Watcher’s Council winners for January 3, 2014

Yes, my friends, it’s the usual good stuff from the Watcher’s Council.  If you haven’t yet read last week’s submissions, please do, because it was an exceptionally good round-up, even by the normally high standards you’ll find at the Watcher’s Council:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • Ymarsakar
    That is interesting. It gives more credence to my position that there is a pattern forming between Israel’s Leftists in power and certain Jewish voter blocs, giving rise to this sort of unholy alliance where Israel uses her power to release terrorists for…. what exactly?
    Just what are they releasing these terrorists in the “deals” for and who is it that benefits, besides the Israeli Left? While some here may discount the connection between Israeli Leftists and Israeli orthodox religious alliances, but it’s obvious the Left in Israel is allied with Somebody. And that somebody, judging by the way the Left can’t achieve 100% power in Israel, is somebody other than the Leftist alliance.
    If you look at the history of Israeli prisoner releases, it has gotten worse and worse over time. But consistently so. This is a consistent pattern. Being as far away from Israel and being unable to data mine their foreign language sources for intel, prevents me from confirming one way or another what it is exactly Israel’s power blocks think they are doing here. But I have my suspicions and theories.