Europeans look at Hillary and Obama through the Benghazi lens

The American media won’t touch Benghazi with a ten foot pole, since there is no way that either Hillary or Obama come out of it looking good.  The Europeans, however, are not so squeamish.  (Hat tip:  Snoopy the Goon, a fellow Watcher’s Council member who blogs out of Israel at Simply Jews.)

Benghazi cartoon 5

Benghazi cartoon 4

Benghazi cartoon 3

Benghazi cartoon 2

Benghazi cartoon 1

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  1. Libby says

    Worse, our enemies have noticed, too.
    Think Iran is sending its warships to the US maritime borders in the Atlantic ocean because they fear Obama’s swift & mighty response?

  2. Matt_SE says

    On the one hand, Europe is “outside” the Obama-sphere, so they ought to have the freedom to criticize.
    On the other hand, they are largely more socialistic than we are and hence more ideologically-inclined to NOT criticize.
    I think any buyer’s remorse from the Europeans is likely a realization that Obama is just another socialist, and like the Stalin-Hitler thing, Obama’s just another competitor.
    There’s never any real cooperation among socialists…they’re all vying for power.

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