“Under the knife” Open Thread


My knee needs a little tidying up, so I’m under the knife right about now for some outpatient slice and dice.  I doubt I’ll be blogging any more today, so please enjoy this Open Thread.

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  • jj

    I’m observing another piece of what this country’s supposed to be about circling the drain, here, and I thought I’d just mention it.  No citations, you can all find them as readily as I.  It just struck me as, I suppose, another little sign of the times.
    In New York, Philip Seymour Creepoid (I agree with Bookworm and everybody else who was well put-off by this guy) pops some smack into his arm and croaks.  I don’t mean to be insensitive, but this happens fifty times a week in some of Greater New York’s not-so-great corners.  As a rule nobody outside the immediate family of the recently-deceased (a) care in the least, or (b) even know it happened.  The cops certainly don’t care, they have better things to do and they move right along to doing them.  But – in this case the cops aren’t closing the books: they’re after anybody who might have sold him the stuff, anybody who knew anybody who might have, and all their friends and relatives.
    Compare and contrast.  On December 14, 2010, there was a shootout in Arizona, between US border guards and a bunch of Irish guys.  (I’m being politically correct here, and as it’s OK to say anything about the Irish I’m using them.  Us.)    One of the border guards, Brian Terry, was killed.  The Irish guys, as it turned out, had several – at least two – guns in their possession that were gifted to them by perhaps the most ill-conceived, dick-witted, shit-for-brained scheme ever devised by even a government employee.  We have had one of the amigos (oops, slipped up, there) in custody for several years now – three, plus two months – who was wounded in the dust-up and therefore captured.  He – popularly known as Manuel Osorio-Arellanes – is at this moment awaiting sentencing.  Federal prosecutors hope to put him away for a good long time – which will not bring Brian Terry back, nor will it compensate his family for his loss.
    The ATF has “accepted responsibility for…” what happened out there that night.  (I cut through the rest of the quote – it was just too much BS for me – and took us straight to the end.)  But what, one wonders, does that mean?  Is anyone from the ATF in the cell next to Manuel, awaiting sentencing?  Is Holder?  With the case in New York as model (jail everybody in sight) – why the hell not?  (And don’t give me any crap about federal jurisdiction and rules v. local the same, or any related BS, please: I don’t buy it.)  Or is this just nothing more than following the by now tried-and-true Clinton formula of accepting full responsibility to no consequences whatsoever?  In government circles that’s apparently the magic incantation these days, works better than Jack’s beans: “I accept full responsibility” and poof!  The problem goes away!  Nobody fired, nobody even gets a wrist slapped – the problem just goes away!  (If you know the magic words.  Like Dante getting unscathed through Hell: “this has been willed where what is willed must be.”  Works likes gangbusters!)
    And, last November 18th, some federal lawyer-with-a-ball-gown decided that the Terry family doesn’t get to sue the federal government and seven federal employees because: “gobble, gobble, gobble.”  Which of course trumps anything you have to say.  (The “judge’s” name is readily available on the internet.  You can look it up.  Remember: I didn’t tell you.)  If you slip and fall on the sidewalk outside the supreme court, you can sue the federal government.  If a mailman runs over your toddler, you can damn well sue the federal government, and a federal employee.  But not today, and not you, Terry family.
    So as I said: compare and contrast the action in New York, where everybody with the slightest passing relationship to the event better be hiding out a long ways away or they’ll be in trouble with the action in Olde Arizona, where the buck, the entire buck, and nothing but the buck stops with Manuel.  Period.  And notice that the bullshit in which America is sinking is right up to the eyeballs.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    the Western way to accept responsibility was to “fall on your sword”, but I suspect given the way the English has been used that it was only accepted practice in the extreme a long time ago. For the Japanese, though, hara kiri was almost a recent phenomenon.
    So, let’s re-introduce these concepts to DC, forcibly. Either that or the nuke will do.

  • JKB

    It is the best of times and not even close to the worst of times.  We live in the greatest times of human history.  From Matt Ridley:
    17 Reasons to be cheerful

  • JKB

    Here’s a Milton Friedman talk on the Myths That Conceal Reality.  It is 52 min long but just the first 15 min are good.  He explains the myth of the Robber Barons and compares those 19th century “robber barons” who gained by creating opportunities for others to also gain to the modern Robber Barons, who do operate on a zero-sum basis by using their friends in government to gain at the cost of others, including the poor.

  • JKB

    Hey, could this be why the Obama care is set up to keep people poor.  Oh, I’m sorry, break job lock?  But the study is odd, because those who win the crony lottery, i.e., have friends in the right places, gain more and more money but stick with the “Left”?  I guess people only go right wing when their artisan toast isn’t buttered with government give-aways?

    Their study, published as a new University of Warwick working paper under the title “Does Money Make People Right-Wing and Inegalitarian: A Longitudinal Study of Lottery Wins”, shows that the larger the win, the more people tilt to the right. The study uses information on thousands of people and on lottery wins up to 200,000 pounds sterling. The authors say it is the first research of its kind.

    – See more at: http://marginalrevolution.com/#sthash.LuaAR36T.dpuf

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    Feel better. Knee pain is a miserable thing.