

One of the things the insulated White House ignores is that, just as was the case for this Marin youth, boys want to be men.  I don’t know if the White House ignores this reality because its ideology cannot accept it, or if it ignores this reality because, as Rush Limbaugh posits, it’s filled with Pajama Boys, whether youthful interns, or wrinkled and grizzled senior advisers.  Either way, whether because they’re true believers or actual Pajama Boys, the White House has given us an insight into what it thinks the American young man is, or should be, like — and that’s like a girl.

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  • Ymarsakar

    A girl? Not that beautiful.
    He, and they, are just Obama clones. Gay Obama clones at that. Call it what it is.
    Girls are a lot more interesting than they are.

  • Libby

    Apparently Pajamaboy is Ethan Krupp, and he works for OFA, the “non-partisan” organization that has managed the @BarackObama twitter account since January 2013. You have to see it to believe it:
    Reminds me of Chad, whose claim to fame was successfully signing up through the Obamacare website only to be discovered to be an OFA activist.

    • Ymarsakar

      That old farm trick still works I see. Trained animals, to calm down the rest of the herd, when it was time to weigh them for the Day.

  • JKB

    Study the modern Liberal Arts
    Don’t get wee-wee’d up!

  • jj

    The administration seems to have, wholly inadvertently, succeeded in naming themselves, almost perfectly appropriately.  Take what comfort’s available from the fact that nearly all over the world the US administration will henceforth be  referred to – in back rooms in the Kremlin, Beijing, Tehran, Baghdad, and elsewhere – as: the Pajama Boys.  Putin himself probably sprayed milk and cornflakes all over his monitor when he read it.  Jugears will be Head Pajama Boy.  Biden will be Emptyhead Pajama Boy, and Kerry will be Squarehead Pajama Boy.  They have done this to themselves, and while it will not be good for America it won’t be all that bad – nobody had any respect for them anyway – and it does offer some amusement.

  • Charles Martel

    Wears mom jeans.
    Holds a rifle like an East Village model.
    Shoots 2 for 22 on the basketball court.
    Bows his head dangerously close to a Saudi prince’s ass.
    Is married to a woman who is 2 milligrams of testosterone shy of full-blown manhood.
    Damn, there’s a pattern here, I just know it. What am I missing?

  • Gringo

    As far as the Left is concerned, Pajama Boy — the ultimate androgynous metrosexual — represents a significant majority of young people.
    If you pardon the bad pun, Ethan Krupp/Pajama Boy has a checkered past regarding being a metrosexual.
    Ethan Krupp was a member of the 2002 Wilmette Blues (IL) who competed at Cooperstown Dreams Park during week 3. In week 4 of 2010, Ethan, who turned an unassisted triple play as a player, returned to Cooperstown Dreams Park to coach the KWBA Bulldogs (IL). Ethan continued playing baseball for New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL). Valedictorian of his graduating class, Ethan also competed with the bowling team and the Croquet Club which he formed. A former employee of a paparazzi magazine, Ethan was a junior ambassador to Kuwait and a senior champion to Beirut. Ethan went to Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) to further his education. At Harvard, he participated in polo and 15-member acappella group and is the recipient of the Collegiate Undergrad National Treasury Scholarship.
    Unassisted triple play and high school baseball- not metrosexual.
    Croquet Club and polo team: metrosexual.

  • Matt_SE

    I see the condensed history that led to this thusly:
    The far left were the have-nots of US power. They didn’t deserve it, but they wanted it none-the-less. Their ideas sucked, and they lacked what most others would consider virtue. So how to achieve power? They needed to destroy the standards that were arrayed against them.
    So was spawned their love of oikophobia.
    Communism was a given, but even the Commies didn’t praise the value of girly-men. That was thanks to the radical feminists. They embraced oikophobia as well, since “the Man” keeping them down was actually a result of real-world forces including biology that they didn’t like. They also represented about 50% of the population.
    Radical feminists are too large a part of the leftist coalition, and have mainstreamed ridiculous ideas like the acceptability of “pajama-men.” But like all leftists, their ideas don’t work either (and many heterosexual feminists find these girly-men distasteful, whatever they say publicly).
    The feminization of (leftist) men is due to the coalitional structure of the left.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s just young women have enough problems already, they don’t need a man that they also need to babysit and take care of because the male somehow got ideas that he needs to “depend” on women. Or at least, no longer needs to carry his own weight.
    Without pride and order, males just fall apart. Consider the fact that Pilgrim males would rather starve than work to feed their neighbors.