1. Mike Devx says

    Happy New Year!  And best wishes to all.
    But don’t make me shudder with “at least it will be interesting”!  Reminds me of the proverb, “May you live in interesting times”.  I’ll take the interesting Renaissance over the interesting 30′s Depression, please.

  2. JKB says

    Happy New Year.  
    I’m must listening to Ronald Reagan’s commencement speech at Notre Dame in 1981.  Very inspiring for this coming year.…for-new-years-eve-president-reagan-on-the-great-american-experiment-and-the-last-3-5-seconds-of-the-year/ 
    What happen to the “youth” that they sold their souls to the company store, but then that could be said of the graduating class in 1975.  But 6 years later, they were inspired.  Yes, many slipped and sold out this great renewal but we can do it again.  
    Let’s prepare for the next celebration on Feb 6th, Reagan’s birthday.   Macaroni and cheese casserole and jelly beans, with a taste of freedom.

  3. says

    Happy New Year to Bookworm and to all readers and commenters at Bookworm Room. I wish you and your loved ones the very best for 2014.
    2013 was, for many reasons and in many areas, a true annus horribilis for me and I’m not sad to see the year come to an end. I look upon the new year with mixed feelings, as their are many negatives and uncertainties, but positives also, I would like to believe, although I am a natural pessimist.

    I’m sure it will be interesting at least, but if it will be so in a positive way, I question.

  4. bizcor says

    Yes indeed a very Happy New Year to all! I will be working diligently to get conservatives elected at all levels here in New Hampshire. It’s what I do.

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